Andhra Pradesh cops fail to cross language barrier with Chinese accused


HYDERABAD: It is one of those strange cases where understanding what an accused is saying has become tougher than the cumbersome process of his arrest. The offender in question here is 37-year-old Chinese national Yang Ping, arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police for trying to smuggle red sanders.



On May 7, the Red Sanders Anti-Smuggling Task Force (RSASTF) of the AP police arrested Yang Ping of Schezwan province of China near Ghatkesar toll plaza. Ping's arrest was based on the information given by red sanders smuggler Srinivasa Raju from Kadapa.

5月7日,安德拉邦警方的'反紫檀走私特别行动组'在Ghatkesar购物中心附近逮捕了中国四川人杨平。平的逮捕,是依据Kadapa人、紫檀走私者Srinivasa Raju提供的信息。

Yang's arrested is a significant breakthrough as it was the first time a Chinese national was arrested by the AP police in relation to red sanders smuggling. Police and forest department officials have long been claiming that China is the main destination of the red sanders logs smuggled out of the country from the Rayalaseema forest area and Yang's arrest has established a solid direct link to prove the claims


After the arrest, the RSASTF officers filed a petition before the local court in Chittoor district and obtained police custody of Yang three days ago. But the cops could not do much to extract information as Yang is putting up a poker face whenever the interrogators pose a question in English.


"Yang is claiming that he does not understand English. So, using the English to Mandarin software available online, we have been trying to ask some question to him. But even then, using sign language and his very limited English, Yang is claiming that he is unable to make sense of the translated sentence," said an investigating official. Schezwanese is a dialect of Mandarin and is the lingua franca of Schezwan province in China where Yang hails from.

一位调查人员说,“杨说他不懂英语。因此,我们试着用网上现有的英汉软件向他提些问题。但即使这样,杨用手势和十分有限的英语表示,他没法弄懂那些翻译的句子。” 四川话是普通话的一种方言,也是中国四川省的通用语,杨就来自那里。

During the three-day questioning using the software, police gathered that Yang met his Bangalore contact, Mohammed Muzammil, through a Chinese woman, who is the latter's girlfriend. The Chinese girl returned to her native place recently and according to cops, Muzammil used to turn the red sanders logs purchased by Yang into chop sticks, prayer beads, wooden bracelets and artifacts, and send them to China through private courier mail service.

在用软件质讯的3天内,警方得知,杨通过一位中国妇女认识了他在班加洛尔的联系人Mohammed Muzammil, 这位中国妇女是后者的女友。这位中国姑娘最近回她家乡去了,並且,按照警方的说法,Muzammil过去常把杨买来紫檀原木做成筷子、佛珠、木手链和其它工艺品,並通过私人快递邮件服务发往中国。

Yang also informed police that one red sanders smuggler showed him a 1.5 tonne dump of sanders logs on the outskirts of Bangalore, but added that he does not know its exact location. Yang told cops that he is into construction business in Schezwan.


But cops could not extract information like what he has done during the three previous visits to the country, since when he has been into the sanders smuggling business, what are the methods used by him to smuggle the logs, how he ended up in the trade and who are the players involved in China and India in the illegal business.


"We still have a few more days' time to question him and we are now seeking the help of a local academic from Tirupati who can speak Mandarin and see if he can help us with the interrogation," said a top AP police official.



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He is playing stupid just like Indian smugglers play dumb when cought red handed.the biggest culprits are the Indian suppliers who are selling india's treasures.


Satyanarayana Gavarasana•Syosset NY
Is it not time for the foreign language institutes affiliated with Osmania University and Hyderabad University to have Mandarin as a subject for teaching?

让Osmania 大学和海德拉巴德大学开设外语学院,教学普通话,现在还不是时候吗?

Ordinary Indian•Mumbai•
Can some one explain how this Chinese p!g was communicating with his partners in crime in India. If he is not able to communicate with the police.


Hire an interpreter


The first thing the interpreter will tell the Chinese is,you should have bribe your way out.


Abhay Kumar Pradhan•Unknown•
Very very strange ,can't police arrange language interpreter, even Indian Chinese restaurants are having Chinese owner & staff.


vitusowen susngi•
Modi can bring one interpreter from China.....


same story happens when Indians are caught anything illegal in Europe, Most play stupid and dumb and claim not to understand the language and get away from the law.Nothing new in this case other than its a chinese and crime is in India.


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