China is totally over getting Olympic gold medals, says China


For China, winning Olympic gold medals is so 2012.


Team China ended up third in the Olympic medal table, finishing with the smallest gold medal haul in two decades. In 2008 China topped the rankings for the first time with 56 golds at its own games in Beijing. At London 2012, it ranked second only to the US with 38 golds.


China certainly had strong feelings about its underperformance. After Great Britain surpassed China to reach second place in the medal tally, the official news agency Xinhuawrote on Twitter: “You kidding me?” The tweet was later removed.


China’s poor performances in traditionally strong sports like gymnastics and badminton are to blame for the lower-than-expected medal tally. China collected only two bronzes in gymnastics this year, compared to five gold medals and 12 medals overall in 2012.


In response, Chinese state media has been trying to downplay the importance of winning. As the Rio games ended Sunday night, the state-backed nationalistic tabloid Global Times concluded in a commentary: “[T]he public has generally been unfazed since observers say the country, already the second largest economy in the world, no longer needs Olympic medals to boost morale.”


Although the gold medal won by the women’s volleyball team is an apparent source of “national pride,” the tabloid noted, citing a sports professor, “charisma and individual performance are likewise valued.”




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regalaxa2 hours ago
Well--We did not want to really win--The olympics are SOOOO 2000. it is really not that important to us.--SOunds like a spoiled 12 year old after losing.
I would bet money the chinese care-ALOT-They think they are brilliant and smarter than the rest of the world. Just listen to any of the official propaganda.
Talking about CHINESE culture-dating back thousands of years--not realizing that for those thousands of years-NO ONE KNEW what communism was until it overran them in the late 1940s and caused a third of them to starve to death.




Steven4 hours ago
People nowadays have forgotten the true spirit of Olympic.


Dragon Dawn18 minutes ago
The Olympics is a western game and once Beijing Olympics proved that China can beat the west to be the best gold anytime it wanted, it no longer expend attention into things western. Now back to the Chinese Century of things that matter more to China.

奥运会是西方游戏 ,北京奥运会证明了中国可以在任何时候击败西方夺得金牌,所以中国不再关注西方的奥运了。现在,中国将自己的注意力重新放到中国世纪的事物上,因为这些事情对中国来说更重要。

On The Corner53 minutes ago
The chart coincides with China's economic performance nicely.


Barack Hussein Obama Is A Jack Off4 hours ago
hahaha. yeah. Easy to say after you don't do that well. Britain has only 60 million people and had more golds than China with 1.4 billion. Would they be saying they aren't important if they had won? Plus, I don't think anyone takes that number of golds in Beijing, 51, very seriously. Everyone knows ALL sports are corrupt in China. Otherwise, how do you drop to 38 medals the next Olympics and down to 26 this Olympics. Your athletes are really only half as good now? A bit of a coincidence that it was in Beijing. You will see the same thing when they host the Winter games in 2022, suddenly China will be good at winter sports.


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