Hi Indians, Good morning:


Recently I know the forum of Santaihu, and often view topics here.


Usually, I pay much attention on your comments, and find some points are very interesting, so I think I should make some explanations to you for your points:


1. Democracy:


Indians and some western people are very proud of their democracy, I appreciate it. But why they trash China as an autocracy Country. I feel very strange, have they come to China ever? Have they lived in China more than 1 year??? It seems according to their points, we Chinese are living in a cage, and we cannot say anything, will be arrested by police and killed like a dog. I wonder whether those people have too much drug. They are imaging what a hell China like? Or your Medias just describe China as that? If so, I feel very angry about it, it is North Korea, not China!

印度人和一些西方国家的人对自己的皿煮非常骄傲,我很欣赏。但为什么他们认为中国是个专制国家? 我感到非常奇怪,他们来过中国吗?在中国住超过1年吗?看起来根据他们的观点,我们中国人生活在笼子里,我们不能谈论任何事情,会被经常随意逮捕并像狗一样被杀死。我想知道这些人是吸食毒品过量吗,他们想象中国像地狱一样?或者是你们的媒体就是这样描述中国的?如果是那样,我感到非常生气,那是北朝鲜,不是中国!(楼主看了那些评论确实很生气)

We are not the so called democracy country in your mouth, really, we admit. But we really have our freedom, even more than yours. Can I ask that Western's democracy is perfect to your culture to your Country to your society? Why do you worship western so much?


Because they just ruled you before? Because they are richer than you? They are your real brother? Are you sure you are not profit-relationship?


Both India and China have several thousand histories, if you accept western democracy completely, how will you dispose your traditional culture? How can you have your features? Western can affect your politics, economy very easily! They just affect your people to protest if the benefit is not suitable for them.


Democracy is good, but it may not be suitable for you completely, American, British like using democracy as a weapon to make you surrender, facing this situation, how will you do? Just surrender?

And are you really a democracy country? Why you have Indian Caste System?

Is it another democracy? As your worshiped country—America, they says they are a democracy country while others are not, what about the discrimination on colored people? What about abuse of prisoners?

Why do you think carefully using your brain?



2.Somebody calls China as Thief. I do not want to find your education; it seems you do not have. We Chinese invent:

1. Gunpowder

2. Papermaking technology

3. Compass

4. Movable-type printing,

有些人管中国叫小偷。我不想在这指责这些人的教育修养,好像(他们)也没有。我们中国人发明了:1.火药 2.造纸术3.指南针4.活字印刷术

it seems all the world are using these inventions. Are you thieves? We charged patents from you? You says Japanese laugh at us, do you know 20-30 years ago, Japanese are in the same position of us, they are laughed as a copier, bad products producer, how about now?

好像世界都在用这些发明,你们也是小偷吗? 我们收你们专利费了吗?你说日本人嘲笑我们,你们知道20-30年前,日本人和我们处于同样的位置,他们也被嘲笑为山寨者,烂产品制造者,现在呢?

Do you think you just have some very limited information then you can produce a rocket, a warship, a fighter? Why are you so naïve?

你们认为只凭有限的信息,你们就可以制造出火箭,战舰和战斗机? 为什么你们这么幼稚?

Whenever we have an achievement, somebody just jumped and shouted: they were ours! Very funny! Do you know how we have nuclear weapon in 1960ths?

无论什么时候我们有所成就,肯定有人跳出来叫喊:这些是我们的! 非常有趣,你们知道60年代我们怎么拥有的核武器吗?

Do you know how our scientists devoted their lives to this researching? Most of them live in a desert and pay all
their lives to do researching without a name.


When we had our first atomic bomb, we do not have big trucks, we used bullock-cart to do transporting, do you know it? Does your newspaper report it?


3. For Chinese products, it is a main point you are attacking the most. You think all the Chinese products are rubbishes with perfectly poor quality... Can I ask you, we have very good quality products, also with reasonable prices comparing with European or American products, why your businessmen do not import? I am as an international businessman for 5 years? I got big headache with Indian businessmen, they just like low low low low price, nothing else requires,they are same grade with Africans, so please do not complain it again. 1 penny has 1 penny's value, it is no needs us to teach you. If you do not believe, you can buy Lenovo’s PC, Gree’s AC, Hair’s Washer, and then talk here.


4. For military, I know you are very sad with the war 1962... Tell you the truth, we Chinese do not think it is a war, because 80% people do not know that war... I tell you why you failed in that war:

From 1920th, Chinese Army has fought with Japanese, KMT (they are in Taiwan now) for 40 years since 1962. Our soldiers face death every day, they can use their bodies to face tanks, fighters, even Americans were afraid of this kind of Army in Korean War, what did you think who were you at that time? That army was the strongest in the world at that time, except the weapons.


