据英国《每日邮报》报道,在警方称不会对这名游客发起刑事起诉后,受害人家属对这名游客发起了民事诉讼,并要求不要让这名游客离开中国。中国媒体报道说这名加拿大游客叫做Debra Fortin。在北京一家法院经过两天的调解后,双方达成协议,加拿大游客在15天内赔偿受害人家属60万元。受害人家属的律师称这名加拿大游客在法庭上向受害人家属表达了诚挚的道歉。在长城上意外撞死中国妇女的加拿大游客赔偿63000英镑。

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Canadian tourist to pay £63,000 in compensation afteraccidentally knocking over and killing woman on Great Wall of China


A Canadian tourist who was involved in thedeath of a Chinese woman at the Great Wall of China has agreed to pay more than£60,000 incompensation to the victim’s family.


The victim’s family filed a civil lawsuitagainst the tourist, identified by Chinese media as Debra Fortin, and demandedshe be prevented from leaving China after police announced that they would notbe laying any criminal charges stemming from the April 8 incident.

在警方称不会对这名游客发起刑事起诉后,受害人家属对这名游客发起了民事诉讼,并要求不要让这名游客离开中国。中国媒体报道说这名加拿大游客叫做Debra Fortin。

Relatives even went as far as visiting the hotel where the Canadian was stayingand attempting to stop her from returning to Canada, Shanghaiist reported.


After two days of pre-trial mediation at acourt in Beijing the two sides have agreed on a compensation amount of 600,000yuan (approximately £63,000 or USD$96,000), to be delivered in 15 days, TheBeijing News and Shanghai Daily reported.


Zhao Fuxing, a lawyer for Mrs Hongfang’srelatives, said the Canadian woman offered a ‘sincere’ apology to the family atcourt.


Mrs Hongfang’s son told Sohu News that theCanadian woman, surnamed Fortin, accepted legal responsibility for theaccident.


He added: ‘She said a few words in English.We also accept the apology.’


At least two people have died while visitingthe Great Wall of China this month.


A Chinese woman suffocated after she felldown and lost consciousness on the Badaling section of the wall, and her familyaccused tourists of failing to help her, Shanghaiist reported.



Cheryl,Maritimes, Canada, 15 hours ago
Tough lesson learned, but you're going torush through a crowd to the point you knock someone down and hurt them, expectrepercussions.


BrettRobbie, Calgary, Canada, 12 hours ago
Has anyone on thee threads ever encountereda chinese tourist? They have the biggest disregard for there surroundings. Ilive near the mountains and they feel they can block sidewalks (which wasprobably this case right here) and they walk on to the street or parking lotsto get a photo of their friend forcing people to either stop or move aroundthem. I remember visiting Yellowstone and there were signs (multiple languages)saying don't go into this area as it may be deceiving and only a thin crust onthe earth and here they are walking around not only endangering themselves butalso ruining the view for everyone else. This story is much more that what weare being told. I hope this woman gets interviewed when she is back in Canadawhere she is safe to express what may really had happened.


derek,banbury, 11 hours ago
Brett Robbie; you would do well tounderstand the undisputed facts of this specific case before spouting off about"Chinese tourists". You really do seem to have a problemunderstanding exactly what happened, was witnessed and what was admitted. Takeoff the patriotic glasses, stop blindly defending the guilty Canadian and facefacts. She did it, was totally responsible for the death of someone by herirresponsible behaviour and has now been fined for it. It wasn't on purpose butshe disregarded the possibility that it might hurt someone by running andbarging through the crowds. There is a difference between being patriotic anddefending the indefensible.


TheCanadian 87, Toronto, Canada, 14 hours ago
I think the settlement is quite fair. Ifshe had not been so careless, the woman would still be alive today. She is 38years old, she should know better than to run around on steep steps withelderly people around.


HolyChryst, anywhere, Canada, 13 hours ago
She should never have been running to startwith and should have had better care to ensure she did not run into anyone.Accidents happen but this one was very avoidable in my opinion.


larney,new york city, United States, 14 hours ago
I'm going to sue every Chinese tourist whospits near me and puts me at a health risk.


dollarman,lander, United States, 13 hours ago
Chinese tourist do a lot of spitting, dothey?


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