Why the world's eighth most populous country never has won an Olympic medal



Thirty-two years after Bangladesh’s Olympic debut, the world’s eighth most populous country still has not won a single medal, nor has it even managed to produce a viable contender. No Bangladeshi athlete has competed at the Winter Games, and none of the country’s 43 summer Olympians have placed better than 21st in an event.



While population rankings typically are a poor barometer for Olympic success, Bangladesh’s futility is still unfathomable for a country with an estimated 160 million residents. Of the world’s 40 most populous countries, the only others without an Olympic medal are war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo (No. 18) and Myanmar (No. 26), which until recently had been governed by an oppressive military dictatorship.


Seven athletes from Bangladesh competed in Rio the past two weeks with only modest success to show for it.




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Caged BORNFREE 1 hour ago
There are places in world like Kenya where people live 2 KM above sea level in mountains and they have to walk up and down 5 km everyday for simple things like water... They have been struggling for centuries, this kind of struggle makes you tougher, perfect for middle distance running ... Bangladesh on the other hand has the most fertile land in the world, no place even comes close, you just spread the seed and just like that land returns you crop in abundance, you do not have to struggle for water, it is everywhere, it is not a climate that produce tough people... They have struggle though, people working whole day to support family, Natural calamity like flood kills people but makes the land even more fertile... These kind of struggle is not suitable for producing Olympians... On top of that , because of overpopulation, people are poor, many suffer from malnutrition, they have no time for sports, Unlike USA, schools there have virtually no facilities for sports... I do not see Bangladesh winning any medal in next 32 years either.




CD 2 hours ago
You just wait until the Spelling Bee is in the olympics. It's already on ESPN.


Ronnie H 1 hour ago
Corruption, lack of training and lack of physical fitness.


Johnny Lee 1 hour ago
Olympic sports just don't mean that much to them.


RedRum 35 minutes ago
Maybe they have better priorities than taking people's tax dollars to support a professional exerciser.


DBJ 29 minutes ago
I have been there. They are so densely populated I don't think they have land anywhere near the city for a sports complex


Foreigner 3 hours ago
Sports are not viewed as something career worthy by the parents in those countries. They view it as a waste of time. There is no organized school, college, university sports. People who make it there make it totally on their own to get to the national level. But by then they are too old to teach them anything. They are fundamentally flawed in every sport, bad coaching compare to the elite levels, bed equipment, bad diets, etc.


TimH 2 hours ago
Perhaps Bangladesh's resources are being directed to more worthwhile pursuits, like trying to feed and provide water to their population.


Nichole 52 minutes ago
Of course Bangladesh doesn't have any athletic training facilities. All their children are busing in textile factories. Now, when the mechanical loom rips their arms off, they might have time to train for the para-olympic games.


OneHawkeye 2 hours ago
Olympics has more to do with money and culture. Sports is a biggest thing in the West than in those other cultures.


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