For now, it cannot compare, because now the soldiers do not like to lose lives in the war. But if being invaded, you can see the result of Vietnam...


Some of you said Vietnam won in that war, if you found why Vietnam were so sensitive and angry as you, you can understand the result.


5. For us and Japanese, you do not know why we heat Japanese so much. From 1000 years before, we had a very very very strong empire Called Tang, Japan likes Tang's culture, they sent emissaries to learn our cultures, economy, politics even the Chinese Characters, that is why Japan is very similar with China. They were our dependent country from Tang
to Qing.


In Qing dynasty, the government was crazy corrupt, and we were invaded by Europeans and Japanese. The failure will accept the punishment, we know it very much. But do you know what Japanese did in China? If you went to the real hell, you would know what they did.

Why Koreans and Southeast Asian people hate Japanese? Because what they had done like beasts before, but they do not admit now. How we believe them?


In an article, it says Japanese eat your people before, some of you do not believe. But we Chinese and Koreans believe, why? We have a lot of survivorto tell us must not forget that history! They killed people thousands of thousands at 1 time, they killed babies just born, the used bayonet through the babies and showed and took pictures, and they buried people alive thousands at 1 time. You may say it is made up by us, but most of those pictures were taken by them and founded in Japan! And some were taken by American godfather!


I do not know why you forgot what British had done to you very easily; even some people said British brought civilizations to you. What a funny thing, when they raped you while brought some high feelings to you? What a word said by slave! We never believe them!!! They invaded us 100-200 years ago, treated us as slaves, and robbed our wealth to their museum! How many pressures, artworks are put in British Museum taken from India and China? Why don't they return to us? They will have a lot of “gangster logic”!!!

How did East India Company treat with you, have your Indians forgot all???


6. For Americans, I think you must know our feelings, nobody likes a man who thinks he has all the rights to manage your things as a world policeman. If you do not accept, they will send army to your County. And the famous double-standard policy! They are arrogant in their bones! We have 5000 years history, why we need to bear this arrogance? Do not you have your own pride?


7. For democracy again, wake up buddies... We have freedom...Much more than Indians at least...Police cannot arrest anybody without law, some bad police did bad thing will be exposed by journalist at once. No publicly shooting....are you stupid???? Anybody who breaks the law will be punished at once, no matter who he is or his father is Minister, is General, or American Government or British Government ask you to release him!

If you want to pursue American Democracy completely, please see: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt...They are good samples.
America is richer and powerful, they want to keep the rich and powerful state, so you have to be poor and weak, understand?


8. For Taiwang, please learn a little of China's modern history. Taiwang is our territory since in Ancient. When 1920-1949th, China was KMT’s government.Their president is Jiangjieshi who was supported by America. They lost in the war from 1946-1949th, defeated by communism military led by Maozedong, and retreated to Taiwan. They never admitted they were lost, they hoped they could take it back again. It is so called Taiwan problem, caused by our internal war and America! Just like Kashmir problem caused by Soviet Union! Do you know how many weapons American gave to KMT? And KMT was lost at last, why? Because they were corrupt so much! At that time, the decided reason of winning of the war was not weapon, it was decided by people.You will find a lot of familiar things caused by Americians with the flag or human rights and Democracy, the difference is our country has some power, they can not split us easily. Some people will say People of Taiwan want to be independent, it is a Joke! If the people in Kashmir want to be independent, your government will allow?

对于台湾,请学一些中国近现代史。台湾自古是我们的领土。1920-1949年中国是国民党政服,总统是美国支持的蒋介石。他们在1946-1949年的内战中被毛泽东带领的共产党军队打败,然后逃到了台湾。他们从来不承认他们失败了,想有一天重返大陆。这是所谓的台湾问题,由内战和美国制造的。就像克什米尔问题由苏联制造的一样。你们知道美国支援了国民党多少武器?为什么国民党最后失败了?因为他们太腐败了。那时,决定战争的因素不是武器,是人。 你会发现美国打着人全和皿煮的旗号制造很多类似的问题,不同的是我们的国家有力量,他们不能轻易分裂我们。一些人会说台湾人想独立。这是一个笑话,如果克什米尔人想独立,你们政服会允许他们?

So it is the Taiwan problem. Since 100-200 years ago, Chinese suffered so much, so it makes our belief very strong, we never never never surrender! We insist of theory, western’s medias make up so many negative news about us, it seems they never report positive things of us. Most of their people never ever come to China, but it seems they know all the strange things. They take in and protect all the people betrayed our country, because they are good for their profit, can make negative news to China. If we take in Snowdon, what will they say? They will threat us by using many ways. It is real western, not known by you Indians. But I think so bright people of you can know it.


10. For religions, there is no any (yes any) Countries in the world like China to treat with the religions. We admire all the religions, every religion are peacefully lived in China. If you are in religions, you will have a lot of special rights.


