根据一份联合国的报告,在印度10亿之巨的人口中,三分之二以上还在继续依赖排炭的植物材料和糞制燃料来满足做饭的能源需要。“全球缺乏清洁厨用设施的人口中,一多半生活在印度、中国和孟加拉。在此,作为缺乏途径获得清洁厨用燃料人口最多的国家,印度高居名单榜首,” 联合国工业发展组织发表的名为“全人类可持续能源”的报告这样说。



Over 2/3rd Indian population still rely on dung-based fuel: UN


NEW DELHI: More than two-third of India's one billion strong population continue to rely on carbon-emitting biomass and dung-based fuel to meet energy needs for cooking, according to a UN report.


"More than half of the global population lacking clean cooking facilities lives in India, China and Bangladesh. Here, India sits at the top of the list as the country with the largest population lacking access to clean fuel for cooking," says the United Nation Industrial Development Organisation report titled "Sustainable Energy For All".

“全球缺乏清洁厨用设施的人口中,一多半生活在印度、中国和孟加拉。在此,作为缺乏途径获得清洁厨用燃料人口最多的国家,印度高居名单榜首,” 联合国工业发展组织发表的名为“全人类可持续能源”的报告这样说。

It says that India faces a significant challenge in providing access to adequate, affordable and clean sources of energy.


"Roughly 85 per cent of the rural households are dependent on traditional biomass fuels for their cooking energy requirements and about 45 per cent do not have access to electricity," says the report.


The 2011 population census of India estimates the number of rural households at 167.8 million.


In many poor rural communities, where biomass remains the most practical fuel, improved cook-stove can cut back indoor smoke levels considerably, says the UN.

在许多贫困乡村群落中,植物材料仍是最实用的燃料, 而经过改善的炉灶可以大大减少室內烟雾浓度,联合国说。

"Burning solid fuels produces extremely high levels of indoor air pollution. Typically, 24 hour levels of PM 10 in a biomass-using home range from 300 to 3000 micrograms per cubic meter," says the report.

“燃烧固体燃料在室内产生浓度极高的空气污染。通常,在燃烧植物材料的屋子里,24小时PM10浓度在每立方米300到3000毫克之间,” 报告称。

As cooking takes place every day of the year, most people using solid fuels are exposed to small smoke particles at a level many times higher than the accepted annual limits for outdoor air pollution.


"Thus, the health impact of burning biomass fuel is considerable, apart from being an obstacle to achieving a minimum standard of living," it says.


The report suggests that improved cook-stoves can cut back indoor smoke levels.


"These stoves reduce a family's exposure to harmful pollutants by optimising combustion, venting smoke through a flue and chimney and in some cases, reducing cooking time," it says.


The UN also says that often, across the country a large number of families who breathe polluted air inside their homes do not have access to clean drinking water and poor sanitation facilities.



indian (Hyderabad)

Don't know where these statistics came from. People from village used wood waste and other agriculture waste as firewood. As I'm from a village. UN gets strange statistics. And their so-called modern fuels (mostly fossil fuels) emanate more pollution in to the atmosphere in the process of extraction, process and usage than dung patties. One thing must be addressed is dung patties can be almost smoke less if you properly prepare fire place (design of fire place).



Poor villagers have not money to buy other sources. Dung like sources are available easily and freely. Illiteracy is other factor. They don't know what is global warming and what is pollution.


Monkey Singh (Noida)

Set up community bio gas plants yaar. These villagers themselves can come and bring the required dung from their homes to refuel the plants.


Hemant Tokas (Unknown)

It is good for economy and for environment as well. Start using this as fuel when it burns it kills dangerous mosquitos and bacteria. Also cleans environment as human waste is dumped back in rivers and oceans which in turn comes back to your taps at least this way dumping problem is solved...!!!


mumbaikar ()

The biggest problem in india is uncontrolled rise in population. Poor people in india cannot produce money they can only produce children. What can the government do?


Monkey Singh (Noida) replies to mumbaikar

Catch one crore slum dwellers from Delhi and Bombay and send them to Iraq. They should be made the fight ISIS with bare hands.


Satya (Online)

well that is not the only source, but is the most affordable and manageable source for most.


Abhineet Vyas (Hyderabad)

That's a good news! Imagine if all of them will start using LPG, we will run out of source very quickly.


Hemant Tokas (Unknown) replies to Abhineet Vyas

More over will not rely on other gulf countries and our own Mr Reliance for fuel !!!


Hindu ()

Highly unrealistic conclusion. Many villages have LPG cylinder connection.


bonnymoraes (goa)

In other words are we still living in cowdung age?


sunil banathia (Location) replies to bonnymoraes

And we may again fully have to go back to.. it's cheap and good fuel source provided we do something on smoke. Also, Biogas produced from Dung is cleas doesn't cause any smoke as well. Natural gas is going down fast and rates are sky high.


Suresh Sadashiv Hattangadi (Unknown)

Cow dung wards off mosquitoes.This I have experienced first hand while staying in a village.Villagers add water to cow dung and spread it on the floor.There were no mosquitoes or mosquito bites.Westerners must do more research to prove villagers are wrong.

牛糞能驱赶蚊子。我在一个村子里住时亲身体验过。村民们在牛糞中加水,撒滿一地。没蚊子来也没叮着。要证明村民不对, 西方人还必须做更多研究。

dr.chinna (Pune)

Dung-based fuel is environmentally and green fuel compared to Nuclear energy. India only has to make it sophisticated. That will also save cost of LPG.


Chaipav (guess) replies to dr.chinna

I think the article is kind of disagreeing that. Do you have any links to prove the same.


dr.chinna replies to Chaipav

Yes, cow-dung is source of green energy and even is been studied for fuel cells recently. Cow-dung has 40-50% methane, and produces Biogas that can be used for cooking, easy to recycle waste!!! Only thing is instead of making cakes, India needs to put up cow-dung Biogas for piped gas so as to it sophisticated. India has to exploit its own energy sources, we don't kill cows, you will find cow-dung everywhere even on streets & highways.


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