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Inside Shanghai Tower: China’s tallest skyscraper claims to be world’s greenest


The Shanghai Tower is another in a long list of ambitious skyscrapers competing fiercely for sustainability credentials as well as height. But how ‘green’ are these buildings – and is environmentalism really the motivation?



Twisting high above Shanghai’s financial district, China’s tallest tower – and the second tallest in the world – is preparing to officially open its substantial doors to the public next month. The Shanghai Tower, reaching 632 metres, is the third “supertall” tower on the city’s iconic skyline. Looking out from the 119th floor, the city lies below like a toy model, a densely packed mass of streets and high-rise buildings.



China loves a world record, and its new building boasts plenty, including the world’s fastest elevators, highest hotel and restaurant, and tallest viewing platform. Reassuringly, it also required the largest ever cement pouring for the foundations. But most importantly, the 128-storey tower also claims to be the world’s greenest skyscraper. Awarded the top green rating, LEED Platinum, the government is hailing the tower as a sign of China’s growing green credentials.


China’s sustainability record in the past has been abysmal. The country burns47% of the world’s coal, according to the US Energy Information Administration, and is facing the impact of decades of rapid deforestation and water pollution. With some of the most polluted air on the planet, killing as many as 4,000 people a day, an increasingly restive population is demanding more government action.


Nervous of the impact that smog-filled days and clogged roads could have on social stability, the government has begun tree planting programmes, ordered thousands of cars off the roads in cities such as Beijing, and is investing in green technology in a big way. China is now the biggest renewables market in the world, more than double than in the US, and home to almost one of every three wind turbines globally.



Green buildings, however, make up a woefully small part of the green industry, with most work focused on quick construction and quicker sales. Estimates put the number of green buildings on the mainland at less than 1%, though a 2014 target by the State Council wants 30% of new construction projects to be green by 2020.


In Shanghai, engineer Shunfu Cha points to 200 wind turbines spinning at the top of the tower – the world’s tallest turbines, naturally – which generate around 10% of the building’s electricity. “These are one of the most obvious green technologies,” he says, gesturing upwards into the clouds. “But only one part of bringing down the energy use.”




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GKB507 5h ago

One of the problems with very tall buildings is that since roads usually can’t be made wider, the many users/occupants rely on subways. However, while tall buildings allow developers to make maximum profit from a small land area, the government is left to deal with the issue of building and funding public transportation.



bcnteacher 7h ago

How many people died during its construction?



Kamatron 8h ago

Oh look, another article baiting for anti Chinese comments.



quatsch 9h ago

although the video In 2014, two Russian free climbers reached the top of the Shanghai Tower in just two hours. is impressive, it would have been interesting to have a cam on the highest construction workers who were bolting the structure together prior to the fast climb. The two guys certainly trusted the workers’ efforts.



Ranny Ran 10h ago

good article .. But biased., as usual. Once again it is quite obvious that the guardian author selected the most negative daily topic on China he or she can find to write about


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          • 我指的是最后两条评论,他们提出的意见并不是刻意针对中国的,而是质疑国际现行的环保评价标准问题。是否可持续发展的界定并不能通过采取某几项具体节能措施就匆匆得出结论,建筑本身的高额成本本身就意味着能源的巨大消耗,这是一次性造成的环保压力。更为重要的是建筑的实际运行成本,如果本身是不节约的,甚至是奢侈的,就更是与环保节能的初衷相差万里了。因为单位面积的实际使用空间,不同类型的建筑其能源消耗值是不同的,而城市为了解决高密度建设问题所需要采取的特殊手段更让资源、能源消耗成为天文数字。这个问题不是简单的经济问题,与其土地成本和商业价值无关,而是值得我们关注的地球村环境承载能力问题。

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        • bcnteacher 7h ago01How many people died during its construction?这所建筑建设期间有多少人死去?白皮猪的认知还停留在100年前,那时他们修一条水沟死了上万人

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  4. bcnteacher 7h ago01How many people died during its construction?这所建筑建设期间有多少人死去?———————————-嗯,这个所建筑建设期间你们全家族的人都死了,唯一留存你这个混蛋

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