26 China-made MRT trains sent back to fixdefects


SINGAPORE - Several of Singapore's firstChina-made MRT trains are being shipped back to their manufacturer forstructural defects.


The trains, numbering more than two dozen, are barely five years old.


They were made by China Southern Railway (CSR) Qingdao Sifang Locomotive andRolling Stock Company, which together with Japan's Kawasaki Heavy Industries,won the first contract here to supply 22 six-car trains for the North-South andEast-West lines in 2009 for $368 million.


In response to press queries, SMRT Trains managing director Lee Ling Wee said:"Our engineers discovered that 26 of the 35 trains delivered by themanufacturer had cracks in the structure connecting the car body and the bogieafter they were delivered in 2013.

新加坡地铁列车总经理Lee LingWee称:“2013年交付使用后,我们的工程师发现35列中有26列在车身和转向架的连接处出现了裂缝。”

"Since then, we have been working closely with the Land TransportAuthority and the manufacturer to rectify the issue.


"The defective trains, which are still under warranty, will be repaired bythe manufacturer. All 26 trains will be repaired by 2023."


Mr Lee added that to ensure that the trains are safe for passenger service atall times, "we have been monitoring the defects closely".




来源: http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-404407-1-1.html

Au Kah Kay · 11 hrs +122
If these hairline cracks were not safety-critical, why did the trains have tobe sent back to China? Certainly hairline cracks on the chassis of a train area harbinger of more serious structural and safety problems to come in future.


Nedumaran Muthukrishnan · 9 hrs +13
Agree Ah Kah Kuay. This reminds me of the series of BOAC Comet airlinedisasters of the 1950s. It all started with a hairline crack. The rest ishistory.


Lai Yin Lee · 10 hrs +19
buy cheap trains, now have ship back to china for repair. penny wise poundfoolish.


Michael Loh · 10 hrs +24
Some more we have to hear/read it from 3rd party media.
Why are you not transparent about it? It was send back in June and reported byMainstream Media now only. After "pitcha lobang" by 3rd party media.


Thomas Wong · 10 hrs +2
Why not? Pple buy HDB got small crack and problem also complain to get it fixedwhile warranty period is in effect.


Jeff Pang · 7 hrs +4
Thomas Wong, thats because the car body is metal extrusion and not concrete.Not suppose to have cracks hairline or otherwise


Kenny Kwan · 6 hrs +2
What if HDB also takes 3 to 5 years to fix your crack wall, at the meantime yougo sleep in the void deck, you shiong boh? What kind of warranty is this?Stupid comment. Haha


Mohd Tan · 6 hrs
A few of the top people should step down. If Singaporeans are proven notcapable and need to take courses for upgrading, please do so and please givethe job to foreigners to run it. Fair and square to all citizens that have beencompeting for jobs with foreigners all this while!


Jason Leong · 2 hrs +2
So the CEO still remain working in SMRT.


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