Han nationality takes up about 80%, but the 20% national minorities have very good policies in education, economy, tax and every area... I want to be a minority if possible... Han nationality complains so much. Not so many countries take such good policy to their Minority. If Muslin countries have the same policy, I think there will be no wars between them. But how Western media publicize it?
They will make up all kinds of lies, and they will only choose the good to them.


11. Give you an advice, Indians, there is only profit between Countries, we do not believe each others, but we can cooperate. If you think you can believe America, that is good, just follow them... We will see the results in 30 years.


12 At last, In China, many people like Indian Yoga, Music, Bollywood films. Chinese people never ever think you are our enemies. For the war 1962th,

If you insist to believe what your politics said, we have no idea. If you want peace and cooperation, we can have a try. If you want to start a war really, O.K. We are waiting you. You said we did not have war for many years, our military do not know how to fight, Chinese people think so, we can use this good opportunity to test our military. It is not a threat. For 30 years, do you hear any shot from our boards? Or any deaths of our soldiers?


13. For the Buddhism, it was transferred from India to China in Tang Dynasty.
Buddhism is very important in China, it affects Chinese a lot. Now, I do not think it is same with Indian Buddhism now. Now most of Indian Buddhism books are translated from Chinese version, it is a magic. You created it, we developed it.

I like Buddhism very much, it has a lot of sentence which will shock my soul.
It will wash my soul. But I do not have to join any religion, because I have my freedom to join any religion. If a god cannot allow its believers to know about other religion, he is too narrow mind to be a god I think, like muslims… sorry for my flirty words…

对于佛教,这是传自于印度。佛教在中国非常重要。现在我不认为中国佛教和印度佛教一样。大多数印度佛教的书还是中国版本翻译过去的。你们创造了,我们发展了它。 我非常喜欢佛教,有很多句子震撼了洗涤了我的灵魂。但是我没必要非得加入宗教,因为我有宗教自由。如果一个神不能让其信徒去了解其他宗教,这个神也太心胸狭窄了,像穆斯林。。对不起亵渎了神。。

At last, tell you an experience of how we become strong now:


Do not care other things, especially what western people said to you, just develop economics. If you are strong, you will have right to say something in international society.
It is a general rule in the world. Now America says you are good, you are good.
If they say you are rubbish, then you become rubbish.

And please do not tell the up words to your politics…They will think me as a spy to wash your brain…
Plus: do not give me so many dirty words, let me see Indians' education, you are a country with an ancient civilization for thousands years.

不关心其他事,特别是西方人告诉你的。发展经济,如果你够强,你会在国际社会有地位去说。 这是世界的通则。现在美国说你好你就是好的,如果说你是垃圾,你就变成垃圾。





google is blocked dude i mean seriously google ?



We have 10000 methods to get on google, facebook twitter, dude. In our internet, we have cursed our governments on googles' closing, youtobe's clsoing too much. But in other sides, there are Overwhelming Nagtive News called theory on google and Youtobe, if a young man, will be affected like me before. Chinese people are not stupid, recently, we have a lot of complaints on the corrupt government people, we do not believe anything they said unless give us an action!

我们有1万种方法能登陆谷歌,脸书和推特。在我们的网站上我们也指责我们政服关闭谷歌,youtube。 但是另一方面,谷歌和youtube上充满了号称真理的各种虚假信息,如果是年轻人容易被影响。中国人不傻,最近我们正在抱怨政服官员腐败的问题,如果政服的人不给我们行动,我们不会听信他们的任何话。

There are full of violence and pornographic on Youtobe and Google, how do you avoid your children to see?
Open google and facebook is democracy, close is autarchy? There are a lot of lies written by Falungong people, do you know what is Falungong?

A heresy asks people to follow them, when illed no need to cure, just sing their song, if governments forbids them, they will burn themselves or sucide to protest.

Youtube和谷歌上也有很多暴力色情信息,你们怎么避免儿童看到? 难道说能打开脸书和谷歌就是皿煮,打不开就是专制?那上面有很多法轮功人员写的谣言,你们知道什么是法轮功吗?就是那个让人生病不吃药,只要歌颂的邪教。如果政服禁止他们,他们就会自焚自杀去抗议的。



still it is not a reason to ban those websites... this wasnt convincing at all


然后@Himanshu Pandey @layman @Gessler @Manmohan Yadav
@BMD @jonas @Averageamerican 这些人来看我的帖子。


Chinese people just do not care, we just make some Scathing Mockery on internet, google is banned not means we do not know anything.

Not means we only believe what government says, even not means we only believe what Western says.

