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外文标题:Xiaomi makes a mockery of Mi 3 sales


NEW DELHI: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has claimed that its Mi 3 smartphone went out of stock in just 5 seconds, the second time when it was put up on sale on Flipkart today. Last week, it had taken 39 minutes for the stock to finish when Mi 3 was first put on sale by the company.

Xiaomi has, like last time, not revealed exactly how many units were up for sale in this round. However, import-export tracking website Zauba has revealed that only 10,400 units of Mi 3 smartphone were brought to India on July 25.



In the first round of sales, as many as 1 lakh people had registered for the device on Flipkart, but only a few successfully managed to get one. In the second round, Xiaomi allowed more people to register for the device.

Xiaomi has now tweaked the "rules" for the next "flash sale", which is scheduled for August 5. Even those who have previously registered to buy the smartphone will have to register again starting 6 pm on July 29.

Many Twitter users who registered for the sale reported that they encountered errors and some said that the phone went out of stock even before they could log in.





译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014073101.html

Shariq (Location)
xiaomi clearly never had enough stock and all that they did is clear publicity stunt to start their venture in india


vthommandra Kumar (Location)
Flipkart should not allow the companies to take people for a ride.


Angad Shah (Unknown)
Not a healthy way to enter the market..though the phone spec looks impressive


Ashish Singh (Unknown)
Not a good approach ... it's just creating artificial shortage ....


sunil kumar lala (Hyderabad)
Seems to be FlipKart is playing games with us. I was eagerly waited to buy this phone before time turns 2P>M on Tuesday.But, everything is in vain . When i clicked on 'Buy' button it displayed 'OutofStock'


madys_007 (Location)

Not a good approach by Xiaomi ... people wont wait that much if this will happen again on next sale date .... going out of stock in less then a minute is ..... in this way almost half of the potential buyers will drift away.


Advocate Sarin ()
I had registered to buy this mobile but when I found not available I purchased Samsung Galaxy S4.

为了买这部手机,我特地去注册了一个号,但是当发现没货后,我转而购买了三星Galaxy S4

Kumar Ramkrishnan (Thane)
Xiaomi, please be advised, the 'flash sale' issue is slowly translating into a matter of 'sour grapes' for your customers. You may actually lose customers in the bargain!


Advocate Sarin (Location) replies to Kumar Ramkrishnan
Yes that's going to happen. I had registered with Flipkart to buy when they failed on 22nd July I went to the other site and purchased Samsung Galaxy S4 and Good bye Xiaomi and Flipkart.

是的,这个可能有。7月22日时,我去Flipkart注册了,但是没有买到,后来我去了另一家网站买了三星Galaxy S4,再见小米,再见Flipkart。

nitin.chobhe (Pune)
I think people should avoid companies who do not care about customers at the point of sale itself (OnePlauOne, Xiaomo comes to my mind: Invite for buying? What the heck is that???) I don't know what they will do at the time of after sales service. It's better to stay away from such companies.


Himanshu Singh (Gwalior)
i didnt find buy link even when i logged in well before time


Vivek K (Mumbai)
this is absurd. only 10000 phones and crating hype like they are coming with million units
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vicky (pune)
flipkart has to disclose how many pieces they were actually selling. FlipKart has a brand image to protect


Prateek Verma (Indore)
It is first time that peoples are going insane for a chinese brand
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prince griffin (DELHI)
Such stupid practice only defame the brand image.


satish babu s (Unknown)
i dont see this as a sensible marketing. all people don't wait for a week and month long to buy their phone.. many of my friends who registered for sale got frustrated for not getting the phone and they just changed the plane of buying it and bought some other phones... this is just not the rite way of attracting customers...



Lakhwinder Ghuman (Unknown)
Flipkart started displying 'Out of Stock' even before the actual start of sale.


Shahzaad Tayyab (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
I was waiting on line almost one hour before 2pm to book my phone. And when the time came for me to book my phone the sale got closed. What is Xiaomi trying to do? Making us waist our time for nothing. Disgusting sales tactics.


satish babu s (Unknown) replies to Shahzaad Tayyab
really true... i too waited for two weeks... didn't get... just disgusting..


bhuvenarendra gupta (Unknown)
Let us learn some chinese trick.


Seralathan (chennai)
I think this type of selling by creating artificial demand is unethical. Law should be created to stop this.


Parasnath Singh (Navi Mumbai)
Hahaha....dnt worry Xiomi and Flip kart we are smarter than you think...after not getting phone I went up to buy new Z3 and I think better than mi3 if not on paper but in real use! BlackBerry Hub is awesome feature on BlackBerry 10.2.1 phones...
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Shaw Daas (Siliguri)
Stupid Chinese Brand can only fool Those 1 lakh idiots!
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Aryabhata (Kusumapura)
I would rather choose Micromax.
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sskkpp007 (India)
i guess they had put just 1000-2000 units only for sale


Anonymous Varma (Unknown)
Fooling people again.


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