Why I won't boycott Chinese products



The incident reminds me of my youth when I decided to shun products manufactured by multinationals and opt for a swadeshi way of life.

In 1991, the Indian economy took the path of liberalisation when then prime minister P V Narasimha Rao opened up the economy to foreign companies.

All kinds of foreign products flooded the market, leading me and a group of friends to opt for the swadeshi way of life. We decided we would not support foreign goods and only patronise Indian products.


1991年,印度经济走上了自由化道路,时任总理Narasimha Rao向外国公司开放经济。


By doing so, we felt we would support local industry and save Indian jobs unlike foreign companies, which hardly create jobs because of automation.

India, we felt, would become a slave of these multinational companies.

Pepsi had entered the market and was giving aerated drinks like Gold Spot and Limca stiff competition.

We friends decided we wouldn't drink Pepsi and stick to swadeshi soft drinks.

Gold Spot, Limca and Thums Up were owned by Ramesh Chauhan. Duke's Lemonade and Mangola were owned by the Pandole family.



百事进入了市场,给了Gold Spot和Limca等充气饮料公司带来了激烈竞争。我们的朋友决定拒绝喝百事,坚持喝本国的软饮料

Gold Spot和Limca等是Ramesh Chauhan持有的。Lemonade和Mangola是Pandole家族持有的

While my friends and I were guzzling swadeshi soft drinks and feeling proud about it, Coca-Cola re-entered the Indian market in 1993.

Coca-Cola had been forced out of India in 1977 by the then Janata Party government and its industries minister George Fernandes.

As my friends and I extolled desh bhakti and swadeshi, Chauhan and the Pandoles had a different plan.




They knew they would be unable to survive the onslaught of the American cola companies with their multi-billion dollar budgets.

Chauhan sold Gold Spot, Limca and Thums Up to Coca-Cola.

The very next year, the Pandoles sold Duke's Lemonade and Mangola to Pepsi.

That was the end of my swadeshi mission.


Chauhan把Gold Spot, Limca和Thums Up等公司卖给了可口可乐



I realised while we were promoting Indian-made goods, Indian businessmen had their own agenda: Sell off and say goodbye to competition from the multinationals.

So, when my friends messaged me about boycotting Chinese goods, I laughed. I knew it wouldn't work for sure.

You know why?




When Prime Minister Narendra Modi traveled to Mumbai in February to launch the Make in India week, two companies were issued letters of land allotment in Chakan, Maharashtra.

Kingfa, which manufactures plastics. Lesso, which makes pipes.

And guess which country they are based in? You guessed right. China.




(作者:Syed Firdaus Ashraf )




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The Indians have a Very Poor understanding of India's History :

1) We got betrayed by the British & Mu_11_ahs during 1947 Part_ition of India which was done based on Re1igion and Ideo1ogy - Pakistan & Bangladesh were gifted away to 151_amists, still to date we see I5l_am thriving inside India despite the Country being divided. Pakistan is 99% 151_amic and in the near future it will become 100%, similar is the case with Bangladesh where Hindus are being terminated day after day with disdain.

2) India should have Boycotted Chinese goods Long back - As soon as we lost to Chinese in 1962 war, But instead they declared "Hindi Chini Bhai_Bhai" and everything was bur_ied. Later China made Rapid progress in every field. India is still Light years behind China - India is still heavily dependent on Russia, USA, Israel and other Countries for its Defence machinery.

3) Both USA & China are heavily favouring Pakistan ahead of India most of the time and we are mere scapegoats.

4) The BJP are not providing Jobs to Indians inside India itself, and they ask us to Boycott Chinese goods (As though we have an alternative option to choose from).

We are having Unemployment despite education and it is so insu1ting to be a worker in an MNC - They put us down every now and then and make us feel poor and inadequate.

Our bases itself are weak and hence we cannot compete against any other Nation Militarily also we cannot match the present day Chinese or Pakistani missiles.







Boycotting is symbolic! Govt. will do the rest!
by Ravi (View MyPage) on Jun 28, 2016 04:21 PM

We have to register our protest atleast symbolically. Our Nationalist Govt. will ensure the hegemonic Chinese will be shown their place.


by S M (View MyPage) on Jun 28, 2016 04:16 PM | Hide replies

I am sure the author wants Kashmir to be given to Pakistan and Arunachal to the Chinese


boycott chinese products
by ashok singh (View MyPage) on Jun 28, 2016 02:45 PM

for Mr. Firdaus it will be impossible.
but we can . we started to boycott Chinese product.
Mr. Firdauss has more soft corner for Pakistan and china wrt India. I read his pervious column also.
Pls boycott rediff also. It is also anti India site.



Chinese products are not worth buying
by amit saxena (View MyPage) on Jun 28, 2016 02:42 PM | Hide replies

Only need is to give a substitute. Best example is by patanjali. Once Indian got good quality substitute they preferred Indian brand. Electronics goods also need substitute




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