印度最新贫困线标准是多少?三泰虎7月7日译文,据印媒报道,由印度央行行长C Rangarajan领衔的一个专家组向人民党政府提交一份报告称,农村地区一天32卢比和城市地区一天47卢比的人不应该被视为穷人。根据Suresh Tendulkar专家组得出的2011-12年度的方案,贫困线当时定为农村地区27卢比,城市地区33卢比。照这个标准一天吃上两顿饭或许有些困难。

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外文标题:New poverty line: Rs 32 in villages, Rs 47 in cities


NEW DELHI: Those spending over Rs 32 a day in rural areas and Rs 47 in towns and cities should not be considered poor, an expert panel headed by former RBI governor C Rangarajan said in a report submitted to the BJP government last week.

The recommendation, which comes just ahead of the budget session of Parliament, is expected to generate fresh debate over the poverty measure as the committee's report has only raised the bar marginally.

上周,由央行行长C Rangarajan领衔的一个专家组向人民党政府提交一份报告称,农村地区一天32卢比和城市地区一天47卢比的人不应该被视为穷人。



Based on the Suresh Tendulkar panel's recommendations in 2011-12, the poverty line had been fixed at Rs 27 in rural areas and Rs 33 in urban areas, levels at which getting two meals may be difficult.

The Rangarajan committee was tasked with revisiting the Tendulkar formula for estimation of poverty and identification of the poor after a massive public outcry erupted over the abnormally low poverty lines fixed by UPA government.

根据Suresh Tendulkar专家组得出的2011-12年度的方案,贫困线当时定为农村地区27卢比,城市地区33卢比。照这个标准一天吃上两顿饭或许有些困难。


The panel's recommendation, however, results in an increase in the below poverty line population, which is estimated at 363 million in 2011-12, compared to the 270 million estimate based on the Tendulkar formula — an increase of almost 35%.

This means 29.5% of the India population lives below the poverty line as defined by the Rangarajan committee, as against 21.9% according to Tendulkar. For 2009-10, Rangarajan has estimated that the share of BPL group in total population was 38.2%, translating into a decline in poverty ratio by 8.7 percentage points over a two-year period.




Kevin (Location)
I'm sure getting two meals may be difficult with the new poverty line.


Deepak ()
do you know the cost of your 1 meal, its minmum 8 to 10 times than 47. please try to come in real india and reanalyse your theory.


Paresh Gandhi ()
However, even millionaires can get a BPL certificate..-_-

即便如此,就连百万富翁也能拿到低保证书 -_-

Zokhuma (Location)
The determination of poverty line seems to be very very low in India. It seems that, if a family holder of 3/4 members earns about Rs1500/-, he would be regarded as above BPL; and as such, rich. Ridiculous, is not it? The fact is, Indian government wanted to show off internationally, that India is a rich country with very little percentage of poor citizens.


s nair (Mumbai)
32and 47 now ,27&32 in 2011 . What is the big idea considering the level of inflation. Why not our great guys who make such guestimates and the elected members who are party to it show it in their life and live at least for a week with in this prescribed limit of expenditure. This is going to really ensure price rise is controlled, NDA please note.


Viharika ()
how can Rs 47 sufficient per a day?


Akhilesh ()
Even with own house no body will survive with 1410 /- month. May be committee should take salary of 1410 /- month and show us to survive.
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anonymous (India)
I don't think anyone can survive 47 per day....Not sure how committee arrive on this number


Ishwar Deo (New Delhi, India)
133 per day for Villages, 333 per day for cities can be the practical poverty line...


Achou (Imphal)
Even a cow can not live like that in a city with that amount really funny line


Rupesh Mohanty (Delhi)
Do not blame Modi for this .This man was hired by Congiss submitted its report today to BJP Govt. So now its up to Govt to reject it........


rvijay Vijaykrishnan (pimpri)
It was a waste of time Where in urban area any body get a place to sleep even in slum with Rs 47 earnings govt has to reject it


abir (Mumbai)
The country is becoming a joke ...


typsygypsy (oz)
Man ... this guy is out of touch with reality ... tell me where you can get a Masala Dosa for less than Rs. 50 anywhere in Mumbai ??? This is hogwash just to tell the world that poverty is on the decline ... inflation is in double digits !!


corrupt_free (India) replies to typsygypsy
People who are eating masala dosa are in rich list. Aha aha comedy.


Last Resort (Unknown)
You are already dead by the time you have 32 rupees what can you buy with that..


indianintn (chennai)
If this is the knowledge of RBI governors. Imagine the fate of common citizens in this country.


old timer (Unknown)
These so called experts, should be asked to live for 90 days on these rates and then report back.
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