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《印度时报》11日报道,位于印度北方邦(Uttar Pradesh)的国立阿里格尔穆斯林大学(Aligarh Muslim University)以空间不足为由,禁止大学部女生进入校内主图书馆“阿萨德图书馆”(Maulana Azad Library)。副校长说,女生进入会吸引4倍男生。女子大学部成立于1906年,阿萨德图书馆还要晚几十年。主图书馆建成后,大学部女生却不被允许进入。校方这项行之多年的政策让上任不久的人力资源发展部部长史莫瑞提(SmritiIrani)十分气愤,直指校方僵化规定违反人权。副校长夏哈(Zameeruddin Shah)说,“若同意女生进入,会吸引为数4倍男生进入”。他强调,图书馆总被挤得水泄不通,“连男生也没地方坐”。

外文标题:Girls in AMU library will ‘attract’ boys: VC


ALIGARH: Turning down the demand of students of Women’s College, Aligarh Muslim University, for access to the varsity’s Maulana Azad Library, vice-chancellor Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah has said there would be “four times more boys” in the library if girls were allowed in.

“The issue is not of discipline, but of space. Our library is packed,” the VC said, justifying why the girls were not allowed membership.

Women’s College principal Naima Gulrez, echoed the VC’s views. Addressing the audience on Monday during the oath-taking ceremony of the new students’ union, she said, “We understand the demand for access to the library. But have you girls ever seen the library? It is jam-packed with boys. If girls too were to be present in it, the discipline issue might crop up.”

Students of the Women’s College are not allowed membership of the Maulana Azad Library, reportedly better stocked than the Women’s College library. Several previous students’ unions, too, had demanded access to the famed Maulana Azad Library, located within AMU and 3 km from the Women’s College.

Gulfiza Khan, president of the Women’s College students’ union, said, “We are students of Aligarh Muslim University. We, too, should have the benefit of accessing the famous Maulana Azad Library. The library in the Women’s College is not enough. If space is a problem, we can just issue books and not sit in the library.”

She asserted that access to a good library was necessary for the all-round development of students, without discrimination between boys and girls.

Khan also mentioned other demands, including a visitor’s room, proper classrooms, clean drinking water, availability of ambulance and doctor on campus, coaching for the civil services and hygiene.

Vice-president of the union, Noorain Batool, and secretary Afra Khanam also emphasized the need for access to the Maulana Azad Library.

The Women’s College was established in 1906 and the Maulana Azad Library was set up decades later. Students of the Women’s College were never given membership of the library, which can seat 1,300 readers at a time. The library also has 12 seats reserved for women students of AMU.

Librarian Amjad Ali of the Maulana Azad Library said, “If the Women’s College library demands books, we send them instantly. The purpose is solved without the students coming here.”

Shadab Bano, assistant professor of History at the Women’s College, said, “The discipline issue can be tackled only if women are not in a minority in the library, which is usually packed with male students. And also, it is the responsibility of the university to assure the safety and protection of women.”

In a blog on a TV news channel, an alumna of the Women’s College had written in 2011: “The first time I stepped into the Maulana Azad Library, I was awed by its grandeur. More than that, I felt frustration at not being able to reach out to those shelves, browse through books and borrow a tiny bit of that wealth. It is time that the university stops infantilizing and discriminating against its female students, and starts treating them with equal dignity and respect.”

Another Women’s College alumna, Aliya Khan, now pursuing post-graduation in AMU, expressed surprise on being told what had happened during the day. “The problem is still the same. In my time in 2010, the teachers told us that we will issue books for you in our name, so you will not have to go there.”

Times View

It is really quite retrograde that girls should be disallowed from using the general library at a university on the grounds that their presence will lead to undue attention from male students. This logic is of a piece with the argument that women should not wear ‘provocative’ clothes if they do not want to be molested or raped. If the fear is that male students will behave in an unseemly fashion, why should girls be denied access to the best library? We hope that better sense will prevail and the vice-chancellor will realise that such a ban is not keeping with modern values.

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《印度时报》11日报道,位于印度北方邦(Uttar Pradesh)的国立阿里格尔穆斯林大学(Aligarh Muslim University)以空间不足为由,禁止大学部女生进入校内主图书馆“阿萨德图书馆”(Maulana Azad Library)。副校长说,女生进入会吸引4倍男生。



副校长夏哈(Zameeruddin Shah)说,“若同意女生进入,会吸引为数4倍男生进入”。他强调,图书馆总被挤得水泄不通,“连男生也没地方坐”。

报道称,该大学被视为印度最好大学之一。校方允许研究生使用1300个座位的阿萨德图书馆,其中女生有12个座位,而且禁止2500名大学部女生进入。夏哈说,校内女子学院(Women’s College)也有图书馆,藏书虽不丰,但她们可以使用。

大学部校长Naima Gulrez也同意副校长的观点,她11月10日回应说:“我们理解学生对图书馆的需求。但你们女生是否看到了图书馆的样子呢?那里挤满了男生。如果女生能够出现在那里,纪律就会成为一个大问题。”

这政策令女生十分恼火。该女子学院的学生会主席Gulfiza Khan说:“我们是阿里格尔穆斯林大学的学生。我们也应该有权利进入著名的阿萨德图书馆。我们学校的图书馆不够用。如果问题出在空间上,我们可以只借书,不坐在里面。”


阿萨德图书馆管理员Amjad Ali 说:“如果这个女子学院需要图书,我们可以马上给她们送过去。这样一来,学生不必来这里问题就解决了。”

虽官方众口一词说因空间不足,但印度有媒体报道称是为了保护女生安全、因为图书馆里挤满了“饥渴的男学生”。阿里格尔穆斯林大学历史系助理教授Shadab Bano说:“阿萨德图书馆里经常挤满了男学生,只有当图书馆里面女学生多起来时,这一问题才能得到解决。另一方面,大学有责任确保女学生的安全并保护她们。”




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The Common Crow ()
Sir, young girls anywhere would attract young boys.. its the law of nature!! Does not mean you stop them from accessing the library 🙂


并不意味着你就要阻止女生进入图书馆 🙂


Appurva Nadgir (Unknown)
The issue has hogged the headlines in the Indian leading newspapers. Where there is flower, there are bees. Girls’ demand to access the library is their rights. But, boys, on the other hand side, should help the girl students to access the library and make room for them, instead of crowding into it. Boy students should not do such a thing as could pave the way for the management to deny the girls access to the library.




thomas cheenath (India)
not only in AMU library, but everywhere the girls will attract boys… it is for the multiplication of mankind…. if the authorities wish to separate them, try shift timings for boys and girls separately




jakku71 (USA)
I cannot believe this is happening in this day and age. This is clear discrimination against women. Cant the girls sue the university for that?



manasranjan rout (Bhubaneswar)
We are students of Aligarh Muslim University. We, too, should have the benefit of accessing the famous Maulana Azad Library. The library in the Women’s College is not enough. If space is a problem, we can just issue books and not sit in the library.”



Sandy (Pune)
I really cannot understand why the natural solution to overcrowding is to keep girls out



ragu binding (mumbai)
solution is simple. expand the library



replies to ragu binding
why don’t they provide difference timings for girls and boys. That should sort out the problem \


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