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I lived in China for four and a half years. I'm out now, met and married and a non-Chinese wife there, and we've saved a good chunk of change. Overall I say it was a good experience, but still had some frustrations, but nothing really awful that some have had here.


Like many I really don't see a good future for China Economically. It seems that the protected upper class are very good at helping themselves and their buddies which doesn't include anyone else. Sure they lifted a good portion of their country out of absolute poverty, but now we have a middle class that is filled with angst and at least on the surface nationalism and petty rhetoric on man-made islands among other silly things. But I hate the idea of somehow having Western countries having to change to the Chinese rules. I want China to fail economically, and the bullies that are full of hot air to be taken down a notch or three. Who cares about 'face'. After four years in China, I'm really suspicious the fact that my country is thinking of letting China in 'the circle of trust'. I want China and its empty rhetoric to fall flat on its face. I feel terrible saying this, but I don't think I'm alone in this feeling.


I think it comes from the fact that some expats and I came to China thinking that this country was the next 'big' thing. As in this is where the money is made, let's embrace our Asian tiger and learn from it. Once I realized we wouldn't be let in, and there was really no method to the madness I became disenchanted and just used China for money and something interesting on my CV. I found myself drinking 25 kwai beers on special with long-term expats and just laughing at the absurdity of everything here. I wasn't a bad foreigner I think, but if someone was in my home country, I think I would expect them to play along with our rules. I'm aware of my hypocrisy but when many wealthy Chinese come to Canada, England, America, etc. they don't change at all, don't make an effort to integrate, and just walk around with a certain smug face and frankly I did the same thing when I was in China.


I feel like China wants to be in the country club, but once he started showing up, he was the kinda guy that was wearing a suit from 10 years go, refused to take a lighthearted joke, and started changing the subject to his favorite topics. Now he's a member he wants to quickly change the rules to always benefit him and the new friends he wants to bring with him that are just as bad. Now we see regular members are upset, and this new guy just doesn't take the hint, and he's even more obnoxious and started interrupting conversations and now uncomfortably hitting on the President of the club's wife! Now we are exposing this awkward guy for who he is, he really doesn't belong, but he's not stopping and no one is coming forward to kick him out once and for all. But in the meantime everyone will cringe whenever he opens his mouth.


I like to think I'm pretty open minded and easy going, but I found myself cheering when the stock market fiasco hit. I don't know exactly what changed, but it just seemed that I cheered when some rich but hollowed Chinese business guys lost a couple of million on short-sales or property speculation. Or laughing to myself as I read an article when China has 7% rise in GDP and just lie about everything. /China is great for that. How did I get so negative?


Well anyway thanks for reading my wall of text, I've talked about this a couple of times with some beers in China with unanimous agreement. I'm curious to reddit's feeling? /China is pretty negative sometimes, but honestly I feel the same way a lot of you do too. I'm glad I'm out for the most part, and maybe I would come back to China with my salary doubled and a good collection of face masks. So everything does have its price I suppose. I wish all of you in China the best of luck, and let the good days there outnumber the bad. You really do miss good Chinese food when you're out.


Final edit. Thanks so much for the conversation, time to submerge and be a lurker once again. I think I was a bit too hard in China, but I really would like less ego from the people pulling the strings. I'm not a believer, but somehow I really would like some of the people who really screw others over (foreign or Chinese) to have some sort of penance, but I know that's wishful thinking. I don't have any bad intentions to anyone's Chinese friends or family, poor peasants or many others stuck in difficult situations that are at the mercy of the upper class.


I hope all of you enjoy your time in China and know when it's time to say good-bye on your own terms. I've seen too many foreigners boozing it up, and scared shitless to get back to their own country. Always have a plan, because some days China will kick your butt!


Even if it was contrary to my opinion, thanks to your contribution!



[envatted_love 17 指標 20 天前
Absolutely not. /u/jingzi_factory put it quite well. In general, state failure is not good. I do hope the Chinese government liberalizes further though.

I'm aware of my hypocrisy but when many wealthy Chinese come to Canada, England, America, etc. they don't change at all, don't make an effort to integrate, and just walk around with a certain smug face and frankly I did the same thing when I was in China.

Good for you for recognizing this. Many don't.

“很多有钱的中国人到加拿大,英格兰,美国等等。他们根本不做任何变化,也不做任何努力去融入社会,仅仅是带着自以为是的表情到处闲逛。当然我在中国也做过同样的事情。 ”

[ingzi_factoryMongolia 46 指標 20 天前
Of course not.

Economic weakness in China almost certainly would be contagious
I don't want to see Chinese people, especially close ones, be in a worse position
Political instability could kill a lot of people

Unfortunately, I don't think the way the government is handling things will help fix that. I think that if relinquishing control of some aspects of society could help improve the economy, I would do it as a leader, but the CCP seems too hellbent on maintaining control, which will only bite them in the long run.
Ideally, China gradually reforms and becomes a more open and free society, as it had been doing a decade ago.


Calam1tousUnited States 12 指標 20 天前
Agreed. Above all, I just want the Chinese people to be better off.


palbuddy1234[S] 3 指標 20 天前
Well isn't that the thing about governments? The number one goal of any government official is to maintain their control, and their high status? As another poster said, I do want an ego-check though. I was sick of the 'silly foreigner, you don't understand China'. I never was highly critical in front of a Chinese person (it's just rude IMO) but sometimes I wondered if they could see the forest from the trees.


TheDark1 8 指標 20 天前

The number one goal of any government official is to maintain their control, and their high status?

Wait, did G.W. Bush firebomb the white house on the way out the door? What do you mean? Most governments put the good of the nation about the good of the rulers.

“任何政服官员的头号目标难道不是维持他们的控制以及他们的地位? ”

sturle 0 指標 19 天前

Always have a plan, because some days China will kick your butt!

Always have a plan, and go for it before China chicks your butt.


Aan2007 2 指標 20 天前*
sadly since in eyes of majority of Chinese China=CCP I have to say i wanna see China fail even when it will hurt my family, but people in general should get real and open their eyes in what an shithole without laws they live if this means it should be followed by some country where rule of law is followed, people have to deal with consequences of their actions and majority of population should realize where they stand in the world from their selfcentered arrogant view ingrained in them by government and start to act civil and civilized and stop being selfish communist pigs who see only themself always above everyone around them with zero respect for other people rights


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