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A bride called off her marriage after the groom failed to count beyond nine and answer mathematical questions posed by her in Mainpuri district.


Guests who attended the wedding on Monday night said the girl had studied up to Class 8 and wanted to become a teacher. After the wedding was cancelled, the girl’s family alleged that the groom was ‘illiterate’ and ‘mentally unfit.’



The incident took place in Gulariapur village under Kishni police station. Srikrishna Babu Saxena, resident of Gulariapur, had fixed the marriage of his daughter Khushboo with Omveer, son of Rajendra Singh, resident of village Saraia, Oriya district.

事件发生在吉什尼派出所管辖的Gulariapur村子。此村的居民 Srikrishna Babu Saxena已经将她的女儿 Khushboo 许配给Omveer。新郎是Rajendra Singh的儿子,是来自奥里亚语区 Saraia村的村民。【奥里亚语,印度东部奥里萨邦的地方语言,印度宪法承认的语言之一】

When the marriage proceedings began, one of the bride’s friends told her that the groom was unable to recite the wedding mantras properly. It was then that Khushboo decided to ask Omveer a few mathematical questions.

当婚姻开始进行时,新娘的一位朋友告诉她,新郎不能完全正确地背诵婚礼祷文。之后新娘Khushboo就决定问新郎Omveer 几道数学题。

When her parents tried to stop her, she told them she couldn’t get married to an illiterate person.


When asked to count the coins, Omveer couldn’t go beyond nine. Neither could he dial her mobile number nor was he able to tell the difference between 69 and 79. After asking several questions, Khushboo came to the conclusion that ‘he was mentally unfit’ and called off the wedding.

当被要求数硬币的时候, Omveer不能数到九以上。他也不能拨打新娘的手机号码,或者说出“69”和“79”的不同之处。在询问几个问题后,Khushboo 得出结论“他精神不健全”同时取消婚礼。

The villagers are proud of step taken by Khushboo and even the father of girl apologized for having fixed her marriage with such a bridegroom. “Those acting as intermediary allowed us to see the boy from a distance but we were not allowed to talk to him. Thus we could not make an assessment about the boy and shortcomings in his mental abilities’ said Sri Krishna Babu Saxena, the father of bride. Meanwhile the rejected bridegroom got married to another girl on Wednesday

村民们都为新娘做出的决定感到自豪,甚至新娘的父亲也为把她许配给这样的人道歉。新娘的父亲Sri Krishna Babu Saxena说,那些婚姻中介只允许我们远远看着男孩,不允许我们和他交谈。因此我们不能评估男孩和他的精神缺陷。与此同时,被拒绝的男孩在周三和另一个女孩结婚了。

The matter reached the panchayat but the bride refused to change her decision.



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Peace4U • 7 hours ago
Intelligent girl, she knew how to ensure her figures security in future



Chanakya • 7 hours ago
Great work Girl. Congratulations for taking such a brave and correct step.



Jamshed Baloch • 3 hours ago
That’s a welcome step by the girl. Hats off to her. However, if a boy was to do something like this, you would see a very different case and a very different headline.



Mpathy • 4 hours ago
Bravo! Females of any species have always had the say in deciding how the specie evolves…and Females should ensure only the best genes go forward and the unfit ones wither and die. This may sound cruel, this is how we’re evolving for eons.


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