三泰虎8月20日译文,据报道,北德里市政公司决定对在公众场所乱扔垃圾的公民予以惩罚,罚款介于100卢比至500卢比之间。“我们将会在街道和公众场所部署监督人员。任何被抓到乱扔垃圾的人将会收到罚单,罚款将会存入市政公司。”北德里市长Yogender Chandolia说道。此举是为期100天的旨在即将到来的节日期间保持城市整洁的计划的一部分。宠物若被发现在公众场所排便,那么主人将会被罚款500卢比。然而,该计划能够得到多么严肃实施还有待观察,因为过去的类似提案未能取得好的结果。

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外文标题:Pay a fine for littering, urinating in public in Delhi


NEW DELHI: The north Delhi municipal corporation has decided to penalize citizens throwing trash in public places with fines ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 500.

"We will deploy people on the streets and in public places. Anyone caught littering will be issued a penalty receipt and the fine money deposited with the corporation," said Yogender Chandolia, north Delhi mayor.


“我们将会在街道和公众场所部署监督人员。任何被抓到乱扔垃圾的人将会收到罚单,罚款将会存入市政公司。”北德里市长Yogender Chandolia说道。

The step is part of a 100-day drive on 'sanitation-cum-cleanliness aimed at keeping the city clean during the coming festive season.

The civic body said owners of pets found defecating in public places would be fined Rs 500. It, however, remains to be seen how seriously the drive is implemented because similar proposals in the past failed to take off.



North Delhi mayor Yogender Chandolia said the civic body had instructed its sanitation staff to keep a tight vigil on littering. "They have been told to penalize people for urinating and spitting in public as well," he said.

北德里市长Yogender Chandolia表示,这家民间机构已经指示环卫职工密切监督乱扔垃圾的现象。“他们被告知惩罚在公众场所随地小便和乱吐痰的人。”他说道。


Sarit Baran Tarafdar (Vadodara)
That will bring in change for sure.....


sonali choudhary (India)
Good Initiative, even if it will not work 100% we can still control it 50%.


Vishnu (Akola)
We, the public, have to start changing our attitude towards cleanliness of our surrounding & `help' the corporation to maintain it. The fine may not deter people much, but let the things be implemented.


This law should have implemented long before. I hate pan masala eaters.


Parameswaran Sreedhar (Thrissur)
In Trichur, Kerala, this has been already implemented. One of my neighbor who went to dump kitchen waste last month, was arrested by the police at 8.30 pm after the corporation employees alerted the police. Here the fine is between Rs. 3,000/- and Rs. 5,000/-. But fining the public is not the ultimate solution; the Civic bodies should find alternate waste disposal solutions and implement them at the earliest.
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KKM ABCD (n) replies to Parameswaran Sreedhar
I wish you can repost this so that every understand better


ranjit mathew ()
they should have fined more....let's see how this works.


alpykainakary (dubai)
public awareness is needed to implement this. in india, i dont think it is possible in the near future.
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alpykainakary (dubai)
will it work?


Vishal Singh (Unknown)
It's a good move but I think government should be some more inventive like fining could be a problem for those who are poor but for those so called educated and affluent people it will not impact. They are the one who cribs that our country is extremely dirty no civic bodies are working properly but we are the one who drops the waste from our car on moving roads litters the empty packet and bottles on the pedestrian's way and put the garbage outside the house on road who cares for others. It would be better to put the offender on cleaning the roads when they are found doing so this will be more effective than fining. Make a video and upload it on the social websites than they will feel what kind of humiliation ........ If some visitors from other state or foreigners hwo they feel about us when they see us doing all this nonsense in our locality.



Saket Aggarwal ()
Very good thought it should prove rite


A P Singh (Planet Earth)
Good initiative. Unless and until people don't understand the importance of cleanliness, it will keep on going, you can't have police or law enforcement team patrolling the streets.


Great initiative for cleanliness. But implementation amongst rude and arrogant citizens will be a real problem.


panp ()
Slapping the fines or penalties to offenders meant to be the last resort for administration. Find out and tackle the root causes for these offences.


Kal (Bangalore)
Make sure fine are collected, it should not go into the pockets of the inspectors. Fines collected should be spent on construction of Toilets & Recycle Bins to be placed every corner of the street.


MF (Mumbai)
This will remain on paper. In real terms, cigaratte smoking is prohibited in public places, but the ground reality is just the opposite. You will find smokers all over the place. This is just another game to extract money from the public. It will be something like this, the fine is Rs. 500, if a person is ready to pay, a challen or acknowledgement will be issued, else, the person will be asked to pay a smaller amount, which will go in the official's pocket. Corruption rules!



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