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外文标题:Turban row at basketball meet in China

NAGPUR: The Indian basketball team had a memorable outing in the recently concluded 5th Fiba Asia Cup in Wuhan (China) as they scripted a historic win over China and gave a scare to World Cup qualifiers Iran, Jordan and the Philippines. But the campaign was soured by racial discrimination suffered by Sikh players at the hands of the organizers.


Two Sikh players, Amritpal Singh and Amjyot Singh, were asked to remove their turbans before the start of the match on July 12. They were stopped from entering the court moments before India were to open their campaign against Japan.

The officials told the players they were breaking International Basketball Federation rules and were not allowed to play with turbans. Two Sikh basketball players representing India, Amritpal Singh and Amjyot Singh, suffered humiliation after being asked to remove their turbans before the start of the match against Japan on July 12 at the recentlyconcluded 5th Fiba Asia Cup in Wuhan (China).

7月12日,比赛开始前,两名锡克教徒球员Amritpal Singh 和 Amjyot Singh被要求摘下头巾。在开启与日本队的比赛前,他们被阻止进入球场。


Match officials told the players they were in violation of International Basketball Federation rules. Article 4.4.2 of Fiba's rules states: "Players shall not wear equipment (objects) that may cause injury to other players." It further says: "Headgear, hair accessories and jewellery are not permitted."

India's American coach Scott Flemming's pleas fell on deaf ears and the duo didn't figure in the starting five. Only after they removed their turbans were they allowed to play in the first quarter. Despite the humiliation, Amritpal scored a game-high 15 points in the match.


印度的美籍教练Scott Flemming的抗辩被充耳不闻,两人并未出现在5人首发阵容中。只有摘下了头巾后,他们才被允许打第一节比赛。尽管遭受羞辱,Amritpal还是在比赛中拿下了15分。

Such objections were never raised in the past against Sikhs playing with turbans. "We have always played in turbans, even in last year's Asian Championship in Manila and also the recently held Lusofonia Games in Goa," 23-yearold Amritpal told TOI.

"This Asia Cup was a memorable event for all of us. But the controversy left both of us distressed. I wear a turban in practice too, and it was strange to not have it on during the game."



For 22-year-old Amjyot — India's consistent scorer in the championship — playing basketball without a turban was a first.

"Wearing turban is a part of me. When they told us we couldn't play with one it felt very awkward. But for the team we decided to play without turbans," said Amjyot.

Both the Indian players were not allowed to wear the turbans in the remaining six matches.





译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014072302.html

tromon (kwt)
it is not of turban problem, it is the equality before the law. Turban are used for religious act. In sports their is no religion. so remove it and play. Your religion should be inside your heart not to show others. OK dear readers. I congrats the two players. They understood when they were told about it. Our Indian coaches should know the international rules and law.


Ritesh Jain (India)
Even without turban the duo has ability to score and defeat the other teams. Respect to both of them and shame on organisers


Kishore ()
Well. the organisers had every right to do what they did. If its the rule its the rule. May be the Basketball ruling body needs to re visit the rules and re assess these things? It may still be a problem as the turbans are in fact accessories that have (may) potential to affect the game in some way. But well done to the two players who upheld the ethics of the sport and performed.
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narasa.rao24 ()
Very bad.


mp (Location)
Playground is not a place of worship to don a Turban. Competitors should be equal in every aspect without anyone getting special advantage.
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The Great (Heaven)
Indeed, its very difficult situation, and I feel sorry about that, However if you want to win something, you may have to do a trade-off. It is happening all over the world and even in India too. Most of the schools doesn't allow Hijab which is another kind of mandate for a specific religion.


Mohanraj (Western Tamilnadu.)
This is a case of racism . Period


You and I know turban is a cloth. They may be afraid,what if there is something hidden inside.


mp (Location)
May be a Turban is a hindrance to other players. Restrict their view. Or may be it is beneficial to those who wear it !


Adarsh Tripathi (New Delhi, India)
Question should be arised over it bcz earlier they allowded to play, those days they were not following rules???


abhijit_nandy08 ()
congrats guys!!!.... these chinese fools won't understand.


Om (Delhi)
Good decision You don't become less Sikh ...!


George Rego (kuwait)
Rules are rules. If you do not like them then do not participate. the Coach and Manager of the team must be held responsible for permitting this to happen. Besides its not humiliating, this is being made into a political issue. It is on record that Sikhs have played hockey, kabaddi and athletics without turbans. Stop making an issue out of nothing. As player of a game it is their responsibility to know the rules of the game. But you know how Indian's are, always breaking rules.
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anonymous (India)
A fool will consider a turban as a headgear or accessory . India should protest and ask IBF to clarify the rule.
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Shazzam (India)
Proud of you lads. Putting country over religion.. Utter respect!
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annonymus (Bangalore )
So what is the big deal... Just remove and play... Why can't Indians just follow the rules.......
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Very bad....they should respect people


Dinesh Sharma (Unknown)
Turban as headgear will cause injury? Are the officials off their head?


Swarandeep Singh ()
How can a cloth turban be considered Harmfull... Absolute RuBBISH


bloggersuri ()
They should fight back.


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