China plans world's 2nd largest high-speed rail line in Chennai


Panels manufactured by US computer maker Dell line up the control centre of the China Railway Corporation (CRC), providing real-time data on the movement of 7,000 passenger trains - half of them the famed high-speed ones - and 20,000 cargo trains daily.



Zhuang He, head of the control centre, is unfazed when asked about the 78 panels, lit up by blue and red lines that show the positions of the trains. "We have no problem buying from America. Ours is an integrated international purchase system. Whoever offers the best deal, we go for it," he tells a group of visiting journalists from India and major ASEAN countries.

78块面板被蓝色和红色线条点亮,显示着火车的位置。记者就78块面板提问,控制中心的副主任Zhuang He表示,“我们从美国采购不存在问题。我们的是一个集成的国际采购系统。谁的东西最划算,我们就选谁的。”他对一群来自印度和东盟国家的记者说道。

It is clear that quality and speed are the mainstay of the CRC, specifically, the High Speed Railway (HSR). After developing the world's biggest HSR network - at 19,000 km it is longer than all of world's high-speed lines put together - China is now looking for opportunities in neighbouring countries, including India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.


Stung by the worst-ever economic growth in 25 years, China is making an aggressive attempt to woo these countries and sell its HSR technology. While India has tied up with Japan for its first high-speed train to run on a 505-km track between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, China is keen to work on other proposed routes. It is carrying out feasibility studies for high-speed lines on the 2,200-km Chennai-New Delhi route and the 1,200-km long New Delhi-Mumbai corridor.



Zhao Guotang, vice general engineer of CRC, told ET the feasibility studies were "progressing well" and it hoped to do business with India in the near future. The proposed Chennai-New Delhi corridor could be the second-largest in the world, after the 2,298 km-long Beijing-Guangzhou line, which was launched three years ago.


India accepted Japan's offer for its first high-speed train because of easy loan terms offered by Tokyo. While the Chinese may not offer concessional and easy loan terms, they claim their expertise and technology is compatible with that of India and other Southeast Asian countries. Zhao said it's not just about the terms, it's also about the speed with which the project is executed.



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Robert (Doha)

Chinese technologies are copies of Japanese and German technologies only. Reliablity ???? showing something and giving something is the basis.



Radha T (Unknown)

Obviously, China has come a long, long way in rail technology.


Radha T (Unknown) replies to dohcaam
Look in totality and select the better one over all.


zulkharnine sultana (Hyderabad)
Our soil is unfit for high speed train.
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Radha T (Unknown) replies to zulkharnine sultana

What an excuse. Then how come trains are running in India. If you can run at 150 km/hr. you can run at 400 km/hr too as the difference in the technology and the rolling stock/infrastructure.
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zulkharnine sultana replies to Radha T

Ask the geologist,will give the answer to your comment
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varun (hyderabad) replies to zulkharnine sultana

what stupid comment is that? are you a geologist?
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Nitin Garg (New Delhi, India)

dont believe these chinese
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Radha T (Unknown) replies to Nitin Garg

Business do not recognize Chinese or Indian, It looks for profits, other things being equal.
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Naveen Roy ()

Since it involves lives of people , definitely Chinese will work effectively.. Hope so
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Radha T (Unknown) replies to Naveen Roy

No one will compromise on quality as it will have far reaching consequences across the world affecting business prospects.
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