中国人并不关心,我们会做很多尖锐的讽刺在网络上,google被禁止并不意味着我们就不知道任何事情。 并不意味着我们只会相信官方说法,甚至不意味着我们就听从西方的说法。

If our governments can bring us good life--rich life with spirit, we will appove it no matter what it did.
If it makes price run-up, corruptions, we have so many methods to expose our protest...
When a public official is arrested because of corruption, but the news excuse for him, we will attack the news, attack the government website,

if someone is arrested, he is hero, and people will give pressure to police to release him.





No shot at once, we are government by law society. But indeed, there is dark and Unspoken rule, because someone is vested interest group,

they will use all kinds of ways to protect their profit. We will fight with them!


what's more, we use Baidu. If you ask a Chinese to read articles in English, you can ask him to die.



Nihao sam, which city are you from? 你好Sam你是哪个城市的?



Nihao, I know Jinan, been there few times and have few friends in Jinan of course some related to my business.



Oh I am glad to here that. In fact, I am an international business man in Jinan. If you want to know some information of your products, please tell me, I think I can provide you some good information.



The way I see in China (during my visits) the people dont really care about politics, but they hope for corruption to be much lesser. When they can see around, they can see rich kids driving expensive Cars, and knowing that these kids were that of some goverment official who salary is not 6 digit, people wonder how the kid can afford a luxury car. I think there is change in China now, and this change the people are welcoming, but I guess now people start to wonder, how come the government officers and politicians who they trusted and could not be questioned (as they are communist party stalwarts) become so rich



Most Chinese do not like Japanese,

Most Chinese like India and indian movies and they dont see India as an aggressor but they sure know that India and pakistan are enemies. But most Chinese specially women are worried about coming to India because India is not clean and also a lot of Rape cases.


Frankly some of my friends from China (a lady) is expected to come in November, and I had to tell her precautions that if I think sound like Taliban.

Do not go out of hotel room ater 7 pm, do not travel outside without a male companion.
This is true specially in north India.



Hi Bismarck, you really know Chinese very much!!! Chinese people do not care about politics very much. Only people who have free time to see CCTV's news. We hated corruption very much. Mr. Xi led a war fighting with corruption when he became the chairman. Yes, we hated the officiallings totally! We paid much attention to them to know which officer's son or daughter drive so expensive car and expensive bags and found out their fathers or mothers and checked if they were corrupted! For communism, eveybody in China knows it is just a name, a symbol,
we donot care, we just care if can bring us better lives, if not, we will miss the KMT, haha


Tell you the truth, youngmen like to travel to India, some pictures to show it is a mysterious and has many amazing cultures. But you are right,

the rape and safty afraids them a lot.

Chinese women cared nothing on politics completely... they just cared about their lives totally...
Really most of our men know India and Pakistan are enemies, but we do not know why. Even I just know something from google.



I do business with Taiwanese also and most of them are comfortable doing business with China. Their view towards China is bit confusing.

They like their way of life and do not want to merge with china . their view is why change when everything is good. But they just hope that the Chinese PLA stops its aggressive flights along the strait between China and Taiwan as that is what is causing public outrage in Taiwan and also fear. Further that is what brings Taiwan and USA closer, Fear of China. Let us say that China has been patient with Taiwan, and if they are more patient, there would be more confidence. You might be aware that almost 50% of the Taiwan companies have some sort of production or Trading in China. I think it would work for both China and Taiwan, if China accepts Taiwan as a nation, but at the same time, does assert that they are "family" as it is now, China does not control Taiwan, so that does not change the ground reality in any way. but then this is politics and the older guys are much comfortable doing it than us.




The young men from Taiwan are 3rd Gen Taiwanese, they were born and brought up there, and they have no bond with China, they see China as a neighbour. Where as the older generation is nostalgic. they want to visit their place of birth, maybe meet few of the neighbours,

I think it is upto China and Taiwan to come close to each other without any external interference.





Yes I agree you very much. Since Chairman Deng made he “ one country , two system ” policy, we solved HongKong problem. We do not interfere anything on HongKong. May using some economic policy to be unconsciously influenced it. But it is accetable. Hope can solve Taiwan problem with the same way. But it seems can not now. I think PLA will not use force to attack Taiwan. A broken Taiwan is usless. Before Korean war, we tried to do this, but cancled because of Korean War. The best now is to keep status quo. If Taiwan does not plan to be independ, everything can talk. It is like brother with same blood's talking.



But if it referes to America, everything becomes complex you know. How many split affairs are with America's shadow? They are not only afraid of China's developing, in fact, if any Country threats its world status, they will make something happen to stop it. Even European.

I have to say, it is right policy for America, like the law of the jungle. If you are a tiger and do not want other tigers to threat you, just killed it when he is young.

China admits he won't to be like America when he is strong enough. Most of the countries do not believe, because it betrays the Law of the Jungle.

It seems like a whore says I am chaste----someone must think like this. Before changing, the old rules are the biggest barriers in the way.

Please let us just see what will happen in another 50 years, see will we become another America or we are just China.



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