三泰虎9月25日译文,据两位熟悉塔塔集团计划的消息人士,塔塔集团计划大举进入印度电子商务领域,采用让阿里巴巴获得巨大成功的市场模式,而阿里巴巴刚刚在美国缔造了创纪录的IPO。目前,国内的Flipkart、亚马逊印度业务和Snapdeal也在模仿这一模式。这一计划由塔塔工业公司领导,该公司是塔塔之子的全资子公司,负责带领集团进入新的商业,而非由现有的零售部门负责,其中一位消息人士如是说。这位消息人士说, “塔塔工业培育新的企业,正如其率领塔塔进入汽车零部件和电信业。这些企业由各自部门推动。”塔塔之子的一位发言人表示,集团在关注该国的电子商务行业, 但并没有详细说明计划。“简单地说就是,电子商务成为了塔塔集团的兴趣所在。我们将在合适时刻分享更多信息。”

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外文标题:Inspired by Alibaba and its Indian clones, Tata Group to get into e-commerce space


NEW DELHI: The Tata Group plans a bigbang entry into the Indian ecommerce space with the marketplace model that has been made immensely successful by Alibaba — which just made a record initial public offering in the US — and has also been emulated domestically by Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal, according to two people familiar with Tata Group's plans.

The initiative will be led by Tata Industries Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Tata Sons that shepherds the group's entry into new businesses, and not by its existing retail units, said one of the persons.




"Tata Industries incubates new businesses as they have done with Tata's entry into auto components and telecom ventures," said the person, who didn't want to be named. "Then such businesses are taken forward by their respective units." A Tata Sons spokesperson said the group is eyeing the country's ecommerce business but did not elaborate on plans. "Suffice it to say that ecommerce is of interest to the Tata Group. We will share more information at the appropriate moment," the person said.


To be sure, Tata already operates an ecommerce site for its consumer electronics business Croma, but the marketplace model will allow any vendor to sell on the platform, similar to what Amazon or Flipkart do in India. Ecommerce marketplaces make money by charging fee or commission from merchants using them.

Tata is modeling its business on Tmall.com, the Alibaba Group's marketplace, said the second person cited above. This, along with twin B2C marketplace Taobao.com, generated about $248 billion in gross merchandise sales last year for the Chinese company, more than that of Amazon.com and eBay put together.




The yet-to-be-named marketplace is planned to be rolled out next year and will initially showcase Tata's existing retail chain brands such as Westside, Croma and Star Bazaar. Tata is also working to rope in joint venture partner Zara, which otherwise sells online only through its own sites globally, to sell on the platform, the person added.

Tata has already started the process of hiring people as well enrolling vendors for its marketplace, the person said.

这一尚未命名的“商场”计划明年推出,最初将展示Westside、Croma和Star Bazaar等现有零售连锁品牌。此外,塔塔将拉拢合资伙伴Zara在其平台上开店。目前,Zara仅在自己网站上行销。



India's ecommerce market has been red-hot in recent years with market leader Flipkart clocking a valuation of $7 billion in a July funding round when it raised $1 billion from a clutch of existing investors. A day later, Amazon announced plans to invest $2 billion in India.

India's online retail business is expected to surge to between $19 billion and 38 billion, from about $2.3 billion in annual sales now, according to consultancy firm Technopak Advisors.


据顾问公司Technopak Advisors,印度网络零售业有望从目前大约23亿美元的年销售额,激增至190亿美元到380亿美元之间。

Enticed by the potential, several Indian companies, including Reliance Industries, are planning online retailing forays. Tata has a sizeable presence in real-world retail, which includes high-profile JVs with Britain's Tesco, Spain's Zara and No. 1 coffee chain Starbucks. Interestingly, Ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of Tata Sons, has invested personally in Snapdeal and online jewellery retailer Bluestone in recent months.

在这一潜力的吸引下,包括信实工业在内的几家印度公司,计划进军网上零售业。目前,塔塔在线下零售市场拥有强大存在。有趣的是,塔塔之子的名誉主席Ratan Tata,最近几个月个人投资了Snapdeal和网上珠宝零售商Bluestone。


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satya (bikaner)

Tata;s entry will be beneficial to customers. Their business ethics is not looting.


K.K. Nair (Kuwait)

There is room for more big players on e-commerce platform which is on nascent stage in India. It will be wonderful to see TATAs too there, so that one could deal without any hesitation, as in their other businesses.


Mukesh (Unknown)
Ecommerce marketplaces make money by charging fee or commission from merchants using them


Vishwa Kumar MC (Bengaluru)

Good move from Tata, hope they succeed in this.


Manish Bhatt (New Delhi, India)
Is Tata making a late entry? Hope they again deliver a global brand.


Brig Rajendar Kumar (Gurgaon)
TATA has very good reputation and work ethics to quickly occupy the e commerce space in the World.


Gs Rajput (Agra)
Tata group will do this with style. The most respectable company of Asia...........


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