China luring Indian pharma scientists with 3 times higher pay to boost formulations segment


HYDERABAD: Chinese drug firms have begun luring senior scientists from Indian companies with strengths in documentation and English language to gain competence in the formulations segment. This trend is picking up at a time when India is trying to cut down its dependence on the Chinese supplies for bulk drugs or raw materials that go into making medicines.


The poaching from across the border could threaten the Indian drug makers and further heat up competition between the two Asian economies.


Though both nations boast of equal number of US FDA-approved manufacturing facilities, China leads in bulk drugs by a wide margin, while India is ahead in production and export of generic drugs, especially to regulated markets.


India has some 700 US FDA approved facilities, while China has about 600 such FDA approved plants. However, India got approvals for more than 300 drug master files (DMFs) accounting for nearly a third in the US market, whereas China lagged with around 150 DMFs approved, according to an EdelweissBSE 0.09 % report of November 2014.


A senior commerce ministry official, who did not want to be named, said, "Chinese companies of late are increasingly hiring the cream of Indian pharmaceutical scientists with strengths in formulations, some of whom are currently working with Indian pharmaceutical companies with operations in China. At least, 50-60 Indian pharmaceutical professionals were recruited by the Chinese firms in the management cadre over the past two years."


Chinese pharmaceutical companies are offering tempting pay packages, nearly 2.5-3 times more than what the Indian firms are paying, to attract Indian scientists to Chinese firms, said CV Narayan Rao, executive vice president at Natco Pharma. Rao, who was in China for nearly five years as head of Asia Pacific operations for the joint venture of Dr Reddy's Laboratories, said, "Apart from hefty pay package, Indian scientists get attracted to the robust urban and manufacturing infrastructure the Chinese entities offer, apart from a safe work environment."

中国制药公司会以诱人的薪资来吸引印度科学家,而这一薪资超过印度公司所支付的2.5至3倍,印度制药企业Natco Pharma的执行副总裁纳拉杨·拉奥说道。他在中国已经工作了大约5年,负责这家合资企业的亚太业务。“除了报酬丰厚和安全的工作环境,印度科学家还会被中国所展现的繁荣城市以及强劲的制造业基础设施所吸引。”



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Khubir Momaya (Unknown)

From long time Chinese copy everything from western and other Asian Things.....USA, Russia used to hire Indian at 3-4times higher wages...Now china started... Because They all knows that Indian are good from their roots because of Sanscrit and our old scriptures




pinaki28 (Calcutta)

Welcome development , more and better employment opportunity for people . Also an opportunity to learn from China .



Shyam Singh (mehrauli delhi)

Now,Chinese are in need of Indian talents for Pharma sector


Keerthikumar Kumar (Unknown)

If any scientist allowed to go to china, don't entertrain after coming back


Ashwani Kumar (Unknown)

Good for pharma scientists.


Poonam Dedhia (Unknown)

chinese have always been THUGS


Common Man (Unknown)

grim situation.


Somnath DasGupta (Calcutta)

What can we expect in a nation which has reservations in sectors which are to be driven solely by merit ? What can we expect from a nation, which so blinded by the western concepts, rewards a slick smooth talking MBA salesperson more than a humble/down to earth scientist/engineer who creates/invents something ? We always seem to miss the wood for the trees.



Shadi Katyal (xxx)

The brain drain is an old phenomena and somce India still leads in Pharma, why not recruit the best and we Indians for money will sell the motherland. Since Pharma makes a good profit it may be wiorth while to match the salries and keep our brain in India. Greed and more money is the motto and not patriitism.




Jkv Raghu Setty (MYSOORU)

That shows Indians are monkeys.They throw away diamonds and keep stones.This sums it up---A top Indian scientist, who did not wish his or his Chinese company's name to be identified, said he could not refuse the hefty salary and facilities offered two years back by his current employer on the east coast of China near Shanghai. We go 'caste' not by 'cast'.Who in world does what we do...cast vote by caste?



Rajiv agrawal (Unknown)

bad news for indian pharma companies


Seetha (Hyderabad)

Gain for China,loss for India.


Srinath Tudu (Unknown)

I thought China produced more number of qualified professionals till PhD. Looks like they have quantity but no quality.


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