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印度高铁同城化:从苏拉特到孟买仅需58分钟。三泰虎9月11日译文,孟买到艾哈迈达巴德 的高铁走廊被注入了新鲜的活力。日本国际协力机构(JICA)的一个研究组织上周参观了苏拉特。结果表明高铁将选择单独的专用走廊,苏拉特将新建一座综合 性的火车站,并采取商业化管理。一旦高铁在未来7年内完工,仅花58分钟从孟买到艾哈迈达巴德是可能的。

译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com
外文标题:Surat-Mumbai travel to take 58 minutes by bullet train


SURAT: A fresh energy has been infused into the high speed rail (HSR) corridor project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. A study group belonging to Japan International Cooperation (JICA), a Japanese government institution, visited the city last week. It indicated that HSR will be a separate dedicated corridor and that Surat city would have a new integrated railway station complex that would be managed on a commercial basis. Once the HSR is built in the next seven years, it would be possible for a bullet train to cover the distance between Mumbai and Ahmedabad in 58 minutes flat.



The HSR or bullet train project started in 2009. However, not much work was done in the past five years. The project has gathered speed after the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Japan.

Municipal commissioner Milind Torwane met the two-member JICA team comprising Shingi Kakinaka and Gaurav Kohli. Torwane told TOI, “The traditional rail route has many bends. In contrast, the new high speed rail corridor would be a straight line with tunnels at several places along the route.”


苏拉特市长Milind Torwane会见了日本国际协力机构团队的两个成员Shingi Kakinaka和Gaurav Kohli。Torwane对《印度时报》说,“传统线路的弯道太多。比较起来,新的高铁走廊将是一条笔直的线路,沿线有几处隧道。”


The JICA in its project outline paper of September 2014 says that it would take exactly 58 minutes to cover a distance of 266.3km between Mumbai to Surat. The distance of 500.6 km between Mumbai and Ahmedabad would be covered in 1.59 hour and 398.3km between Mumbai and Vadodara in 1.32 hour, the paper says.



The group has recommended that Surat HSR station be built at a new location because of the expanding urban area while drawing up separate plans for Surat, Sabarmati and Ahmedabad HSR railway stations. Surat HSR complex would be an integrated complex having a hotel, a couple of restaurants and shopping complexes. The HSR station could come up near Kamrej on National Highway No 8, sources said.


“The group is also carrying out economic study of the region with possible traffic on the HSR route,” said an official of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC).



译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014091103.html

PatrioticIndian (India)
Report says 7 years to complete this project . Govt should give 3.5 years time to finish this project at faster phase with more man power..!


JKris Sehgal (Pune)
One ticket from Mumbai to Ahm will cost Rs 5000 . How many can afford ? Mainly the Share Brokers.


Sri Ra (India)
Why dont these clowns first run the present set up properly first. How about running the trains on time,with good maintenance and cleanliness, before embarking on such projects.


PatrioticIndian (India) replies to Sri Ra
That work is already taken up..you will see those changes in couple of years..once the tracks are laid properly , to increase the speed of the trains to 200 kmph..!


Being Indian (Unknown)
running at that speed … would be a challenge


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  1. 千万别升级现有铁路啊,我还没尝试过扒火车的快感,等我旅游过了先。印度高铁炒的这么热,即便500公里修好,也2020年了吧,一条线路对经济的作用有限的很那。

  2. 仔细看了下图片,印度不是缺高铁,缺的是火车站的围墙,你看逃票的那么多,便宜火车都逃票,高铁还咋运营,不亏死才怪。会车顶上坐那么多人,不怕掉下来摔死?这样也行?管理那么差,搞个屁啊。

  3. PatrioticIndian (India)Report says 7 years to complete this project . Govt should give 3.5 years time to finish this project at faster phase with more man power..!报道说7年内完工。政府应该多增加人力,加快速度,争取在3年半内完工冒充天顶星人有劲吗。。。

