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NEW DELHI: In the first direct blow to his ambitious economic reform agenda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has had to row back on a business-friendly land bill amid fierce Parliamentary opposition.


The government has not given up on making it easier to acquire land needed to kick-start hundreds of billions of dollars in stalled projects, but after failing to win support in Parliament may ask states to pass their own laws.


“We realize that currently we don’t have the numbers to pass it,” a leader in Modi’s ruling party told Reuters. “By reducing the heat on this, we will be able to get other things passed.”


After sweeping to power last year on expectations, he would accelerate an economic transformation that began in the 1990s, Modi is struggling to build support in Parliament, where his party is in the minority in the upper house.


Having staked so much capital on an unpopular issue, Modi risks losing the initiative to the opposition and fuelling perceptions that his reform plans are not necessarily going to improve the lot of India’s 1.27 billion people.


“This is a huge setback for Modi,” said Sanjay Kumar, an analyst at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. “This is an indication that if bills are controversial, this government is going to find it very difficult to pass them.”

“这对莫迪是一个巨大的挫折,”发展中社会研究中心的分析员Sanjay Kumar说,“这是本届政府将发现他们很难推动争议议案的信号。”



In the next sitting of parliament due to start on Tuesday, the government wants to ease the passage of the biggest overhaul of taxes since independence in 1947, and may also introduce the first major labour reforms in decades.


Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will have to fend off opposition attacks in the rowdy houses over allegations of corruption, and does not want to rile opponents further over the land law. Land reform is critical for Modi’s drive to build new roads, homes and factories and, if stalled would blight his vision of 100 new ‘smart’ cities across India linked by industrial corridors and high-speed rail routes criss-crossing the country.


In the last seven months, Modi has had to issue temporary executive orders that allow the government to forcibly purchase farmland for industrial development, but has failed to secure the votes in parliament to make the changes permanent.


Senior BJP leader Shrikant Sharma told Reuters the government would continue to work with opposition parties to pass the law, but if that failed, it would work with individual states to implement their own versions of the legislation.

人民党资深领导人Shrikant Sharma告诉路透社,为了通过此项法律,政府会继续和反对党合作。如果失败了,政府将与各邦政府一起,为他们实施各自版本的土地法案努力。

“The opposition can’t stop our agenda, it can only delay it,” he said, in comments echoed by a senior cabinet minister.


“I certainly hope that the reality dawns on them. The whole country is against this bill,” said Jyotiraditya Scindia, a leader in the Congress party that has spearheaded opposition to the reform.

”我明确希望现实能让他们明白,整个国家都反对这项法案。”率领反对力量矛头直指此项改革的国家党资深领导人Jyotiraditya Scindia如是说。


Shyamsunder Rao•Bangalore•13 hours ago
There is no loss of face for Modi,It is slap on the faces of those who oppose development,employement ,iIrrigation,Housing,Defense projects,fast trains etc.Those states who pass the land bills in tei states in accordence with the latest bill are the ones who achieve great development,and who do not and eat political ideologywill be suferrers..
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salihaamiali salihaamiali• Shyamsunder Rao•12 hours ago
Indeed it is a slap for those who oppose on their own growth as well as that of Indians by not supporting the land bill. Roads are the life lines of any nation and not developing it along with other infrastructure is foolisness of Annaji and pappu alias Rahul Gandhi.
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事实上,不支持土地法案,是给反对自己和其他许多印度人的经济增长的反对者的一记耳光。对任何国家来说,道路都是生命线。不发展道路和其他的基础设施是这些人(Annaji、pappu、Rahul Gandhi)的愚蠢。


King of India•Lexington•13 hours ago
it is democracy, people write their own fortunes. the states which will have business friendly policies will succeed in eradicating poverty sooner. others will keep blaming their fate.
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Atul Kumar•Delhi•14 hours ago
Good move by Modi Government. States looking for development will arrange land and those wanting to go West Bengal or Delhi way, will not.
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Shabash India•Unknown•14 hours ago
Retreat is better part of valour
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  1. vikasbajaj vikasbajaj•Blore•13 hours agoModi should cut down his travel plans and focus on local issues2 0莫迪应该砍掉旅行计划,专注于本土事务。早哪…莫迪 大仙还有一大半的国家没去乞讨下一步准备去火星、水星、幂王星、金星不和你们地球人玩了

  2. 我看这消息,心里一沉:中国还是应该准备印度崩溃或者动荡吧。没有土地,在农村,提高农民收入,就是空谈。若印度完成了土地兼并,那么未来印度的农村也就变成了死局了。没有土地,在城市,工业区没法建设,公路,铁路,机场、发电站都没法建设。没有了工业区,就没法大量提供就业机会,每年1500W的年轻三哥怎么吧?喝恒喝水?一旦,印度陷入动乱,他们的难民会往哪里跑?一定是中国,因为印度周边的国家比印度还要穷,而且喜马拉雅不是不能跨越的。

    • 沙发都是留给勤奋的人,只有勤奋才容易“赶上”沙发,而且抢沙发只是为了增加自己的曝光率和体现自己对论坛的关注,成就灌水的乐趣,因此沙发不是没有意义的!三泰虎应该鼓励沙发,最好搞个抢沙发最多有奖的活动!

