Reading Beijing: China isn’t obsessed with India, its main focus is US


As world leaders head to the US for the UN General Assembly and other attendant engagements, a foreign leader that New Delhi would do well to track is Chinese President Xi Jinping. On his first state visit to the US, Xi has been making some interesting comments during his tour. In a written interview to the Wall Street Journal, Xi emphasised that if two big countries like China and the US aren’t able to cooperate, then the world would be poorer for it. He further stressed the need for a new model of major-country relationship on the basis of non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.

Xi has also dismissed the idea of a Thucydides trap wherein an emerging power like China unsettles an established power like the US leading to a war-like scenario. However, he has warned that should major countries time and again make the mistake of strategic miscalculations, they might create such traps for themselves. In this respect, he has called on the American leadership to jointly find solutions to issues that can be resolved and properly manage issues that can’t be resolved for the time being so that they do not escalate.

It’s clear that Xi wants the US to treat China as an equally strong nation. While Beijing’s extravagant military display earlier this month – commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II – highlighted China’s hard power, the recent Chinese order for 300 Boeing aircraft highlighted China’s soft power. Add to this China’s ambitious Silk Road Economic Belt, Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century, BRICS and AIIB banks, and the proposed Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific, and it’s clear that China wants to assume the role of a critical pillar – equal to the US – of the global governance architecture.

It’s this aspect of China’s geopolitical strategy that India needs to take note of. For, it’s clear that China is not obsessed about India. In fact, its main focus is the US. At best China sees India as a regional competitor with which it has a border dispute. However, this will not prevent Beijing from pursuing mutually beneficial economic ties with New Delhi as highlighted by a Chinese state corporation winning the contract for conducting a feasibility study for the New Delhi-Mumbai high-speed rail link.

Given this scenario, it would be beneficial for New Delhi to stop viewing Beijing as a perennial rival or enemy. China is not interested in conflicting with India. Although China sees India as having a lot of potential, it is also confident that it is way ahead of the latter in the development race. By acknowledging this fact, foreign policy experts and mandarins in New Delhi can help improve India-China relations and create a suitable environment for resolving outstanding issues.





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india must be friendly but remember that china is a source of great evil. it has a web of ties with other satanic countries such as pakistan and will not hesitate to cause harm to a virtuous country such as india.


Arun Choudhary

china always wants to proof him self world leader to demorlise u s but this trick is not being success at any point


Mohanraj Cp

china is no friend of india. it will not hesitate to destabilise india if the need arises. india should keep its powder dry and eyes open as far as china is co concerned



Raman Govindan
india need not antagonize either usa or china in political/economic plane but should raise itself on its own effort, in indian corporate world several names that one could not have seen in financial media, now hog the lime light. internationally apple, microsft, intel were not the flavour but they dominate now. we can take cue from them! . dedication, honest effort, application of mind are the main component for success


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