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Rats kill an infant at Guntur government hospital


GUNTUR: In a shocking incident, an infant undergoing treatment at the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) at the Government General Hospital (GGH) here was bitten to death by rats on Wednesday.


The rodents bit the left eye and fingers of the 10-day-old baby boy in the early hours of Wednesday. His face was also scratched. In the morning, the parents were horrified to see the boy bleeding profusely and rushed to the doctor on duty for help, who allegedly did not respond to the emergency resulting in the death of the baby.




“My son was not killed by the rats. He was killed by the doctors and staff at GGH,” said Chavali Lakshmi, the mother.She alleged that the authorities at GGH did not bother to prevent the entry of rats into the children’s ward despite their repeated requests and pleas.


“We suspected the danger a week ago and requested the staff to save our son. They were not bothered as they did not take our word seriously,” complained father Ch Nagaraju, a daily wager. He alleged that the doctors told him not to worry too much about the incident as they have another two-year-old son.Lakshmi, a resident of Krishna Lanka area in Vijayawada, gave birth to the baby boy at GGH, Vijayawada, on August 17. He was suffering from congenital urinary tract disorder. Doctors at the hospital referred the baby to Guntur GGH when his condition deteriorated. The infant was initially admitted to the paediatric ward and later shifted to NICU for observation for the last one week.



Some patients of the hospital told TOI said there have indeed been instances of rodents attacking infants, but the authorities did not bother to take steps to check the menace. When contacted, GGH superintendent T Venugopala Rao said he would inquire into the incident and take action on the errant staff.


“It is an unfortunate incident. We set up a rat mesh in NICU soon after receiving complaints about the movement of killer rats. We did not expect that it will take this turn,” said Dr Rao.



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Gyaneshwar Shastri

The Govt. Hospitals in India are in poor conditions not b’coz they don’t have money but b’coz of the attitude of the staff. The hospital staff does not care about the hygiene, careless and they think, nobody can remove or terminate them from services as they are Govt. employees. Until unless this attitude is not changed, the condition of the hospitals will not change and the Private Hospitals will keep minting money with fake and unwanted tests etc.






Fact Finder

This is condition of any Hospital in India ! no one is accountable and every body is happy as long it doesn’t affect them.





Health minister ordered an enquiry and the incident will be forgotten very soon. Poor has no voice.





with this condition dreaming of making it Singapore



niraj baua

some people feel that if it rains too much or too little, the BJP is responsible.



Jay K

And voters will elect the same leaders again . who keep failing voters when it comes to service . When would voters learn to kick such leaders out of politics?



niraj baua

never… ppl forget these incidences vary fast..



Venkatesh Basti
If the same had happened to any VIP then the hospital would had been in news


niraj baua

VIP go to pvt hospitals…


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  13. ekdesiHealth minister ordered an enquiry and the incident will be forgotten very soon. Poor has no voice.卫生部长下令展开调查,不过这件事很快会被忘记的。穷人说不上话啊******************************皿煮呢?

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