NEW DELHI: The Centre is likely to work out the contours of the reworked land acquisition bill by next week amid indications that it may be purged of all the politically unpopular provisions.


It is learnt that the Modi government may allow states to draft their own acquisition laws with the frame of reference being the central law which would only have "pro-people" measures; a tack aimed at neutralizing the Congress-led opposition charge that the Centre has amended the UPA law to help industry.


The new bill would mandate a "four-fold and two-fold compensation in rural and urban areas". The UPA law had provided for "sliding scale of compensation" of "up to four times" of market value — which meant that the value of acquired land would increase with its distance from urban areas.


Another clause would provide for one job for every family displaced by acquisition.


In contrast, the Centre would remove the contentious clauses that have led to the opposition campaign.





Vande Matram•Earth•2 hours ago
Modiji is working for corporations and not for the farmers. The land selling/transaction should be at asking/market price and not at a price determined by the government. Let industrialists and builders pay the prevailing market price and include infrastructure land also. Let government also buy at the market rate whatever is agreed to with the seller.
The government should not lobby for the private sector, rather for the poor farmers.
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Vijay Pachlangia•4 hours ago
Congress is not allowing BJP to work but still Modi is trying to find some ways... He is true leader and I am sure he will take India forward... If nothing is going right take left ;) policy may work...The BJP is ready to debate but still none other party is ready for it...These guys are flexible enough to modify the bill but still none of them coming with some solid reason and changes they want...We all Indian are watching it and surely the parties working for country will get the benefit in near future...Many states will use this land bill which has nothing wrong... This bill has major changes for government projects only (Roads and Railways)... Please should read the bill before making any comment on it... Congress is still same just pay to people for Dharna and Strikes to stop the work...Hope some states will make some good progress then others may also follow the same.... We are with you Modi g it's like something is always better than nothing..... Vijay Pachlangia
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Ajayjain •4 hours ago
Smart very smart modi
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Vande Matram•Earth•3 hours ago
yes, a very smart move and Modiji should have done this earlier and saved his reputation. Now, the opposition is claiming victory.
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rajiv.s.pandit•delhi•4 hours ago
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Cm•7468•delhi•5 hours ago
This is very good move. States will be forced to compete. Now they need to pass GST bill.
Both Congress & BJP are really anti national parties. They have opposed this GST bill whenever they r in opposition and want to pass it when in power. What shameless leeches.
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News Track•Odisha•4 hours ago
Nearly 1,00,000 farmers committed suicide during the UPA 10 year tenure, 14,000 farmers committed suicide in the year 2012 alone. They can never address the root problem but UPA was happy to keep announcing freebies like Farm loan waivers etc.
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Achuta Ramaiah•5 hours ago
Being prudent and practical ideaof modi! Good
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