China to FlyFC-31 Stealth Fighter by 2019: Reports


A year afterunveiling the FC-31 stealth fighter, Chinese officials say a production versionof the fifth-generation aircraft — the country’s answer to the American-madeF-35 Joint Strike Fighter — will fly by 2019, according to multiple news reports.


Li Yuhai, deputy general manager at China’s Aviation Industry Corp., known asAvic, and Lin Peng, the FC-31’s chief designer, were on hand at the DubaiAirshow this week to talk about the program.





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Beno · 1 weekago +10
It seems to haveas much in common with the F22 as the 35 if you look at the nose ****pitposition, engine arrangement and wing positioning.
It remains to beseen if it can fulfil the expanded role fit of the F16 or F35.
Do the Chinesehave enough of the “lock on AFTER launch” weapons required for internal carragestealth ?
There is A LOTof technologies you need to support a low observable aircraft. Simply having aplane, ( even if for the sake of argument that airframe is as good as an F35’s) does not a war winner make.
HopefullyPakistan does buy 30, it will be good to get a look at these planes.


derek · 1 weekago -18
you fool..ofcourse its a copy. Stupid Americans go over budget by billions and can't evensafeguard their 'secret' blueprints from the Chinese xD what are you going todo about it? Countries looking for a bargain will buy from the Chinese insteadof paying billions per plane to USA xD Its better than flying the russian MiGairplanes from the 50's which is a flying casket compared to these


BravoSierra · 1week ago -12
And yet Lockheedcopied the -35 design from the Russians. Oh the irony.


Guest · 1 weekago -7
actually theyhired the Russian company to help them with it.


John · 1 weekago +4
wow! China copygreat. She will be destroyed...pity on Chinese people


Vitor · 1 weekago -10
The airframewill be better than the F-35 for sure. Considering that the F-35 struggles tomatch gen 4 planes when comes to the physical aspects. Does anyone doubts thata current Su-35 is better than the F-35 when it comes to thrust, speed,agility?


David · 1 weekago +7
Yes, the SU-35would be better in an air show Vitor, we can all agree to that. But the F-35 isnot meant to be a high end agile dog-fighter. With that said the SU-35 wouldnot get close enough to the F-35 to dog-fight anyways. The F-22 would provideCAP and destroy all SU-35's BVR.


anonmyous coward· 1 week ago +6
Even if this isa JSF clone... think of Harbor Freight Tools: the torque wrench there cost$19.99 and was redesigned and built in China. The SnapOn torque wrench of thesame spec is $199.99, will be more precise and last more then a day out of thepackage.
That is just atool... this is a flying super computer. Command based economies have alwaysneeded to beg, barrow and steal technologies that free markets have developedto stay completive. Love or hate the JSF, one can only assume that the knockoff one will have weaker engines, underpowered avionics and not the battlespacecommand of the west's moneypit.

即使这是抄袭美国的,但是想想Harbor Freight机械工具吧:扭矩扳手在中国的价格是19.99美元,被中国进行重新设计并在中国制造。而同样规格的工具在美国是199.99美元,但是更加精准,而且更耐用。

oblatt24 · 1week ago
Yea they saidthe same thing about the Japanese just before they wiped out our consumerelectronics and automotive industries.
The fact is thatwhat is sold in the US is dictated by American purchasing agents not what theChinese can produce. These agents know that cheap poor quality is what sells inAmerica.


Bill · 1 weekago +2
Exactly - Peopleseem to think what China can build is cheap, rather than what the US builds asover-priced.
Everything inthe US suffers from price-bloat, health care, education, civil construction.Americans need to stop patronizing and criticizing the quality of foreign goodsand take a long hard look at what we get for our money.


Dfens · 1 weekago +8
Yeah, we havestupid stuff like environmental laws that keep corporations from turning ourland into chemical deserts and our rivers into sewers. We have ignorant lawsagainst slavery and child labor. No wonder we can't compete with China.


Lance · 1 weekago +11
Chinese knockoff of the F-35 will enter Chinese service the same time as our F-35s enterservice that's Ironic.


Dfens · 1 weekago +1
They won't payhuge corporations more profit to drag the design of their airplane out fordecades like our military will. Perhaps we could get them to steal that littlesecret from us.


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