BEIJING: Chinese researchers have successfully developed the first automated teller machine (ATM) with facial recognition technology to reduce the risk of theft, media reports said.

The developers include Tsinghua University and Tzekwan Technology, a Hangzhou firm in eastern China's Zhejiang province that provides security protection for financial transactions. South China Morning Post quoted Chinese official media as saying.



Tzekwan chairman Gu Zikun, an anti-counterfeit technology expert, believes the technology will curb ATM-related crimes. The product has already passed certification and would soon be available for sale.

China currently relies mostly on imported ATM technology, the report said, but the new machine, which combines high-speed banknote handling, improved counterfeit-bill recognition and facial recognition, was wholly Chinese. Gu said the product had passed the authorities certification and would soon be available on the market.





译文来源:三泰虎博客 http://www.santaihu.com/2015060103.html
外文标题:In a first, China unveils facial-recognition ATM

Anonymous ()
Hahaha can the machine differentiate between between the faces?! They all look the same! :')

哈哈,那台机器能识别出人脸的不同吗?他们看起来都一样啊 :')

Alibhai (aligargh) 11 mins ago
Why not just take the picture of the person! Extra deterrent. Cheap and easy.


Jayanta Sinha (kolkata)
Pardon me since I am seeing this negatively. The inevitability of invention of face identifying ATM proves that China is also facing theft in ATMs. It is surprising because the country demands that it is socialist country. It also proves that a socialist country is no different from capitalist country.




Sudhanshu Kumar Ashwini (Muzaffarpur)
Facial recognition is actually a useless and troublesome feature. Even the best facial recognition software has issue. Plus it will create more problem than it will solve. It will not allow anyone to assist in time of need. it would be wiser to just record faces and track in case of complaint.




VIJAY KUMAR Chopra (Delhi)
Very good. It will reduce frauds.


YogiSpeak (India)
I just wonder if we are not able to differentiate between two Chinese people... hope machines would pass the test


valentm35 (goa)
good one


freelancer () 4 hrs ago
And how we thought all Chinese look the same. Oops being racist.


AntiCap () replies to freelancer
lol knew someone wud have thot of this... bad its racist though.


andreasadler16 (Sydney)
We all like new technology but not all new technology is good. This face recognition technology for an ATM may only suit certain areas where there is very high crime rate but in general it seems like it is going to cause more problems and greater inconvenience. There are so many like my elderly parents who are not so mobile who seek assistance from their children to withdraw money from ATMs. I don’t know about India but this is very common here in Australia. As far as I can recall my sister has been providing this service to my parents for over 3 years now and how is this going to help people that are weak and frail and unable to get to an ATM or stand in a queue in a bank?? Another point, I have also requested my close friend in the past to withdraw money from my account using an ATM when I have been unable to spend time to get to one and I have done the same for my friends and family. We keep making these “gadgets” to provide some solution against dishonest people and yet we have no models in place for people to be honest and having pride in this virtue. If more was done to embrace this fine quality then we would have a much better community, better and more fulfilling interactions between people and not require this type of idiotic technology.









Sudhanshu Kumar Ashwini (Muzaffarpur) replies to andreasadler16
Cant agree more. THis is what i realized with phone when a person met with accident before me. I could not unlock his phone to call his relatives on way to hospital. Many such emergency will see lot more trouble than it will solve by these idiotic privacy and security feature. Security is good but this will lead to paranoia. Better to have OTP feature enable to make pin more secure with a pre defined pin or double security.



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