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外文标题:Rolls-Royce to power up R&D in India


BANGALORE: Rolls-Royce, best known for its engines that power civil and military aircraft around the world, is looking to scale up its research-and-development operations in India with the addition of a captive unit. Bangalore — which already houses R&D units of Boeing and Airbus, and others like Mercedes-Benz — is among the top contenders for the centre, which would complement Rolls-Royce’s outsourced pool of 950 engineers.

Rolls-Royce operates two engineering centres in Bangalore along with Quest and TCS, which were established in 2005 and 2010, respectively.



“We currently have a good relationship with two Indian companies — TCS and Quest — who supply us with contract R&D services. We are slowly up-skilling these teams. Now, we have advanced plans to move into the next phase of growth in what we do in R&D through our own operations,” said Paul Stein, chief scientific officer of RollsRoyce who was in Bangalore.

“目前,我们与两家印度公司——TCS 和 Quest——建立了友好关系,这些公司为我们提供合同研发服务,我们正在慢慢提升这些团队的技能。如今,我们有了进一步的计划,通过设立研发中心展开自己的运作,进入下一阶段的发展。”劳斯莱斯首席科学官Paul Stein说道。


CA Tarun Lohiya (Unknown)

Do they have a choice not to invest in India due to the affordable skilled labour….


Rishi Jagati ()
Now one of the big brand comes in to the India market, that’s actually good news for the technical growth, seems it emerges more job opportunities in software stream. Good Luck..!!


rajat lahiry (Navi Mumbai)
DRDO failed to develop the Kaveri engine for the LCA. They should now collaborate with Rolls-Royce to develop alternative engine for LCA and future aircraft instead of keeping on buying engines from GE.


MadWarrior (delhi)
bangalore is already a IT hub ..government should plan to develop some other city as aerospace hub ….
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anonymous (India)
Good for Automobile Mechanical Engineers of India


Nithesh Reddy (Hyderabad)
finally something to hear from RnD development in India especially in automotive industry.


Yashesh K (Unknown)
R&R knows that India is the next big country to grow fast and have grt minds here…


Arv (Location)
India is now turning every impossibility into a realty. Govt’s all skills into application. This is a step ahead towards boosting military industrial complex.


mkyeluri (Location)
BUSINESS is BUSINESS, as simple as that, they dont have any special interest towards INDIA , do they 😉
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公事公办,在商言商,就这么简单,他们对印度并没有特别的兴趣,不是吗 😉

Kumar D (PH) replies to mkyeluri
Still it is good for India. Rolls Royce has the best technology in the world as on today.
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Santosh More (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) replies to mkyeluri
BUSINESS is BUSINESS, and without Interest why they would come to INDIA or Setup R&D


Eshwar Chaitanya (India)
India is a good investment option
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proudfelisleo (Location)
They are not here to improve our lot, but to tap the cheap and intelligent labour that we have after graduation, exploiting the best years of their lives.


rvijay Vijaykrishnan (pimpri)
Govt should encourage such companies to do R&D in India
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  1. 中国的外 交什么时候可以让欧洲放开军售就算及格了。拿着大把的美元居然吸引不了欧洲国家来华投资类似的项目。有点无能哦!!!

    • 他们敢吗,欧洲那帮人能有钱不赚?关键是美国压制的太厉害了,法国就因为和伊朗有牵连,法国银行就被罚了60亿美元,和中国就更不可能了,中国高端军事科技逐渐发展起来了,他们现在不卖,以后就赚不了钱了,所以法国之类的就把一些军民两用的当民用的卖给中国。

      • 发动机有图纸就能做,关键是基础加工工艺,合金冶炼加工成型技术不过关,导致成品耐久度低下寿命偏低变形解体。所以技术只有自己慢慢积累,这是建国以来重航天轻航空的恶果

        • 解放前有什么实力?重航天其实是重导弹,这也是钱学森建议的,因为飞机之类的对工艺要求高,导弹大家都刚刚起步而且是一次性用品,对材料要求没飞机那么高

        • 飞机发动机到现在都没搞定呢,优先发展导弹理所当然,当时国内都是土包子 什么都不懂,说实话还好留美的那些学生,所以我们现在教育经费投入主要在义务教育,留学生出去肯定会受委屈,肯定有回来的,所以中美交恶不一定有多大弊呢,反正现在都对我们技术封锁。科研领域相差实在太大,但也无需自卑后转为意淫,现在的欧洲废了,只剩美国了,其实美国是最像中国的

    • 是他们想来中国但是来不了。。。因为我们在军事上面都是推行自主研发,而印度智能引进外国的技术,不能自己研发

      • 谁说的,他们愿意在中国设立研发中心,傻得才会推他们走的啊,以前麦道想和我们合作,我们是求之不得,可惜麦道后来给波音兼并了,他们是看印度没能力山寨,才放心的吧。

    • 如果美国不是对中国出售波音飞机的话,中国的运十就会被迫加快研制,有了运十打基础中国的大飞机也不至于到现在还是梦,运二十也许10年前就已经上天了……毛主席说“爹有娘有不如自己有”本事都是被逼出来的,印度到是啥都能买到,他们会造吗?一个国家的国防工业是花钱买不来的!

