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外文标题:Make Ganga users pay for clean-up: Activists


NEW DELHI: The 40 crore people who benefit from the Ganga have to be made contributors in its rejuvenation and governance of the water body made transparent if the river is to be saved, activists said on the eve of a mega meeting called by the government on Monday.

The meeting, Ganga Manthan, organized by the National Mission for Clean Ganga, is being billed as the first national dialogue on the river. The daylong meet will be attended by Union ministers, MPs, scientists, experts, religious leaders and NGOs.



“Ganga can only be saved if all stakeholders are aware of the threats,” said environmentalist Anil Joshi ahead of the meet. “That includes the 40-odd crore consumers who use Ganga in some way or another. Government has to find ways of taking contributions from them in a clean-up plan.

Joshi, founder of NGO Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization, said the river must be divided into different ecological zones and specific strategies developed for each zone. Activists said the new government must probe why expenditure running into thousands of crores has failed to improve the river. “The first step is to make institutions connected with rivers accountable and transparent,” said water activist Himanshu Thakkar of South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People.



“There are as many as 22 sewage treatment plants in Delhi. Did you know most of these do not work? Government has spent thousands of crores in creating infrastructure but we know little about how these are faring,” Thakkar said. Vishwambhar Nath Mishra, president of Varanasi’s Sankat Mochan Foundation (SMF) which has been working to clean the Ganga for three decades, identified sewage as a major river pollutant.

“Not a single drop of sewage should go into Ganga. Sewage accounts for 95% of river pollution in big cities such as Varanasi, Kanpur and Allahabad. These cities need an appropriate and foolproof collection system, which should be gravity-based and not power dependent,” he said, adding there are technologies to harness energy, nutrients, manure and clean water from sewage which need to be used.


从事恒河清理工作三十年的瓦拉纳西某基金会主席Vishwambhar Nath Mishra认为废水是重要的河流污染物。



swatant ()
Initiate bathing and dumping fees. All the houses that dump their sewage directly into the river must pay!


Hemant Tokas (Unknown)
Yes good suggestion instead of throwing money in Ganges on the name of religious ritual…please donate for the clean up of Ganges


CA Tarun Lohiya (Unknown)
All the industries throwing there industrial wastes in river Ganga should be penalised. They should be charged for the clean up expenses.
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anonymous (India)
make mandatory for every one who uses the ganga river to pay for the maintenance and up keep. this holy river is become a dump-yard and its water is unsafe. please keep india clean and all its river hygiene. don’t throw any sort of debris. have some conscience and pride towards cleanliness. its sad but true majority of indians don’t have any pride in cleanliness or hygiene. they are so filthy and repulsive. its a shame on them.
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jigneshnaidoo (Location)
The problem is how to control the Aam Aadmi open defecating on the banks as well as the cremation and dumping of bodies in Varanasi. This will need a mindset change


d k (d)
Please help in cleaning Ganga & other rivers also. Don’t pollute them.


srinivas_stat ()
Clean Ganga. a dream of many should come true. Wishing the success of this Govt. in rejuvenating Ganga




Kamal ()
not just ganga, all rivers be cleaned up


Manish ()
The government always taxes the people when it comes to development. If people are going to pay for civil works, then where will be funding go..into Politician’s pockets? First make the change and then ticket the people. The same way toll booths are setup. the Roads are constructed first and then the toll collected not vice versa.


NTrasi (Unknown)
Why part of the Ganga can’t be given to Private sector to clean and develop business? Foreign investment will come and develop. The will make their own Ganga lakes with purification plants , Helipads, temples, Resorts and water sport etc only affordable people can use. 5 Star Ganga…….100% Pure ,10 lakhs per person imagine the revenue….


Veerendra Kumar (Bangalore)
Everyone should contribute and work hard to make Ganga clean and a safe resource.


prashantpeter (ludhiana,punjab)
even after collecting money , will it be properly UTILISED or FUTILISED


Jay K (Canada)
Beside users, abusers should be charged ten times .. How many companies are letting their pollutants flow down to this river?


Sudhir (Location)
The root problem is corruption. The money goes into the pockets of all and sundry.


narasa.rao24 ()
Nothing comes free!


  1. 恒河水还是很干净的,如果非要说不干净那么大海也不干净,你想想啊有多少鱼要排便,各种动物以及人都要往海里排便,鱼死了各种动物死尸都在水里泡着,人还要进去洗澡游泳,想想吧还是在家用地下水洗澡最干净。

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    • 大海本来就不干净。没人到海里或游泳场里洗澡吧?游完之后不冲一下?而且还有一个“量”和“度”的关系,也就是所谓自净能力的幅度;就游泳场而言,一群人在一个池子里游泳,别的不说,小孩偷偷在里面撒尿也正常吧如果不至少隔天换水,这水能游?再严重点,小孩控制不住肛扩肌在小儿童池里拉屎了,能游?因为这池子水已经不能“自净”了。而大海来说也是一样,大海那么广阔,一定程度的小污染小排放在活水带动下就已经扩散淡化了,但是同样的,如果这排放放到江河里,污染程度就不能与大海相比了。而恒河已经不是鱼排便、人畜粪便或者自然水生生物死亡的程度,去恒河游泳只有一句话可以形容:何不食肉糜?

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  3. NTrasi (Unknown)Why part of the Ganga can’t be given to Private sector to clean and develop business? Foreign investment will come and develop. The will make their own Ganga lakes with purification plants , Helipads, temples, Resorts and water sport etc only affordable people can use. 5 Star Ganga…….100% Pure ,10 lakhs per person imagine the revenue….为什么不把恒河的部分河段交给私营部门来清理并发展商业?外资也可以进来,开挖恒河湖泊,周围兴建净化厂、小型直升机场、寺庙、度假村,发展水上运动等老百姓消费得起的项目。五星级的恒河,100%纯正…你们老百姓每天49卢比。。。拿什么养水上运动。。。当然裸身跳入恒河并喝几口的这么喜闻乐见的项目你们不是天天做吗。。。恒河绝对是100%纯正的印度味道。。。那***词咋说的来的。。。味道好极了啊。。。

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