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三泰虎2015年4月6日译文,据印度时报报道,最近印度军队和中国军队沿着拉达克实控线发生了两次对峙。2013年4月,解放军在同一个地区支起帐篷,导致了长达三周的对峙。根据熟悉事态进展的官员,中国军队来到拉达克北部的波色德普桑(Burtse and Depsang)地区,第一次是3月20日,然后是3月28日。显然是企图抵达“旧巡逻点”(Old Patrol Point),即印度安全部队最后建立的基地。

外文标题:Chinese troops make incursion bids in Ladakh



LEH/NEW DELHI: Indian and Chinese troops recently had two face-offs along the line of actual control (LAC) in Ladakh, in the same area where People’s Liberation Army had pitched camps in April 2013 leading to a three-week long stalemate.

According to officials in the know of developments, the Chinese troops came to Burtse and Depsang areas in north of Ladakh, first on March 20 and then on March 28, apparently as part of attempts to reach Old Patrol Point, the last established base of Indian security forces.


根据熟悉事态进展的官员,中国军队来到拉达克北部的波色德普桑(Burtse and Depsang)地区,第一次是3月20日,然后是3月28日。显然是企图抵达“旧巡逻点”(Old Patrol Point),即印度安全部队最后建立的基地。

The PLA troops made attempts to push the Indian troops back but these were thwarted, they said.

Vigilant Indian troops displayed the banners in Chinese asking the PLA to return to their side, the officials said.





Ever since this incident, the Indian troops have been carrying out regular patrols to higher points along the LAC to keep check on movement of the PLA.

India and China share over 4,000 km of LAC. China claims approximately 90,000 sq km of territory in Arunachal Pradesh besides 38,000 sq km in Jammu and Kashmir sector.



The area where the Chinese troops came had seen 21 days standoff between PLA and Indian Army in April 2013 which took place ahead of the then Chinese premier Li Keqiang’s visit to India. It was sorted out after hectic round of negotiations following which the Chinese troops withdrew.

China has been in denial mode over repeated incursions by the PLA. During the 2013 incident, then then spokesperson for the ministry of national defence Colonel Geng Yansheng had said that such issues happen because the boundary line has not been demarcated and both sides have different interpretation on the line of actual control.






译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2015040602.html

Brown American (USA)
Promise to invest $20B has made Modi timid and pliant.



Nithin Raj (Pune)
I would have said call the UN but just shoot them if they are on our territory…we can just get rid of these comm*ists pests!!!



De Dana Dan (Bangalore)
Time has come for China’s Partition as well, or send as many muslims we can to china it will automatically be divided.



Sonjjay (Thane)
If Chinese troops intrude in our territory that is crossing over the LAC and if we can prove it by GPS mapping then we can apprehend them and keep them ubder arrest and Chinese will have to get them released through diplomatic channels and India could hold their hands and ask for better behaviour next time and if we cannot prove that officially then no one will take us seriously leave alone we ourselves. Either we are over reporting the situation at the the borders or we are just complaining without a recourse.






Brown American (USA)
Modi is a timid PM.


amit shrivastava (Unknown) replies to Brown American
And on what basis do you say that….?? your so strong govt bent down on its stomach and invited him to US, and was just so eager to accept or Republic day invite. When was the last time you an American at Republic day?




Balkrishna Panday (Noida)
The Chinese keep on testing waters. They have to find a weak point where the Indian control may be lose and they shall commit a theft of the territory to say, our OCCUPIED.



Chennaiwala (Chennai)
Why did China Give up the Captured Area in 1962 to claim them now?



Dhiraj D (Unknown)
Don’t Worry anything Made in China don’t last more than a Week



Mahesh Kuthuru ()
If someone shoots bullet at India, Lets fire back with Missiles. No More Nonsense



Mahesh Kuthuru ()
Lets carpet bomb and eliminate any intruders into Indian Territory.


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  7. Chennaiwala (Chennai)Chinese Public feel that India is a bigger Threat to China than USA. India must try harder to remove that perception.中国民众认为印度是比美国更大的威胁。印度务必努力消除这一看法。==========================================================即使真有,也被你的话消除了

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  10. Brown American (USA)Promise to invest $20B has made Modi timid and pliant.中国承诺对印度投资200亿美元,让莫迪变得胆小顺从了那是..乞丐面对债主,是一定要俯首帖耳的…….

  11. Brown American (USA)Modi is a timid PM.莫迪是胆小的总理amit shrivastava (Unknown) replies to Brown AmericanAnd on what basis do you say that….?? your so strong govt bent down on its stomach and invited him to US, and was just so eager to accept or Republic day invite. When was the last time you an American at Republic day?你说话的依据呢?你们如此强大的政府屈尊到趴在地上,邀请莫迪访问美国,急于接受印度邀请你们出席共和国日阅兵。 在偶们强大的淫度屎滩面前美国已经是昔日黄花、成为过去式了 山姆大叔小心喽 再不听话当心偶们阿三的口水群灭了你们

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  17. 把他们踢出去。可恶的蟑螂吃货恬不知耻——————————————————————妈的,就像一个黑鬼笑黄种人“黑”:恬不知耻,在印度人面前,中国人还真是自叹不如。

  18. 中国民众认为印度是比美国更大的威胁。印度务必努力消除这一看法。——————————————————————————————恬不知耻,在这里。印度阿三也太看得起自己了。哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

  19. 我本该说把联合国叫来的。但是如果他们进入我方领土,那就击毙他们,直接摆脱那些共*产害虫——————————————————————————————————————对,把联合国的五常之一的中国叫来。恬不知耻,又在这里。妈的,那是中国的领土,强盗强占别人的东西,然后,那是我的。你开枪试试啊!

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