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外文标题:Xiaomi plans R&D centre in India, Bangalore may host local centre for ‘Apple of China’


NEW DELHI: Xiaomi, China’s largest handset maker which has created a stir with its flash sales strategy, has identified India as a key market and said it plans to set up an R&D and design centre in Bangalore that will focus on customising devices for local consumers.


“In the next 12 months, we want to have built a significant presence here,” Hugo Barra, vice-president for international operations at Xiaomi, told ET. “We want to have an R&D centre with an actual engineering team with designers, product managers and software engineers, who will build features for the Indian market within India, not just localise features.” Barra, 37, joined Xiaomi in 2013 after a five-year stint at Google, including some time at its Android unit.



Since joining Xiaomi in 2013, Barra has spearheaded the Chinese company’s successful expansion into international markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and now India. The company, founded in 2010 by eight partners, now plans to enter Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.


Xiaomi has so far sold 95,000 Mi3 smartphones, priced at Rs13,999, through six flashes sales within a month via ecommerce site Flipkart. It has been criticised for bringing in supplies at a tenth of the demand, leaving thousands of potential buyers miffed.

迄今为止, 小米在一个月内通过电商Flipkart进行了6次限时抢购,总共售出了95000部价格为13999卢比的米3智能机。人们批评称,小米的供货只能满足十分之一的需求,使得数以千计潜在购买者有点恼火。


译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014082801.html

cost will reduce


Sai Krishna (Hyderabad)
welcome to banglore


Vijayan (Delhi)
thats good .. quality phones without having to pay exorbitant prices that some other companies demand … well done


Vivz VSK (Mumbai)
nice. tough competition to samsung and apple


Nadeem Khan (Dusseldorf)
Bangalore is already filled with companies. Why cant it be Pune or Chennai or any other city in the North.


vara (Tokyo)

Mysore is the best place for Xiomi DC.
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To The Point (not posted)
Good for the business of Xiaomi. Time for Asian countries to become super powers of the world. Indian Industry should be on the rise, soon


Swarnim Bharat (Bharat)
Chinese buying apple and Indian buying Xiaomi 🙂
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中国人买苹果,印度人买小米 🙂

checktoday S (Mumbai) replies to Swarnim Bharat
Well said.


Santosh More (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)
One Side everyone shouting to Ban chinese products but other side most of the people buying heavily chinese products At least we can do is to stop buying products which we can avoid, like some products we don’t have option but have some options on other products


sushil (in)
I hate China brands


brahmdeo.singh85 singh (Ranchi, India)
China seems to out pass all countries in every field despite hostility from all sides. This country has truly achieved world power status in every field by seer hard work and commitment.



Stop buying these chinese products, they are killing indian economy. One end they are breaching the Indian Borders and we fool indians are supporting them. Stop them before Dragon swallow us.
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Natasha (Mumbai) replies to YASH THAKAR
even if u take sanyas and go on the mountain to stay… still there wont be a possibility that u can miss something thats made in china or made by china. so be real & talk sense.


ajay (mumbai)
i like indian crowd..they will hate china for its development but wil buy their mobile madly


Saurabh Shekhar (Hyderabad)

As long as the product is good and durable, one should not have a problem with the brand. I am sure these phones frm Xiaomi are well built and will last long. Apple is not for everyone.


Ramanathapura Narahari (India)
Good win-win situation? Job opportunities, competitive price, Chinese Products!
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Umesh Rai (Noida)
Great move. If they starts R&D and manufacturing plant in India, then phone will be even more cheaper.


Lakshminarayanan Srinivasan (GUJARAT)
Welcome Xioami to India. Why dont you start to do chip designs also in India which has lots of capabilities in this direction.


KKP Pareek (NCR)
I have seen CEOs flaunting the phone and others lining up for registration for purchase. Finally Chinese is not “cheap”.


  1. “即便你跑到深山里去住,你也躲不过中国货。现实点!” 三哥面对现实吧。我们刚打开国门时也一样,而且面对的是不平等竞争,外企有很多优惠。

  2. 小米有个屁研发,小米有个屁芯片啊,小米的研发就是几个人坐一堆研究着怎么把倒腾来的零件攒一块了,如果真有研发请研发左手习惯,谢谢。

  3. 加油小米真心蛮强悍的,我买了苹果我后悔了,蛮多功能我用不上,感觉苹果也不是那么好,下次买小米,加油。

  4. 印度这些发帖子的 都是些高种性的宅男 比例占的很少 如果是印度的民众精英 一般感兴趣会回复的都是政治性 经济性强的帖子 这些宅男们的言论根本既不能代表民意 看着当个娱乐就好了 就和网易里面的坛友差不多

  5. 小米总是以低价策略第一时间在各国业界亮相,然后其他更低价厂商蜂拥跟进,要不了几年,手机行业的利润就会被层层剥削,以后的日子对苹果及三星来说日子会不好过啊—

  6. 我用小米好几年了,一点毛病没有,现在挺烦燥,想换个手机都不行。好几次从桌上掉下去,暗自高兴,我终于可以买新手机了,结果,它依然好好的。

  7. 小米价格适合印度的购买能力,抢购一空就不奇怪啦,这只是私人个体购买力,而在高铁引进上,三哥似乎不好懂精打细算,一切由意识形态决定,相信他们花了大价钱以及后续仍需高价购买日本零部件和维护费用后,才会清醒的体会到中国高铁其实最适合印度的购买力,让他们交足学费后再吸取所谓全天候盟友的教训吧!!

    • 高铁又不是只建一条,就算第一条几十公里的高铁让新干线拿去,只要三哥的高铁计划没有搁浅,后期三哥肯定吃不消成本会主动来找中国的。