democracy a western thing... do you even know that even lord budhdha's father was a democratic elected leader of its people... we have democracy from vadic period.... so first learn and then say all shit.. you don't know a thing about indian democracy or Indians so don't use the language you used.



It is just like you do not know Chinese, in thousands about 6-7000years ago, we have serveral ancestors King, they were elected by the people.

It was in original period, people liked to elect the stongest man to lead them, they used abdicate and hand over the crown to another person to shift the King, they were called Yao, Shun, Yu, if you know Chinese History. Until a son of one king steal the King position, then it came to Slavery society, then feudal society. China has the longest Feudal Society in the world. Imperial power was very powerful just like god in our acient, the emperor was called son of Dragon. They had natural rights to rule the poeple. They occupied all the wealth of society, people's living was their gift. They forbidded and burned all the books to propagate freedom and killed the people having freedom thinking.


In your comments you use the words "junk creating nation", it is your educated words? Why your people just bought the junk products and shouted what rubbishes they are, Can I call it is making base? We do not ask you and drive you to buy, and you can buy good quality products, they are expensive, but cheaper than European products, or what is the most important, you can produce by yourselves.

You are just the person just talking Chinese government controlled the media, Chinese people know nothing, what a stupid thinking it really is!


Due to your uneducated words, I think it is no need for me to show the politeness to you. Have you come to China? Do you how the Mullims lived in China? In my town, we have a lot of "The hui autonomous village", I attended their Corban Festival many times! Do you know when a Han people fighted with Hui people, if not death happend, the Han people will be punished by police? Do you know Hui people's Child will have 10 marks awarded when college entrance examination? Do you know Hui and other nations can have many childrens but Han which has the biggest population? You have not come and lived in China, and know nothing, you just believe Youtobe and google? If so, you are just a fool.

For British, I see many comments of you, they said British saved them and brought them civilizations, do you know it?
I do not where you got your courage to show the arrogance, just as stupid as a frog in the well.




A few months back, grandfather of one of my Taiwan friend died. He was a retired General who fought for the KMT during the war, his older brother was also a KMT officer who was captured, but after the release, he married and settled in China. When the grandfather of my friend died, there were lot of people not only from Taiwan (military and Civil) but also from China (civil and ex-military) who had come for his funeral. They are based in Tainan. Being 3rd Generation Taiwanese, he was surprised to see so many people from China coming to his grandfathers funeral.


Anyway, India and China technically are neighbours and sure there are going to be small arguments, but it is interest of both the nations to address these arguments and try to correct them as they happen. Both countries are developing we are not super powers yet, China has a better economy at this point of time, but it was reached a slowdown, our economy was also reached a slowdown but that we attribute to an indecisive leadership and we are all hopeful that now is golden time of India. But that also puts China and india on collision course. Both countries have big requirements of resources and markets and the both resources and markets are limited and soon, both the countries will be at loggerheads to get more investment, fuel, business, opportunities. In China, the labour is not so cheap as it was 2 decades ago, the cost of living has risen quite high. the only way to keep labour cost low if the industry is shifted to more western China where cost of living is much lower, it is like going to a different country when compare to eastern cities like Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou etc.


About democracy, I am of the point that when a country is big and diverse as India, one cannot really have a democracy. Democracy works for smaller and more uniform sample. Democracy as I understand would fail in China considering many provinces and many different people, and languages (mandarin is main language but people have different languages and accents) and then when there are differences, there is good chance of bias. For democracy to work, the potential leaders should connect with almost every person within their area, which we know by experience in India is impossible because leaders sort of become larger than life and the only way we can see them is in posters.

there is no real perfect way for democracy, it best worked in ancient greece where population and area was small and hence everyone almost knew everyone. Now it is next to impossible to have it.





as you are aware the south China sea has potential reserves for natural gase and petroleum products, and each country wants to protect its area, China claiming the entire South China seas, almost just to leave small maritime area to the other country is taken as a ridiculous claim. Other Countries are not happy about it. China which is arming itself with new 5th Gen planes, 10 aircraft carrier on order, maybe it is to keep its defence forces in top shape, so are we, but in case of China as well as India, it does affect the neighbours. Pakistan in return is trying to spend more on defence. But unlike China, its neighbours are not spending much on defence they are not capable economically. And aggressive acts by China PLAN and PLAAF in area which is internationally reocognized as being in Vietnam, China did conduct drilling, and this is considered an act of aggression. You might be aware that recently there was uproar inVietnam against Chinese, this was due to such provocation.



I agree that China has to grow and it has to spend on defence, but when such incidents happen, and the news that China spends few hundred billion dollars on defence each year, the smaller countries in vicinity of china feel threatened. You used the example of tiger, the countries in China vicinity see themselves as sheep and china as the aggressive tiger. Their economy does not support high defence spending specially to buy weapons to counter China. No country in South east Asia wants war, when there is war the economy reduces and the cost of living rises. Which is counter economy.





I see it. I should not use that kind of example, it is not right. In fact, for the recent years, we are putting a lot of energy to help southeast asia countries to develop economy. But some countries, like Vietnam, if mentioning Vietnam, it is another story.


When Vietnam fought with America, we sent soldiers to attend the war directly, after the war, they were poor, did not have resurse to rebuild their Country, we gave them food, weapons free of charge.(At that time, we also lacked of resurce). When we broke up with Soviet Union, they thought it was a changce for them to rise, and broke with us. They provoked us, shot our soldiers, killded our people at the volleage of board. We fought with them,

when our troops came their places, we found they used our weapons we supported them before, used our rices as defense sandbags... Donot believe they wanted to help Burma at that time...

We are only aware of Vietnam, we have very friendly relationship with other countries like Thailand, Burma..




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