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外文标题:1/3rd of world’s extreme poor in India: UN study


NEW DELHI: India is home to the largest number of poor with one-third of the world’s 1.2 billion extreme poor living here. It also had the highest number of under-five deaths in the world in 2012, with 1.4 million children dying before reaching their fifth birthday, according to the UN Millennium Development Goals report 2014.

Poverty rates in Southern Asia fell from 51% in 1990 to 30% two decades later with China leading the way. Extreme poverty in China came down from 60% in 1990 to 16% in 2005 and 12% in 2010. In India poverty reduction was sluggish in comparison coming down from 49.4% in 1994 to 42% in 2005 and 32.7% in 2010. Two-thirds of the extreme poor (those who lived on income less than $ 1 a day) live in India, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Congo.



Commenting on the report, minority affairs minister Najma Heptulla said its findings present a challenge to the government under Narendra Modi and that it would be able to surmount it. “Good days will come,” she said. “We don’t have to be proud of what we have done. Poverty is the biggest challenge … I am sure when the next report comes, we will have done much better,” she said, stressing on the Prime Minister’s commitment to poverty elimination and his mantra of “sabka saath sabka vikas (With all, development for all)”.

少数族裔事务部长Najma Heptulla就该报道予以置评,她表示调查结果给莫迪政府带来了挑战,政府应该有能力战胜这一挑战。她说:“好日子将会到来。我们不必为我们已经取得的成就感到骄傲。贫困是最大的挑战…我确信下一份报告出来时,我们将会表现好得多。”

According to the report, almost 60% of the people who defecate in open reside in India, which also accounted for 17% of global maternal deaths. South Asia has halved its under-five mortality but in 2012 the region accounted for 2.1 million of the 6.6 million deaths in children under five worldwide and has the second highest under-five mortality rate among all regions with sub-Saharan Africa being the worst.


South Asia, of which India is the largest and most populous country, has fared worse than other Asian regions in most of the parameters. The region has, however, done well in school enrolment.



p u r g e (jk)
There’s a long history of many Indian communities becoming poor and disenfranchised due to dislocation under Islamic and British oppression, and many of them turned into present day Dalits.
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hv (hyderabad)
And they said india is developing.


And we are going around claiming we are going to be advanced nation in 10 years! Stop blaming others and see how many poor you have helped get out of the circle of poverty.


John Dawson (Unknown)
I hope Mr. Modi acts on these numbers – it’s really sad to know that there are so many poor people in India and the previous governments have really not done much for their upliftment. How can India develop into an industrialized nation if more than 400 million of the total population lives below the poverty line?


Venky ()
why is this news. we all know it


james0360 ()
Thanks Congress!
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chandra patel ()
india is home to the largest democracy.


Young Indian Power (Unknown)
What a bad situation in India. Thousand Tonnes of the food are destroyed due to poor storage as well as improper monitoring of distribution system. Still we have 35% of population poor. The major reason could be the birth control policy as well as low education. The poor peoples are never educated about the poverty or how to improve the poverty. Government does make the policy only on paper as well as makes the announcement to win the election but never takes pain to provide the Medical facilities as well as how to do the Population control



Da Venks (Unknown)
I think we must first remove poverty from our hearts… stop overspending. spend what you need, “want not waste not”. Cook only the food that is required. If more is made, share with others irrespective of race, creed – but just as humans.


Pitam (Meerut)
Very discouraging report.. Our politicians are involved in corruption only.Poor & rich gap is increasing day by day. Now the Modi govermrnt will do some thing to improve the condition.


Samir Kumar Kanjilal (Unknown)
This is a feather in our cap. We may not win the gold medal in Olympic in sports event but we have ensured GOLD MEDAL in such events.


PKM ()
Thanks to Congress and its 60 yrs rule of scams and Ghotalas.


k.gopalan ()
Poverty is a natural phenomena dependent on climate.Harnessing Nature is next impossibility. so is eradication of poverty.
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Indian (chennai)
And we plan to spend Rs 200 cr on a statue! WTF!!!


B R V SHANBHAG (bangalore)
This is the gift of 60 years rule congress in this country. Hats off to them.


wonderkid (Location)
India is the only country in the world where parents kill their unborn baby girls. (20 million per year)


zubair (Bhopal)
[email protected] , We are gonna have the highest numbers of Bullet trains


sanjay ()
indeed the greatest challenge for the govt and shame for the nation


Krish Iyer (usa)
Thanks to pseudosocialism of Congress regime for getting such honour.


    • 挤挤 印度是最大的皿煮国家啊莫迪政府将会为改善这一状况而有所行动贫困是气候导致的自然现象,要驾驭大自然几乎是不可能的,所以消灭贫穷也是不可能的我们的高铁列车将是世界最多的。多好的三哥啊,淫都怎么可能是联合国流氓说的那样嘛,淫都明明是世界上超级发达的超级民猪超级大国嘛。

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  1. zubair (Bhopal)[email protected] , We are gonna have the highest numbers of Bullet trains胡说,我们的高铁列车将是世界最多的。———————————–混账,流动厕所最多,遍地黄金

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  4. 再来回复它几条:三哥1:历史上很长一段时期,由于遭受ysl和英国的压迫,大量印度人沦为穷人,被剥夺公民权,许多人最终沦为今天的达利特。=====================================================回复1:又在推卸责任啊!中印两国都受外来压迫,又几乎同时建国,当时中国比印度还苦,如今,中国已发展而印度沦为穷人之国,怪谁?怪你自已不努力——。三哥2:我希望莫迪先生采取行动。听说印度穷人最多,我真的很难过。前一届政府并未大力帮助穷人脱贫。如果4亿人生活在贫困线以下,印度又如何能成为一个工业国家?=====================================================回复2:印度从来就不是什么工业化国家,所谓工业国家是你自已封的,没有任何标志。三哥3:我觉得我们应该首先从内心除去贫穷。别过度花费,把钱花在需要之处。能吃多少菜,就做多少。如果做多了,那就拿出来与其他人分享。=====================================================回复3:你们的内心早就消除贫困啦!你们自封工业化皿煮大国,天天喊打喊杀尿嘴炮,嘲笑别人这也不行那也不行,就你行,这不是内心贫困所期待的东西,虽然你们的贫民窟和露天厕所到处都是,但你们的精神世界是“高贵”的,皮肤黑没办法,但内心却是白色滴。三哥4:贫困是气候导致的自然现象,要驾驭大自然几乎是不可能的,所以消灭贫穷也是不可能的。=====================================================回复4:还在推卸责任,满世界就你气候最差,怎么没说你人也是最差的呢?常理气候最差才可炼就人的智慧和才能吧!比如地球北部地区——。三哥5:胡说,我们的高铁列车将是世界最多的。=====================================================回复5:想像的世界如此的丰富,全世界都会为此惊呆。

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  8. wonderkid (Location)India is the only country in the world where parents kill their unborn baby girls. (20 million per year)印度是世界上唯一的这样国家,即父母狠心杀死未出生的女婴(每年2000万)原来皿煮超级大国印度才是计划生育做的最好的国家。。。眯眯眼羡慕嫉妒恨啊。。。

  9. zubair (Bhopal)[email protected] , We are gonna have the highest numbers of Bullet trains胡说,我们的高铁列车将是世界最多的。一开始我以为这个三哥疯了。。。但是当我看到。。。将是。。。俩个字后。。。我对着显示器贱贱的笑了。。。真是皿煮超级大国的公民做派啊。。。我不得不说。。。I服了u了。。。

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