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三泰虎8月8日译文,8月5日,在德里罗竹里花园,1名男子和他兄弟因一瓶水而与另两名男子吵架,结果这名男子被杀,他的兄弟受伤。事发数小时后,被告被逮捕。受害者Pinku Shah在当地一家摩托车展厅当一名机修工,他的兄弟Bhola在当地一家餐馆工作。Bhola来看他兄弟,适逢两名男子Sunny 和 Ramanand Sagar来到摩托车店要一瓶水喝。被告拿走了一瓶水,然后坐在附近的公园一饮而尽。

译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014080802.html
外文标题:Man dies in fight over water


NEW DELHI: A man was killed and his brother injured during a brawl with two men over a bottle of water in west Delhi’s Rajouri Garden on Thursday. The accused were arrested within hours of the incident.

The victim, Pinku Shah, worked as a mechanic at a motorcycle showroom in the area while his brother, Bhola, works at a local restaurant. Bhola had come to meet his brother when two men, Sunny and Ramanand Sagar, came to the motorcycle shop and asked for a bottle of water. The accused took the water and sat down at a nearby park to pour themselves a drink.


受害者Pinku Shah在当地一家摩托车展厅当一名机修工,他的兄弟Bhola在当地一家餐馆工作。Bhola来看他兄弟,适逢两名男子Sunny 和 Ramanand Sagar来到摩托车店要一瓶水喝。被告拿走了一瓶水,然后坐在附近的公园一饮而尽。

After a few minutes, the men returned and asked the brothers for another bottle of water. However, Bhola refused and said the shop was closed. An argument ensued between Bhola and the men. When Pinku tried to intervene, Sunny pulled out a knife and stabbed him. The accused also stabbed Bhola several times and fled.


Locals rushed the victims to DDU Hospital where Pinku was declared dead and Bhola’s condition was said to be critical.

Police later arrested Sunny from Raghubir Nagar. Sunny then led the police to Sagar. A case of murder has been registered against the duo at Rajouri Garden police station.




Kevin (Location)
RIP! It is sad to see that due to scarcity of water, people have to resort to violence and lose their lives.


hetal patel ()
non sense people


Anonymous ()
Very good u helped us decrease our population by 1 idiot
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Vitusowen Susngi (Unknown) replies to Anonymous
You are sick


Reality Check (Unknown)
Never ever go to Delhi. Its a open “PAGALKHANA”.
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kunalk222 (Location)
water from local motorbike show room!!!!!!!!!!!! does not make logic


Jay K (Canada)
“sat down at a nearby park to pour themselves a drink” – Is this how our policing works? Drinking in open? Also, these scumbags are nothing more than those stray dongs . Put them away, and bring some peace and livable conditions on our streets .. BTW Delhi does not have an administrator right now? Who ever is the care taker is doing a extremely poor job ..




OH US (Unknown)
Kids are not raised well these days by their families… the result is what we see …rapes, murders, cheats, corruption and all evils in society… We say Indian culture…. This is the true Indian culture…i say parents are to blame for what the culture of this generation has got to be!!
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OH US (Unknown)
Wow- what a shame!! RIP


Vijayant (India)
Delhiites are the biggest dumbfucks in the world…
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Vivek (Maha- God’s Gift to India) replies to Vijayant
Yeah they killed 3000 Sikhs in ’84



Jay K (Canada) replies to Vijayant
How many places have you been for this comparison .. or know about it .. ? Cheap comment – little thought .. Just banging on the keyboard .. without thinking .. WOW!! Nice going . does not show much difference with those involved in this story ..
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Triloki ()
The saddest event of murder for just a bottle of water ! It is just the height of intolerance and ‘ Daddagari ‘ in the capital . Very unfortunate and at least three families are spoiled . Who can really, get rid of such unknown serious events happening and it seems that the crime graph is not coming down, despite the best efforts by the police authorities . Highly condemnable act !



Jay K (Canada) replies to Triloki
Such scumbags are nothing more than like those stray dogs on our streets. Time to bring in another municipality van to remove them from our streets.


Javid ()
It is not the bottle of water, it was the liqueur, the mother of all the evils.


Vitusowen Susngi (Unknown)
Lock them up for life. They are a threat to humanity


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