巴基斯坦防务论坛帖子,继上一个季度日本经济缩水1.9%之后,日本经济自7月份到9月份又缩水了0.4%。公共需求上升和净出口并不足以弥补个人消费的下滑。私人需求下降百分之0.9,减去0.7个百分点的增长。私人消费,约占 经济总量的百分之60,仅增长百分之0.4,标志着日本的消费税在4月从百分之5增加到百分之8的政策,继续产生负面影响。住房投资下降了百分之6.1, 资本支出下降百分之0.2。私人存货的消极影响也在GDP下降的另一个重要因素。

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Japan GDP Unexpectedly Shrinks in Q3


Japanese economy shrank 0.4 percent from Julyto September, after a 1.9 percent contraction in the previous quarter. Rise inpublic demand and net exports were not enough to offset a decline in privatedemand.


Private demand declined 0.9 percentsubtracting 0.7 percentage point from the growth. Private consumption, whichaccounts for about 60 percent of the economy, rose only 0.4 percent, a signthat an increase in Japan'ssales tax to 8 percent from 5 percent in April continued to take a toll.Housing investment decreased 6.1 percent while capital spending dropped 0.2percent. The negative contribution from private inventory was also anothermajor factor in GDP decline.


Public demand increased 0.7 percent and added0.2 percent to the growth. Government consumption and public investment grew0.3 and 2.2 percent respectively. Externaldemand added 0.1 percentage point to the growth as gains in exports (+1.3percent) were higher than in imports (+0.8 percent).


The third quarter gross domestic productfigure translated into an annualised contraction of 1.9 percent. Today's weaker than expected numbers are likely toforce Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to rule out a promised consumption tax rise andcall Lower House elections two years ahead of schedule.



Funny, just in 2 years ago, so many stoogesclaimed that China was goingto crash after this economic tension with Japan.


Haha I remember thatas well. Wheneverthey are selling some big doom and gloom story about China, then usually we do reallywell ourselves.


Like i said, where have they all gone hiding? Once again China'srise is inevitable, those morons thought our factory workers would be out of work, the country will crumble.


Wouldn'tit be hilarious if some of the biggest "China collapse" story peddlerswere false flaggers actually on the Chinese government payroll? Not only wouldthey be making certain Westerners complacent with their constant stream of"Chinaweak!" stories, they'd be ripping them off for tons of money too. file:///C:/Users/ADMINI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtml1/01/clip_image002.gif



Thanks to Abe, our GDP will become at least 5times as large as Japan'sby 2020.
And hopefully their people will still vote forhim.


Gordon Chang is undoubtedly a brilliantbusiness person. He hates Chinabut he also knows that his audience does as well. So he writes what they wantto hear and charges them handsomely for it. Never mind that he's beenconsistently wrong on Chinafor decades. His audience doesn't care about that. They want the "China doom andgloom" to keep coming because it makes them feel less scared about a worldthat's changing around them. This kind of complacency actually benefits Chinaand hastens the demise of the very world that those types of Westerners want tobe told is still thriving.

Gordon Chang(章家敦!?)毫无疑问是一个聪明的商人,他讨厌中国但是知道他的观众喜欢什么,因此他写他的听众喜欢听到的并且聪明的从他们手里赚钱。不必介意他对中国持续数十年的错误,他的听众不在乎这些。他们希望继续听到中国就快完蛋的声音,这样一来就可以使他们较少的对正在改变中的世界格局有所恐惧。这种自满实际上有利于中国,并且加速当今格局的改变,即便那些西方人依旧认为当前的西方国家和以其为主导的世界格局依然是繁荣的

Perhaps the GDP went down due to unnecessary, war mongering by Japan andthreatening Russia.Not to mention throwing away 30 billion dollars into India again not neededspecially since Japanese economy needed that money locally

Because how else can you explain it, world isdoing well , people are buying cars and buying Sony Playstations and people arewatching Japanese anime and buying bulk load stuff from Japan

Quite shocking considering so many peoplebuying Toyota / Honda and other stuff
Japan really should have stayed neutral memberin world


$30 billion is over a period of 5 years i.e $6 billion every year. and yes $6 billion for next years is going to havesignificant impact on Japanese economy which has $1.2 trillion in forex and$4.7 trilion GDP


Abe is a total fool. Rather than antagonize Chinaat a time where Japan iseconomically and strategically weakening, he should have worked more closelywith China.The island dispute was the last thing Chinaor Japanneeded. The dispute should have stayed on the back burner but no, nationalisticAbe and his cronies had to push the issue (rather than smoothing things outafter Ishihara started the whole mess) and now look at where we are.

China has wrung concessions from Japan about the Islandsbeing in "dispute", established an ADIZ, and sent so many patrolvessels to the island that their presence is more or less accepted. All at atime when Japanis economically vulnerable due to the dismal failure of Abenomics. And thepeople of both China and Japan havenever held such low opinions of one another in recent years. This was alltotally unnecessary.

IMO, the quicker Abe is drummed out of office,the quicker Chinese/Japanese relations can be put on a more positivetrajectory.

安培真是个彻彻底底的蠢蛋,与其在日本的经济和战略上的弱化的情况下和中国对抗,他倒不如和中国走的更近一些。岛屿争端是中日之前最后解决的事情。这个争议应该被搁置,但他没有。民族主义的安倍和他的亲信把这个问题推到了风口浪尖之上(在石原把这件事情搞糟之后并没有采取平息矛盾的手段),就成了现在这个样子 中国在岛屿争端上已经使日本做出让步,建立了防空识别区,并且发出了大量的巡逻船去那个岛上使得中国在岛上的存在感或多或少的被熟知。安倍经济学沮丧的失败使得日本在经济上变得脆弱。而且在最近几年,从来没有中国和日本的人民一起对这样一位首相持有大量的负面意见。这完全是没有必要的。在我看来,安倍下台的越快,中日关系也就能越快置于到更加积极的发展轨道上去。


As I've mentioned before, the Japanese people are diligent andhardworking. But their government ...sometimes their government spends moneylike a drunken sailor. The peoples money, that is.



Idon't even know why Abe wants to raise taxes yet again. Currently, its not inthe best interest to be raising taxes as this will hurt consumer spending.


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