        • 人家抢人家的沙发,怎么就碍到你了?不乐意,不看不就完了?每个人有每个人的爱好,你不喜欢可以,但你没资格要求别人干嘛。毕竟这也不犯法,也不涉及道德是不是?

      • 你有时间打这么多字不打恶心‘沙发’不行吗?还奖励这种无聊灌水,恐怕也只有三泰虎容忍。

  3. 农耕国度的改革还需从农村开始,脚踏实地的遵循社会发展的客观规律,而不是凭空冒进、一步跨入工业化“智能城市”只是在图纸上,印度需要一场深刻的变革才能达成大治,因为印度不是小国,矛盾很多,且突出而尖端,人口多、底子薄、生产关系落后、失业率高居不下、两极分化严重、再加上所谓的皿煮和懒散惯了的习俗、宗教等等,要想高速发展现代工业还需时日,仅土地改革一项至少需要十年或更长,期待印度成为中国的范本几乎是不可能的。

    • 要摆脱困境,印度需要的是一场切地的革命,而不是改革或者改良。在中国当国家面临矛盾爆炸,且不可调和的时候往往会经过一场轰轰烈烈的农民起义来推翻原有的利益结构,一切从新洗牌。一般都是两三百年就来一次大的农民起义,改朝换代。可印度不行,印度历史上就没有过什么像样的农民起义,印度的土地财产都是流传有序的,很多土地的地契都能回溯到几百年,听说有800多年前的地契,现在还具有法律效应。印度教用轮回和种姓来蒙蔽了印度人。印度的低种姓人和穷人都很随和,他们认为自己受穷受累是因为自己在上一个轮回,也就是上一辈子中做了坏事,所以到这一辈子受苦,所以一定要平静地接受,才可能在下辈子中能得到好的结果。这种印度教的蒙蔽中在印度就不可能出现,“王侯将相,宁有种乎”的开化。

      • 那不是中国,那的人民期盼着死后投胎方式的革命!你让这些人去反抗,他们会说我们还是自杀来的快一些,下辈子也许会投当地主,这样他们就喜欢自杀来抗争生命的不公!

    • 中国历史上每一次大的变革都是因为严重的土地兼并,农民的土地被地主占据,失去了生存之本。而印度真是一朵奇葩,前些天看了一份资料,说如今印度的土地80%以上都在高种姓地主手里,农民给地主干活,忙活一年,收获全凭地主们的心情给,这么惨烈状况持续了如此之久,居然没人造反。以前有人说中国的百姓是所有民族里最温顺的,了解完印度之后,我TM再也不信这种屁话了。

      • 我不完全同意你的见解,中国百姓是所有有脑子的民族中最温顺的,而印度农民没脑子,你把它们比做家犬也不过份,如今世界上最幸福的地主是印度地主,全世界只有他们仍在拥有家奴。

    • 长久以来,宗教和种姓制度的紧箍咒已经深深楔入到了每一个低种姓阿三的基因里,他们脑子里根本就没有反抗这一概念,这种特殊状况差不多是世上独一份,这就是印度的特殊国情。尼赫鲁终究不是太祖,一个有着悠久历史的国家,要想成为一个真正意义上的强国,不来场“wenge”,彻底格式化一次,短时间根本不可能做到。所以说到底,制约印度的最顽固力量还是文化,思想上不进步,扯什么十年二十年都是忽悠。要知道,我们中国的改革开放,可是在太祖挥刀割掉了所有腐肉之后,轻装上阵的。

  4. 印度不错哦,有奴隶社会,有封建制度,也现代自由民煮政治,从古到今社会的制度一应俱全,多元化哦

  5. 皿煮就是这样,让一帮什么也不懂的家伙嚷嚷应该这样应该那样,还印度制造,还2020就要怎么怎么样的什么的,眼睛就顶着几个大东西,其实就像冰山一样,下面的东西更多,钢产量重要吗?确实重要,但是其他的工业产品呢?各种化工产品:三酸两碱、各种甲醇、甲苯、乙烷。。。等产量和钢产量相比重要性丝毫不少,还有合成纤维、合成橡胶,除了钢材还有氧化铝、电解铝、铜。。。等金属原材料的生产,即使钢材也分各种热轧、冷轧的板材、型材、线材,管材。。。,唉,太多的东西了,还没有提到基建,通用、专用设备制造,化肥生产。。。根本不是我们普通老百姓能数得过来的,像印度这样的大国,哪样也不能少,上嘴唇碰下嘴唇:印度制造,说起来真是容易啊。

  6. vikasbajaj vikasbajaj?Blore?13 hours agoModi should cut down his travel plans and focus on local issues2 0莫迪应该砍掉旅行计划,专注于本土事务。早哪…莫迪 大仙还有一大半的国家没去乞讨下一步准备去火星、水星、幂王星、金星不和你们地球人玩了

  7. 当年英.甘地总理推行计划生育就是因阻力太大而终止,现在莫迪的土地法案也因阻力太大而夭折,是印度引以自豪的***所造成的阻力引起的,这就是印度发展不起来的原因。