Suspended service! China unveils itsfirst ever elevated monorail where carriages are HUNG from the tracks like arollercoaster

Train carriages were filmed in action on Friday during its official test run
The trials will continue until engineers have given it the system the all clear
As of yet, no official opening date has been announced for the technology

By SADIEWHITELOCKS FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 15:48 GMT, 1 October 2016 | UPDATED: 16:03GMT, 1 October 2016

China's first suspended railway hascompleted its test run without a hitch on Friday.
The hanging train carriages were filmed inaction in the city of Chengdu as they zipped along the elevated monorail atspeeds of 60kmph.
According to reports, the tests willcontinue until engineers have given it the all-clear but as of yet, no officialopening date has been announced.






Speeding along: China's first suspension railway, in the city of Chengdu,has completed its test run without a hitch


Instead of electricity,the suspension system is powered by lithium batteries.
Zhai Wanming, chief designer of the project, told People's DailyChina, that the new train is more cost-effective andenvironmentally friendly compared to electric and diesel rail systems.
Each coach on the upside-down monorail will be ableto carry up to 120 passengers.
Further tests will be conducted to monitor thetrain's ability to turn and climb up the tracks before it can be opened to thepublic.




Sneak preview: Train carriages were filmed in action on Friday as theyzipped along the elevated monorail at speeds of 60kmph


Behind-the-scenes: The tests will continue to run until engineershave given it the all-clear


The battery charging stations will also beexamined.
Wangming added: 'The test runs will continue fortens of thousands of kilometers to check performance capabilities beforeofficial operation.'

Chengdu, which also operates an underground Metrosystem, is the first city in China to officially unveil a suspension railwaybut the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai will also be opening one next year.
Shanghai announced plans for its futuristicsuspended 'Skytrain' in 2015 at the China International Rail TransitTechnology Exhibition.



Room for all: Each coach on the upside-down monorail will be able totake 120 passengers


Modern touch: Instead of electricity, the suspension system is powered bybatteries


MailOnline reported that five districts in thecity's financial hub have indicated they would be interested in being linked bythe Skytrain.

The conductor-less train will operate above theground at a height of around six metres - the equivalent of a three storeybuilding.

Qi Zhiheng, project manager of the Shanghai AirTrain Rail Technology Corporation, said the columns which will support thesuspended railway will be just 80cm wide.

He said the pillars are so narrow they could evenbe built on the green belt in the middle of the road.
Suspension trains are usually compiled of sixcarriages.


Ahead of the game: Chengdu - which also operates an underground Metrosystem - is the first location in China to open a suspension railway


However, the trains Shanghai plans to use will have just four carriages- each carriage will hold up to 70 passengers.
The train runs at around 30kmph. It is a little slower than the city'ssubway trains, which run between 30 and 40 kilometres per hour.
Skytrain would cost an estimated 120 to 150 million yuan to build -around £16.3million.
Developers said the train will accommodate around 15,000 commuters everyhour, and the space-efficient transit system would run silently through thecity.
The design is based on similar suspended railways running in Germany.
Germany set up a 1.05-kilometre-long suspension route in 1984 to connecttwo school areas of Dortmund University.




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Olderbutnonethewiser, Halifax, UnitedKingdom, 1 day ago
"Instead of electricity the suspensionsystem is powered by lithium batteries" which store, yes you've guessedit, electricity!
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Alan, Huddersfield, 1 day ago
GREAT IDEA, it's the ONLY way to movepeople around cities, without too much disruption to its people while worksongoing.
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All done well before WW2 by the Germans atWuppertal!
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DaveResnam, Canford.Posher than Sandbanks.,United Kingdom, 1 day ago
It says that in the article!
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Observer1951, Uk, United Kingdom, 1 day ago
I used to live in Wuppertal from 2008-12. Iused the Schwerbabhan every day to go to work. I was built for the Kaiser. Agreat, great train. Its the only train in the world where an elephant fell fromit into the river Wupper ( google the story)
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dotlink, sheffield, United Kingdom, 1 dayago
i bet the investors are germans
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Uncle Bill, Denia, Spain, 9 hours ago
We won't mention the 1999 accident whichleft 5 people dead and 47 injured...



CyberMan, UK, United Kingdom, 1 day ago
The word 'suspended' in relation to railtravel obviously means something totally different to what it means in theUK...
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Hawkeye01, Shropshire, United Kingdom, 1day ago
City congestion solved by using thistransport,would you believe the uk is a progressive country or would you thinkthat China maybe more progressive ?
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SAMSUNG NOTE 7, Seoul, South Korea, 1 dayago
UK is progressive in some ways while Chinais progressive in another ways. Jump at the opportunity when you can to visitas many places as possible. *(^o^)/*
UKis progressive in some ways while China is progressive in another ways. Jump atthe opportunity when you can to visit as many places as possible.


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