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外文标题:Xiaomi phones send user data to remote servers: F-Secure


NEW DELHI: Chinese smartphone brand, Xiaomi is creating a lot of buzz with its economically priced, premium smartphones that are known to sell out in minutes or even seconds. The company has become one of the leading handset sellers in the world displacing Samsung in its home market for the numero uno position.

However, of late there have been reports that Xiaomi phones silently send users data to remote servers. The latest charges come from security software and solutions company F-Secure, which tested Xiaomi’s Redmi 1S phone.



At first, F-Secure did not configure an Mi Cloud (Xiaomi’s equivalent of Apple’s iCloud that stores user data) account and simply inserted a sim card, connected the phone to Wi-Fi, turned on GPS, added a contact and made and received a call and exchanged messages. The company found that the phone number of contacts added to the phone book and from SMS messages received were also forwarded. The phone follows a similar pattern even when one configures an Mi Cloud account.


“Next we connected to and logged into Mi Cloud, the iCloud-like service from Xiaomi. Then we repeated the same test steps as before. This time, the IMSI details were sent to api.account.xiaomi.com, as well as the IMEI and phone number,” writes F-Secure in its blog.



Siddharth Pattnayak (New Delhi)
Indians should boycott Chinese phones as China can never be trusted.


Ankush ()
Like huwaei like Xaomi..


gvishvas (Bangalore)
brain behind smart phones is to steal users’ information. We must not store info in smart phones. Remove your sim and the smart phone battery lasts 15 days.


Gurinder (Ludhiana (punjab))
It may be true… Xiaomi is selling phone through Flipkart Mi3 is getting success & no doubt a good phone. But rumours regards storage data may put a little effect on its sale. My mi3 has heating problem during charging & using. After my complaint their reply is… Because it’s ram is 2 gb & large processor it will happen. Their reply was shocking that even large processor phones of Samsung, HTC…. Have same problem. Very shocking . Regarding my problem they have started using marketing Funda….please avoid purchasing of mi3


Pawan Kumar Ahirwar (Bhopal)
Data security is a major concern for the mobile users specially using the android phones, free apps are asking too many permissions from the user to use them for their profit, but if the new is correct that mobile manufacturer is sending user data to it’s own server without user knowledge then it’s a new level of fraud coming out, and all we can do to save our privacy is to shut our digital devices connected to internet or just disconnect the internet.


raj Ganesh (India)
We were very impressed by Xiaomi’s ratings and often had discussion about Xiaomi’s features. I even thought about purchasing it! my friends told that chinese products are mass manufactured products and lack durability. also after news about Huawei spying on users data, we wanted to be cautious about Chinese devises. Our fears turned out to be true after all.


smarty.shubham7 ()
None of you can expect security of your data if you’re using an android phone….


mithun ()
Chinese governments abandoned I phone for same reason what should Indian govt suppose to do now or Indian consumer


Hlua ()
We have to rethink before buying electronic gadgets especially those enabled with Internet connectivity. As the development of IT increases, chance of insecurity towards our identity also increases.


Valay Patel (Unknown)
when a company sends its product to other country say china to india they already have imei numbers of every device sent to india so for what the reason they need location status upto activation device first time its ok but not after that Looks like chinese government is deep involved they want to do the same thing what apple did in america snoop on every citizen


tanmay chakrabarti (Unknown)
It is an old Chinese practice. Huawei had done this kind of thing in USA.


Shraddha ()
i was going to buy a smartphone but now i think Nokia C2-01 Zindabaad …. 😉
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我打算买一部智能机,现在考虑入手诺基亚 C2-01

Ved ()
all phones invade user privacy whether they admit or not. Only concern for the Indians is the chinese origin of the phone and all lifted data go to to State indirrctly. Motorola ,Apple or Nexus may also be snooping but the hazard is minimal.
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Rajan ()
don’t buy Chinese brands….
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Gurinder (Ludhiana (punjab))
Very dangerous… If xiaomi is doing so very bad. Indian should avoid buying xiaomi phones. I have already purchased mi3 & now I will write to flipkart regarding this. ..
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Valay Patel (Unknown) replies to Gurinder
they will deny it what you can do further can you take them to court for infringing your rights
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