Polish student detained for kicking downpedestrian on motorcycle in Nanjing


By Huang Jin (People's Daily Online) 13:26,January 13, 2016

A video showing a man on a motorcyclekicking down apedestrian on a busy road in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsuprovince, recentlywent viral.


In the video, a couple was crossing astreet withheavy traffic, when a man riding a scooter passed behind the coupleat a highspeed and suddenly kicked the woman from behind. The woman fell downto theground. The perpetrator sped away without a word.


According to local police, theperpetrator, a32-year-old Polish student studying in a Nanjing university, hasbeen detained.The man was punished with administrative detention for threedays.
It can be seen from the video that thisroad's outerlanes were full of parked cars. Only two lanes in the middle wereavailable fortraffic. The couple did not use the crosswalk.




A lot of netizens condemned the behaviorof thekicking man saying that even the woman didn't use the crosswalk, sheshould bepunished by the police. The man's behavior had put the woman into averydangerous situation.


A reporter from Beijing Youth Dailycontacted thevictim, Ms. Xu, who said that the incident happened in the morningafter sheand her husband dropped their child off at school. The road was fullof otherparents’ parked cars. After Ms. Xu was kicked down to the ground, herknees andhands were bleeding.




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Zhu • a day ago
Firstly, I cannot see why anyone wouldcondone theaction of the motorcyclist; and secondly, in any civilized societywith anydecent laws regarding violence, this guy would have received farharsherpunishment. 7


——nee yu fatt Zhu • 5 hours ago
Once before not that long ago this typeof treatmentof the Chinese in China was an accepted norm. Why it is stillhappening now?


————Zhu nee yufatt • 5 hours ago
Good point. However, the video onlyshows the momentthe woman is kicked to the ground, and does not include footageof themotorcyclists approach. The woman may have ran in front of the bikecausing therider to take evasive action. We have not been given the full story.


——bonobojean Zhu • 16 hours ago
you said it.. in a "civilized"society...


————Jin bonobojean • 11 hours ago
You Obviously do not own be in one. In aAmerica,maybe people shoot others under the same situation. Is US more civilize? Checkyour country's prison population first. It is them largest in the entireworld.Nothing the proud of , and certainly not the mark of a civilizedcountry. 4


Poland-China • 13 hours ago
I m Polish and i feel deep shame becauseof this guy,i hope he will get prison sentence. Please dont make a bad opinionon Polishpeople because of 1 idiot. . I apologise most profusely for this guy,kick himout of China! 6


——deweyboy Poland-China • 6 hours ago
Not before he pays the victim a yearssalary.


Lauren • 16 hours ago
There is no reason for the motorcyclistto kick thepedestrian as he was not hampered by the pedestrian's action (thoughit isbetter for the pedestrian to use the crosswalk). The perpetrator shouldbestripped of his driver's license so he can experience being apedestrian. 6


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