  4. Roushon (Mumbai)And if the Maoist remove a fish plate you reach the moon in no time!Agree (3)Disagree (0)Recommend (1)要是毛派拆掉那么一块鱼尾板,你就立马到月球去了!【三泰虎注:鱼尾板(轨道接头夹板)俗称道夹板,在轨道接头处起连接作用。分为轻轨、重轨和超重轨。鱼尾板是一种用于轨道与轨道之间连接使用的连接紧固件】不拆就不去了吗。。。搞笑。。。

  5. Gentleman replies to Gand Phutti BappaThese are world class bullet trains. Poor American Hillbillies meanwhile will continue to travel by Amtrak and Greyhound高铁是世界级的。可怜的美国乡巴佬将继续乘坐美国铁路的破火车。Maxx (california) replies to GentlemanFirst you go to build it and then you can comment about the hillbillies . By the time your bullet train starts running, the hillbillies will be flying in their own jets !!!$先建好高铁,再来评论那些乡巴佬吧。等你们高铁开始运行了,那些乡巴佬已经乘坐私人飞机了!三哥不知道人家早就有飞机社区了。。。

  6. pjoe (Location)266.3km HSR in next seven years…a distant possibility!!!未来7年建266.3公里高铁,根本就不可能!哎。。。神马情况啊。。。三哥还能干点儿事儿不。。。

  7. Lucky Q (Location)why not built it on the sea, mumbai to gujarat, no obstacles in the way, thus can expand further south side, mumbai to goa and so on….Agree (0)Disagree (2)Recommend (0)为什么不把高铁建在海上,畅通无阻,没有任何障碍。然后进一步延伸到南方,从孟买到果阿邦等…。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

  8. BHARAT BHARTIA (india)Indians seek world class infrastructure and Modi can make it available !印度人在追求世界级的基础设施,莫迪能够让其成为可能的!真的吗。。。真的真的吗。。。嗯。。。好吧。。。就当真的听好了。。。

  9. 嗯,这篇报道和评论最符合印度特色,久违啦!看到席地而睡和外挂车外的三哥真的让人赏心悦目,这才是最真实的三哥,原汁原味的散漫无序而又震憾的忙碌着,远远的看去倍感亲切,他们幸福自傲地皿煮的活着。你见过非洲的—–?它为人类提供了生命的起源和变迁的新线索,从不同视角解析不一样的世界。

  10. 七年建266公里就不可能了 中国从2005年开建高铁到现在十年建一万一千公里 平均每年一千公里以上 像阿三这样磨洋工什么时候能把新式的铁路网建立起来

  11. 高铁是世界级的。可怜的美国乡巴佬将继续乘坐美国铁路的破火车。——————————————三哥的自豪感世界无敌!!09年项目启动,到现在5年过去了,也就冒了个泡。工期也是世界级的超长。

  12. 高铁是一种中级的交通工具、现在印度是全面的糟糕、连火车都搞不好、还不控制好人口、即使建了高铁也无办法改变印度的状况、根据印度人现在的思维、要改变印度人的思想、跟进到我们大陆人的思维、最起码要50年、也就是两代人、我们国家60岁的人的思维跟20岁的思维已经是完全不同了、我们改变思维用了30年、印度这么多穷人、即使有好的教育也需要50年、搞不好、100年也难说、

  13. Gentleman replies to Gand Phutti BappaThese are world class bullet trains. Poor American Hillbillies meanwhile will continue to travel by Amtrak and Greyhound高铁是世界级的。可怜的美国乡巴佬将继续乘坐美国铁路的破火车今天三泰虎更新的几篇都喜感十足啊,谢谢了!!!

  14. 我用亲身经历来说话,孟买到巴罗达(原文翻译瓦尔道拉),目前火车六个半小时,巴罗达到艾哈迈达巴德是两个小时。如果高铁从孟买到艾哈迈达巴德真的只要一个半小时,那真的是从爬到飞了。但是估计大多数印度人都乘坐不起吧。孟买到巴罗达的sleeper票价在250卢比左右,而1A要1500多卢比,3A是700左右,上面三个等级我乘坐过,票价印象比较深,估计最便宜的second sitting大概只要150左右–很多印度人会选择乘坐这个等级。要找日本人来修高铁的话,票价只会比中国高吧,只是少数有钱人才能坐得起了,不会像在中国这样平民化。