三泰虎7月31日译文,在印度移民的记录中,印裔美国人几乎接近成名,掌管财富百强公司、领衔精英机构,赚得大量美元,赢得不少赞誉。但是一位印裔美国人把手指放到美国核按钮上是头一回,突显了华盛顿对国家多元化的信心,尽管极端民族主义分子主张“白人仍然是美国的代表”。换句话说,只有 白人才是美国人。

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外文标题:The Indian-American finger on US nuclear button


WASHINGTON: In the chronicles of Indian diaspora, Indian-Americans rank right up there, winning accolades for helming Fortune 100 companies, heading elite institutions, and raking in top dollar.

But in what is possibly a first, it has emerged that an Indian-American finger is on the US nuclear launch button, illustrating Washington's vote of confidence in the country's diversity. This, despite an ultranationalist fringe that believes "whiteness is still a proxy for being American," as one writer put it. In other words, you are American only if you are white, as one US lawmaker mistakenly suggested in a recent Congressional hearing, where he assumed Indian-American officials Nisha Biswal and Arun Kumar were Indian bureaucrats from New Delhi, ostensibly because of their brown skin.


但是一位印裔美国人把手指放到美国核按钮上是头一回,突显了华盛顿对国家多元化的信心,尽管极端民族主义分子主张“白人仍然是美国的代表”。换句话说,只有白人才是美国人。美国一位立法委员在最近的国会听证会上错误地暗示了这点,他认为印裔美国官员Nisha Biswal 和 Arun Kumar是来自新德里的印度官员,显然是因为他们的棕色肤色。

Lt. Raj Bansal of the US Air Force's 90th Missile Wing is as brown as they come. He is one of the last men standing by ten Minuteman III nuclear missiles and the US President's order to launch them. Burrowed in an underground bunker in a flat, unmarked terrain between Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Lincoln, Nebraska, he and his partner Capt. Joseph Shannon are among the nuclear launch frontiersmen who do 24-hour shifts waiting for that dreaded moment, should it ever come to that, when they will punch in the codes to Armageddon.

美国空军第90导弹联队的中尉Raj Bansal也和他们一样是棕色肤色。他是等候美国总统命令发射民兵核导弹的最后一批人之一。藏身在夏延、怀俄明州、林肯州和内布拉斯加州之间没有任何标记的地形下的一个地下碉堡里,他和他的队长Joseph Shannon是24小时值守的核弹发射人员,等候着可怕的那一刻。如果那一刻来临的话,他们将输入世界末日的代码。


thumper (winnipeg)
There are millions of americans of British, German, Irish, Polish etc. descent in responsible positions. But their newspapers don't play this silly game.


rajan loknathan (chennai / trivandrum)
Can we be proud to have an Indian origin man as the operator for this missile?


ash (Location)
few of my nephews and neices work at high end in usa . my grand nephews and neices some born in usa are also working / studying at upper end . my brother is a ceo of a large international cos . but they consider themselves american first and indian second / third .
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Paul (USA) replies to ash
If they are US citizens, is there anything wrong with that? They are patriotic. I am sure they have a soft corner for India.
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kumar s (Yokohama- Japan)
wish he send one to India especially to Delhi and over to politicians house - Help get rid of this cancer
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Butel Bolriyala (Great India) replies to kumar s
Hope you know what nuclear weapons are. Whole Delhi will fry in seconds. Don't make stupid comment.


Ace Spartan ofSparta (Location)
By this logic, I think the US has more confidence in Kenya than in India as Obama has the trigger. Stupid shallow article.
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Knight (world)
He is not Indian he is American


raj sharma (Unknown)
when time will come he will not hesitate to launch these against India


nathan5493 (Travelling)
Stop this Nonsense. Indian origin- Indian origin - Indian origin. This self glorification needs to be brought to an end. He is NOT INDIAN . He is AMERICAN If he still thinks he is Indian- The US would have deported him.
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Sameer Rai (Unknown)
That guy is a American now..... why even brand him as an Indian American...... somehow we show our racist attitude by giving such names.
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manish (Location)
If only UK and Germany start publishing news about achievements of their diaspora in America!
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Maxx (california) replies to manish
What makes you think they don't ? Suffice to say, such news is published by their homeland media.
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Paul (USA)
Remember some 40 years ago, Indians could not even immigrate to USA. We have a long way. It certainly is a news.
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Maxx (california) replies to Paul
Indians have been immigrating to the U.S for over 100 years. Over 60 years ago, Indians had a Congressman of Indian origin, who represented a district from California ,
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India Shining (Location)
This guy is a slave... Nothing to be proud of him.....
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Rushikesh ()
Every Indian should feel proud of Lt. Gen. Bansal
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nuwankula00 (Location)
Is this weapon reachable to Pakistan?
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Ashok Prabhu (Location) replies to nuwankula00
It can hit every corner of the world from Beijing to Vladivostok and Syria to North Korea.


nuwankula00 (Location)
How far is Pakistan from USA?
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Maxx (california) replies to nuwankula00
About same distance as India is from the U.S.A. I am sure you are happy now.


KK Singh (New Delhi)
Somewhat similar to Manmohan Singh who had his finger on various BUTTONS for last 10 years but could not do anything until orders came from somewhere!!
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Oracle (USA)
So what?? is this news?? there are many British-american, German-american and Italian-american fingers on American nuclear warheads so what??? Grow up, they are all american.
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raviskrish (kinshasa)
atleast India should be safe !


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