'29 and still single? Sorry you can't rent my flat'


· You are Christian? And you live alone? You must be wearing short skirts and eating non-veg? I suppose that is your culture. But please don't bring boys to the house. And no drinking here. · Sorry, we don't let out houses to people from the North-east. Because we only want Indian nationals, and you people look Chinese. Of course, this does not mean we want to give up Arunachal Pradesh.

你是基督徒吧? 而且你单独居住?你一定穿短裙、不吃素?我猜这是你们的文化。但别带男人到这屋子来。这儿也不准喝酒。对不起,我们房子不租给东北(诸邦)人。因为我们只租给印度人,而你看起来象中国人。当然啦,这並不意味着我们要放弃a邦(zang南)。

· African? Are you crazy? With all these Nigerian drug-peddlers in the the country? What do you mean you're not Nigerian? You're from Africa, right?


· You are 29 and still single? Why? What d'you mean you couldn't find anyone? Now there is no hope for you. And no, you cannot rent a flat here. What d'you mean people are not born married?


· You work in the television industry? [can be interchanged with media/design/advertising]. And want to rent my house? Absolutely not.


· What a nice young British boy. Of course we'll rent you the flat. But we just want to warn you, that this is a family society so please don't bring ladies into the house. Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you. No I'm not saying you are like that, but you know sometimes the culture is different. But I have no problem with British people. In fact my son is your age, and he loves British music. The whole day he keeps listening to British bands. I call him "angrez ki aulad." Of course, I am only joking about that. He is very proud of the Indian culture and the motherland.


· You are Muslim and Kashmiri? Why are you looking for houses in India?


· We are OK with foreigners as long as they are not Africans or Chinese. Middle-aged Americans are fine with us. What's your name? David Coleman Headley? Not a problem.





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Heisenberg• •India•
You are bachelors! You won't keep the house clean. Get lost.


Shrikant Panda•Location, India•
So funny and immature article by the author.First of all it's a landlord's right to choose his tenant and we don't have right to criticize him.Then, there are always landlords available who have no problem renting the house to Nigerians, northeast people , Muslims, Christians or the single.There are even landlords who rent their houses to live in partners.I don't understand what is the problem with the author.If there are some concerns about letting out to Nigerians then it is not unwarranted.Because there are in fact large number of people from hat country peddling drugs in India and also doing online bank frauds.And our police and govt can't do anything about it even though everyone of us receives such lottery win Smses and emails very frequently.


hypocrisy everywhere ! !


half of them are stupid!


Vinay Y. Jadhav•Mumbai•
it depends on the owner of the house to whom he wants to rent a house. you can not forcefully do that.


Chiman Patel•
It looks we have a long way to go. In 50 and 60s this used to be a problem in United Kingdom. But then the law was made which eased discrimination . The way forward is only a strict law that stops discrimination.


Abhishek Npso•Unknown•
bring the law or change the law., end this ....


Frequent Flyer •Unknown•
Oh you are an outsider, no our neighbours want same language speaking tenants so they can gossip with them


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