Should Nepal join China?


China is now the largest importer and exporter of goods in the world. It is rapidly growing and most likely to become the world's next super-power. At the same time criminals, terrorists and corrupt politicians have successfully managed to ruin Nepal from a once peaceful prosperous nation to one of the most backward and poorest nation in the world. While the so-called 'oppressed' Tibetans can now afford to visit Western nations and are getting free electricity, education and health services, citizens of the so-called 'independent' nation Nepal like me are having to live in 12 hours of load-shedding. So, would be in the best interest for Nepalese people to join China by rather negotiating the terms of and condition of accession.

现在中国是世界上最大的货物进出口国。(PS:现在[2015年]美国是最大的货物进出口国 )它正在迅速成长,极有可能成为世界上的下一个超级大国。与此同时,罪犯、恐怖分子和腐败的政治家们成功地将曾经一度和平、繁荣的尼泊尔摧毁成了世界上最 贫穷落后的国家之一。而那些所谓“受压迫”的藏人现在有钱去西方国家旅游,获得了免费的电力、教育和医疗服务,可作为所谓的“独立”国家尼泊尔的公民比如 我,必须生活在12小时的用电限制中。因此、对尼泊尔人民来说,通过谈判某些协议加入中国会不会是最有利的。



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First answer this, "Will they end loadshedding?" If yes, then for sure Nepal can negotiate some sort of agreement for accession.
If Nepalese can live anything like Tibetans, then I see no reason why Nepal shouldn't join China.


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Manish Gupta, Visca el Barca
Say, You are a family of four members consisting of your father, mother, sister and you. Your family is a happy family. Your home is a small one and not well furnished but it is fine as it is a very beautiful house with only 4 person.


But unfortunately, your family is a little poor because your parents earn money mostly from farming and there is not enough cultivable land available.


But still you love your home because :-


Your home is located in a beautiful surrounding which has many of the tallest mountains in the whole world including the Mt. Everest(The highest peak).


Your home has unlimited water supply as there are numerous water resources available for you.


Your family has its own culture and tradition. Many of your neighbors keep visiting you as your home is very decorated and looks very beautiful.


Your home's surrounding is rich in natural resources and has a rich bio-diversity.


Now, suppose their is an other family across mountains. They have a very huge house, fully furnished, a modern one in fact.

The size of their home is 65 times larger than your home and their family has a size 50 times larger than your family size. That means they have a family consisting of almost 200 person.


Would you like to merge your family and home with theirs, keeping in mind the following points?


They speak different language, follow different religion with traditional and cultural difference, are of different race, have different mindset, eat different kind of food, e.t.c.

They are hated by many other powerful families and may be attacked by one of them in future. They are also powerful people having arrogance and stubbornness.

Your family can stay in their house but their huge family of 200 members will share your home too. They will share your water resources, share your beautiful land to serve their purpose, can claim your mountains and might discriminate you on your race as they are stronger than you. They might take you and your home for granted.

There is also a possibility of some positive changes like they might modernize your home, furnish it well, provide you electricity 24*7, provide your family members employment, health services and other care in a better way.




也可能会有一些积极的变化,比如他们可以使你家现代化,家具完善,提供给你 7*24 小时供电,提供就业、医疗保健服务和其他更好的福利给你的家庭成员。

If i were you, my answer would be 'No'.


Now, think of your small beautiful home as Nepal and the huge modern home across mountains as China.


Yes, Nepal is a proud and an independent country which has its own culture and tradition. We are the second richest country in the world in terms of water resources after Brazil. we have Mt. Everest. We are a beautiful country and happy with what we have. However, we are poor and still a developing nation. We are backward and not so strong economically.


We have been facing some challenging problems like unemployment, load shedding, poverty, corruption e.t.c. for quite a long time. But, we are hopeful that we will solve all those problems on our own or with a little help form our neighbors. But, handing over our country to other nation (China) ? Hell No !! As you would never hand over your home to your neighbors for modernization, You would never even think of handing over your motherland to other peoples.

在相当长的一段时间里我们一直面临着一些挑战性的问题,如失业、断电、贫困、腐败等等。但我们希望能自己能解决所有这些问题,也可以向邻居寻求一点帮助。 但是,把我们的国家交给其他国家(中国)?绝不!就像你永远不会把你家交给邻居去现代化,你也不会想把你的祖国交给其他人。

Nepal is lagging behind only because of its corrupt politicians and not any other reason.


Though this will never happen but if Nepal merges with China, These things will happen  -:


Lose its identity globally(Nepal won't exist).

Lose its good relation with India, free border between India and Nepal would be recorded in the history books.

Increase in border between China and India and that will probably disturb the peace in lower regions of Nepal. China will use the extra Nepal border area to create pressure on India or attack them.




As a citizen of Nepal, I'd never want my country to join China. Neither, any of the nepalese would want that. We are a proud country because we were never ever ruled by any other country.


As of Economical growth, We are a developing nation and we will develop our country on our own.


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