  2. 印度国防研究组织未能为LCA战机研制出卡佛里发动机,他们现在应该与劳斯莱斯合作,为LCA战机以及未来的战机研发可供替代的发动机,不能老是从GE那里购买。一如既往的张嘴就来,应该应该,应该妈蛋啊

  3. 印度连德国柴油发动机都搞不定,德国人教都教不会,别说航发,也就是印度人工便宜,技术低下不怕泄密仿制。阿三还集体高潮,两只手不止吃饭擦屎撸管也是杠杠的。 印度算个屁

  4. 印度熟练劳动力不贵,除了投资印度,难道他们还有其他选择发动机都是用数控机床或者3d打印弄出来的,熟练工?阿三以为是手工造劳斯莱斯轿车,拿大锤敲出来的。印度算个屁

    • 印度熟练工这点我真心理解不了,印度人劳动力不贵是事实,但是熟练工?我也不说工作态度、管理作风之类比较主观的东西,就体能来说,印度人很多都不合格吧?说熟练工还不如找东南亚人

  5. 劳斯莱斯知道印度是下一个快速发展的大国,且那里不乏大师级人物谁啊,那里啊?难道是莫迪?印度不是世界办公室软件大国吗?要硬件技术阿三作甚?印度算个屁

  6. 印度国防研究组织未能为LCA战机研制出卡佛里发动机,他们现在应该与劳斯莱斯合作,为LCA战机以及未来的战机研发可供替代的发动机,不能老是从GE那里购买。又是自己挖坑自己跳?和俄罗斯t50合作的成功经验?印度算个屁

  7. 又一个大品牌进入印度市场了,对印度的技术发展是利好消息,似乎会给软件业带来更多工作机会,好运!软件业,劳斯莱斯做软件的?好运?霉运!印度算个屁

  8. 印度正在把每一个不可能变成现实,所有技能得以应用,促进了军事工业中心的发展。抱歉,只要是外国就更不可能了,印度的现实就叫更不可能了,当然离完蛋还有点距离。印度算个屁

  9. 三哥真TMD的是上帝的“宠儿”,看来智商低也有智商低的好处,它能让人安心啊!!反过来推断中国的外交也——–。尤如其人,太极功近利,太争名夺利,太患得患失,太不注重道义和软实力——-哎!不说也罢,都是主权未清惹的祸,都是修养不鸲惹的祸,都是技不如人惹的祸哟———。当然啦任何事情都有正反两面,八路军抗战歌词写的好,“没有枪,没有炮,敌人给我们造”,和平年代也要独立自主,自已谋发展,自已的根基是任何人都封锁不了的。只是时间,时间啊!!中国的命门就是“心脏”,航天心脏、航空心脏、舰船心脏、列车心脏也包括汽车心脏及计算机心脏。国家如获此突破,就是世界真正的强国,富国和技术大国。

  10. ashesh K (Unknown)R&R knows that India is the next big country to grow fast and have grt minds here…劳斯莱斯知道印度是下一个快速发展的大国,且那里不乏大师级人物++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++[哈哈三锅啊三锅!三锅的整个锅家都是大屎级废物!!!!

  11. rajat lahiry (Navi Mumbai)DRDO failed to develop the Kaveri engine for the LCA. They should now collaborate with Rolls-Royce to develop alternative engine for LCA and future aircraft instead of keeping on buying engines from GE.印度国防研究组织未能为LCA战机研制出卡佛里发动机,他们现在应该与劳斯莱斯合作,为LCA战机以及未来的战机研发可供替代的发动机,不能老是从GE那里购买。GE在在中国只能卖灯泡。。。三哥在三哥那就能卖飞机发动机。。。啥情况啊。。。

  12. CA Tarun Lohiya (Unknown)Do they have a choice not to invest in India due to the affordable skilled labour….印度熟练劳动力不贵,除了投资印度,难道他们还有其他选择能写自己名字就不算文盲的国家。。。熟练?。。。当街撇大条,开挂和印度飞饼吧。。。哦。。。想看玩蛇的人确实还真没其他选择。。。

  13. 革命尚未成功,三哥仍需努力Revolution has not been successful,a-sans still need to work harder.革命はまだ成功してないから,三哥は努力が要る.все блестящие достижения и успехи из-за усилия

  14. 印度经济发展是畸形的,发展开始都是从农业到工业制造业,然后到服务业,三哥无视前两步,直接跳到服务业!所以耕地面积比中国大产量却比中国少。制造工业就不说了,就是个笑话,万国牌武器,全靠买!