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译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014072802.html
外文标题:One in every 3 Apple engineers is Indian


BANGALORE: India has become a major ingredient in Apple’s secret sauce, and the scale may surprise many. It is estimated that a third of the $171-billion company’s engineering staff is Indian, and that a large and increasing proportion of its enterprise software, service and support work is done by Indian IT vendors.

Apple filed 1,750 H-1B applications during the 10-year period 2001 to 2010, but the number increased sharply to 2,800 during 2011-13. US-based HfS Research that compiled the data says the majority of the H-1Bs would be Indians, indicating that the iPhone and iPad maker’s dependence on Indian engineers has risen significantly in recent years.



“About one-third of Apple’s engineering headcount consists of Indians who are either on H-1B or on Green Card,” said Pareekh Jain, principal analyst at HfS Research.

HfS arrives at that conclusion looking at figures Apple disclosed in 2012, when it said it had 47,000 people working directly for it in the US, of which 7,700 were customer support operators, and 27,350 worked retail in Apple Stores, leaving about 12,000 as engineers, designers, marketers and other white-collar tech product workers.

HFS的首席分析师Pareekh Jain称,“苹果工程师大约三分之一由印度人组成,他们或者持H-1B签证,或者拿着绿卡。”



kk (in)
May be 1/3 in numbers. Check the salary. The 1/3 indians might be just getting 1/10 of the total salary. Coolies are coolies… even apple needs some cheap coolies for the low end work.


Yo da (Location)
Indian consumer market is treated as 2nd class by Apple


Anonymous ()
once the Indian engineer leaves India he is no more an Indian engineer …


TechieRaj (Pune)
And they also contribute to half of their issues/bugs….:)
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带来的问题和bug也占一半 🙂

Kuldeep K (Singapore)
Still we can’t make an Indian company 1/3 of the revenue of Apple.


vijay chopra (Unknown)
All Indian engineers working at Apple has made us proud. Thanks and congratulations. Keep it up.


Gary Kharbanda (San Francisco Bay Area)
I have been in Apple for some time. I dont see that many Indians in Apple Engineering as other companies in Silicon Valley have. A lot of Indians are in support, tools, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and IT kind of work. If you just look at their product development, the percentage of Indians is probably less than 10-15%.
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desi_gora Desi (India)
I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley area. I have worked at the headquarters of Oracle, for IBM and Microsoft, and a few dot.coms. Indians are employed at the start-ups, but not in the numbers that are often reported, and not for their talent. They are hired only because they will work cheaper. As soon as Indians demand the same salary, they will not be hired, and will not be portrayed as so smart. For every cheap salary H1B worker, there is a white person as supervisor. Been there, and done that.


Ram Kumar Bhaarati (Delhi)
your article should have been titled “Indian indentured software laborers…”
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biplop Indian (Unknown)
India have now more English speaking people than British.
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biplop Indian (Unknown)
For communication and education India should use, learn and practice English to rule the world.


KIM ()
Good That We are been employed and not exploited as done by our Govt !! Good luck to our youngster, concentrate and believe in yourself !!


Dushyant Zala (Switzerland)
I would like to know how many scientists and engineers are work for NASA.
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Sunny JaIn (Kuwait)
We are everywhere…!!


Pongu (India)
The decline of Apple as a leader of innovation is now guaranteed …


damodar ()
Are the so called 1/3rd Engineers are taking 1/3rd salary of Apple. Or are doing support work.
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Roushon (Mumbai)
Indians education system produces very good labors….


Inder (Amritsar)
I wish all this brilliant IIT graduates would rather help India make more toilets and be more clean and organized so that we Indians can have some human dignity.


sumita (NRI)
When Hindus migrate to West, they contribute to that society and are thankful for getting them out of 3rd world hell hole like India, but Muslims are looking to Islamicize that same society and turn it into one from where they ran away-


Koteswarrao Arvapally ()
Folks, indian engineers are not used much in Apple’s core engineering and research activities. This 1/3 is just IT services . Dont be too proud. We’ve been doing this since long time and we can do ONLY this. Its time for indian IT to grow up and step up to be creative and invent new products..


narasa.rao24 ()
That is true of all big companies.


psmnnit2013 ()
mostly IT company have large number of Indian employee.


harisha_bandari (Location)
No company can ignore Indian IT professionals.


Parthapratim Choudhury (Unknown)
Indian taxpayers money was used to make them engineers . Now US corporate are making money of them.