China rules India's solar power market


NEW DELHI: As soon as a solar developer gets an order to set up a solar rooftop system in the city , they dial a Chinese company for the panels to be shipped to India. Despite the distance and logistics, the panels are far cheaper--with a difference of Rs 5 to Rs 6 per panel--than what a manufacturer in Noida or any other part of the country would quote. It takes about 30 to 45 days for the consignment to be delivered, but there are still no takers for locally-made ones. So, while cities like Delhi are gearing up for ambitious solar rooftop projects, the solar panel and cell manufacturing industry is dying a slow death. The manufacturers have recently petitioned the government to impose an "anti-dumping duty" on the cells and panels imported from China, US, Taiwan and elsewhere as they have flooded the market.



A solar cell manufacturing company based out of Delhi that has its factory in Andhra Pradesh has stopped making cells altogether. "We have the same technology. In fact, our products are of superior quality but the government has put no checks on imports. I read with great interest Delhi's draft solar policy --of installing 2 GW by 2025--but will it all be with imported panels? We have mailed the Delhi government our concerns," said Arun Mishra, member of the Solar Energy Society of India and vice-president of a solar products manufacturing company. Delhi's solar policy mandates all Delhi government buildings to install solar rooftop systems within three years of its notification. "We, as developers, and even state governments will opt for the lowest bidder. Indian manufacturers are expensive. It will take a long time to bridge this gap," said a manufacturer currently developing rooftop projects on government buildings in Delhi.

德里一家太阳能电池制造公司在安得拉邦有工厂,不过已经完全停止了太阳能电池的生产。“我们有相同的技术。事实上,我们产品的质量更好,但是政服不对进口施加限制。我饶有兴趣地看了德里的太阳能政策草案,说到2025年要增加20亿瓦特的发电能力,是否全部采用进口太阳能板?我们为此发邮件向德里政服表达了关切。”印度太阳能协会成员Arun Mishra说。




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Avaneesh Dang

India is full of Chinese Products. This time we are purchasing Chinese Solar Panels



Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission was truly made in india vision providing jobs to locals.


Saranathan Lakshminarasimhan

India need to make in India


Facts facts

Govt needs to subsidize "made in india" products- or at least waive taxes


Alagar Aravindh

if your prices are so high how will the developers buy . When you download velop in India and sell in India your product cost must be low but because of your high cost nobody is willing to buy . You cannot expect gilovt to come in if you do not know how to market your product .U stead of writing petitions see how to counter attack Chinese product and still get profit . You guys are trying to get more profit .Sell it in less profit and get more customers






Abhishiek Ghosh

hike import duty on low quality Chinsese products. when you buy these cheap products online , they never disclose their brand



Satish Raut

Setting any Industry in India requires feeding large amount of Money and time on corrupt system in India. China produces cheaper due to efficient system. Why should Indian customer pay more for the CORRUPTION even it is INDIAN.




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