根据'网络内容分发网'公司阿卡迈的一份最新季度报告'网络现状',印度的平均英特网连接速度为1.7Mbps. 名列全球第118位,排在泰国、印度尼西亚、菲律宾和越南之后。平均速度按季比较上升了8.4%,按年上升34%。值得指出的是全球平均网速达到了3.9Mbps,而最大平均连接速度峰值为21.2Mbps。



India has slowest internet speed in Asia: Akamai

阿卡迈公司: 印度网速亚洲最慢

NEW DELHI: India has the slowest internet speeds in Asia as per a new report.


According to the latest 'State of the Internet' quarterly report by internet content delivery network, Akamai, the average internet connection speed in India is 1.7Mbps. The country ranks 118, globally behind Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The average speed witnessed an increase of 8.4% quarter on quarter and 34% year on year.

根据'网络内容分发网'公司阿卡迈的一份最新季度报告'网络现状',印度的平均英特网连接速度为1.7Mbps. 名列全球第118位,排在泰国、印度尼西亚、菲律宾和越南之后。平均速度按季比较上升了8.4%,按年上升34%。

It is worth pointing out that global average internet speeds have reached 3.9Mbps and the highest average peak connection speed was 21.2Mbps.


The average peak connection speed in India was 12Mbps, again lagging behind Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. The average peak speed witnessed a decline of 1.5% quarter on quarter and an increase of 7.6% year on year.


Just 0.7% users in India get internet speeds of more than 10Mbps, while 4.9% users enjoy access to internet connections with speeds 4Mbps or more. Akamai considers speeds above 10Mbps as high Broadband. This figure increased by 39% quarter on quarter and 106% year on year.


Akamai measures broadband adoption by analysing percentage of users getting connection speeds of 4Mbps or more. Percentage of users with 4Mbps+ connections increased 17% quarter on quarter and 111% year on year in India.


The measurements published in the report are based on requests made to Akamai's HTTP/S platform.


South Korea recorded the highest average connection speed at 23.6Mbps, and the highest average peak connection speed at 68.5 Mbps.

南韩录得最大平均网速23.6Mbps, 以及最大平均速度峰值68.5Mbps。


Arif K (Bronx NY USA)

No kidding!


Twitter (online)
The nakli gandhis have ruined India since independence


india is fastest in corruption, slowest in development


Arif K (Bronx NY USA) replies to

But beware, Modiji is here! He will turn tables around.


ranjan (Patna)
if u talk to our politician on the poor speed they will boast it is faster than light.


Morgan (Australia)

For high speed internet, you need robust telecommunications infrastructure, the key word there being infrastructure. India has very poor infrastructure generally, from transport to sanitation to power.... and telecommunications is much lower on the priority list when compared to those.


Srinivasan ()

Indian government and many indians do not want to give their best to any one they want to give the worst which they do not want.


Indians have stinginess built in their genes


Sridhar (Chennai)
Each and Everyone is cheating general public. Telecom companies are charging high amount for snell speed internet. And the TRAI put fair usage policy FUP, to harash public more. I am using Airtel broadband for 8 years now in Chennai they have a good customercare support, i have to pay a big sum of amount for it monthly, as whoever the other broadbands are there in Chennai are thugs and liars, be it broadband or datacard.


tanmay chakrabarti (Unknown)

Akamai gave us the true picture of Indian Internet.


Aditya ()
The max speed we get in our area is 2mbps and that costs 2k a month. Its due to poor infrastructure that they cannot lay lines. We actually don't have proper septic tanks in any city of India


Venky ()
We still are in Stone-age speeds. Anywhere in this country you ask anyone (Office IT guy/ Browsing center wala etc.) why the net is slow- you get a philosophical reply of "everyone is using". That answer is for everthing including "Lack of living Space", " Lack of Roads" " Lack of Good Schools". None thinks of increasing the facility but ready to complain on the volumes utilised with less than adequete infrastructure.

我们还是石器时代的速度。在这个国家不管哪里,不管问谁(IT公司人员/网络中心人员,等等)为什么网速这么慢 - 你得到的是哲理般的回答“大家都在用”。这个回答处处适用,包括“缺乏生活空间,”“缺乏道路”“缺乏好学校”。没人想到要增加设施,而是方便地推到基础设施不足,用量过大。

DS B ()
Hopefully the average speed will increase nationwide , im using a 50mbps connection and paying a grand a month .... In mumbai , not bad eh ?


Saravanan ()
Recently a new fully unlimited 1mbps plan from Bsnl has been launched for 1445 and it is the best unlimited plan ever which is widely available. This 1445 plan will increase the internet speed. But still it is slower plan comparing to what developed countries providing. And the truth behind this plan is actually upload speed is been reduced to less than 200kbps for all plans while before they were offering 512kbps minimum as upload speed.

最近Bsnl公司推出了名为1445无限上网1mbps新计划 ,这是广泛存在的无限上网中最好的。这个1445计划将提高网速。但与发达国家的计划相比还是慢了。但这计划的真实情况是,其中所有针对性计划的上传速度被减至200Kbps以下。他们以前提供的最低上传速度是512Kbps。

prasad (visakhapatnam)
India is speed in corruption and population. We are still using old broadband with age old systems , slow and old railway network, infrastructure projects like roads ,bridges and dams takes years and years but still incomplete and in meanwhile they will damaged and requires repairs... world is using 4g network with 150 mbps nd here 3g is still going....IITians , IIM graduates are going abroad nd developing microsoft, google ,nasa etc etc......here fighting for govt jobs with tough competition. People blame polticians but polticians are elected by people....


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