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外文标题:Govt scrambles to pull out all Indians from strife-torn Iraq


NEW DELHI: India’s operation in strife-torn Iraq is fast taking the shape of a full-scale evacuation of all Indians. Evacuation is being carried out not only from Sunni-controlled troubled areas, but also from Shia-dominated areas that are relatively peaceful, indicating that New Delhi now believes that the situation in Iraq is fast spinning out of control.

This week, over 600 Indians will leave their workplaces and jobs and fly back to India, helped by the Indian government. Many of these people do not have their papers in order. The Indian embassy is quickly putting their documents in place and planning to put these Indians on commercial flights from Baghdad and other Iraqi cities from where flights are still taking off.

Already two ships have been sent to Iraq to evacuate stranded Indians. It is reliably learnt that cargo ships have also been sent to Basra to carry Indians to the nearest safe port from where IAF or Air India planes will carry them back home.




Describing the transportation of Indians back home as a “proactive approach”, MEA spokesman Syed Akbaruddin told journalists that Indian diplomats are seeking out Indian nationals at their homes and places of work in Iraq to deliver the message that they should leave while the going is good and the airports are still open.


The MEA has dispatched over 25 officials to the key Iraq cities outside the conflict zone to facilitate the repatriation of Indian workers by helping them with documentation and air tickets.

With Air India, military transport aircraft and naval vessels on standby, India is, for the time being, making use of the commercial flights that are still operating from Iraq’s main cities — Najaf, Kerbala, Basra and Baghdad. MEA officials are refusing to describe the exercise as an “evacuation” which evokes memories of Libya.



Officials here no longer rule out the possibility of Iraq, as the modern world has known it, disintegrating. For its part, the Iraqi government, now armed with Russian Sukhoi fighter aircraft, has started air strikes on Tirril and other ISIS positions.



Mar Thoma Achayan (Snake nest Kerala)
Many northies and Iraqs look similiar….wonder if………………….Arabs invaders came and………raped…..sperm….Indian egg…..northies born……


vijay chopra (Unknown)
Timely action taken by Sushma ji will save lot of Indians living in Iraq.


rvijay Vijaykrishnan (pimpri)
govt is sincere in it,s efforts


Pulikuttie ()
“Sending ships to evacuate Indians” – OMG! Is this real? Finally a government which can take bold decisions. Thats also sending strong message to other countries. *Feeling proud*


Ashok Prabhu (Location)
This is an emergency evacuation procedure leading to bringing back to India,each and every Indian Passport Holder.This is a massive task and success depends on how well our Nationals co-operate with the Authorities.


robustkumar Sharma (Delhi)
In future no Indian should be allowed to go Iraq as the Shia Sunni war here is going to last for many years it seems.


tn now (Unknown)
India should have conducted emergency evacuation at-least 2 weeks back. Now hope all Indians return safely.


Brown American (Dallas, Texas)
Let us see how Modi government performs? What happened to Sikh Hostages? Any clue? Why is Sushma not worried about them? Is it because they are Sikhs? Let some Modi Cultists respond to it.
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拭目以待莫迪政府表现如何?锡克教人质怎么样了?有线索吗?为什么Sushma 不担心他们?难道就因为他们是锡克教徒?让某些莫迪信徒来做回答吧。

Sushil (india)
People must have faith in Govt .All out efforts are being made for safe return .


Suraj Iyer (Indiana(USA))
Indian Muslims committed themselves to the cause of the protection of Shia holy shrines in Iraq but none of them bothered about our brothers and sisters who were abducted and are still held in captive bonds in Iraq. This is what I say is being transnational !!
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memphismo PATEL (USA)
This is Modi at work more yet to come……Just believe in him.
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Sudipta Bhaskar (Ghaziabad)
Indian Govt will pull out everyone safely. I have full faith on my govt. 🙂

印度政府将安全撤离每个在伊人员,我对政府完全有信心 🙂

Syed Abdulhaq (Srinagar)
In Kashmir we call these Indian ” efforts” as Tret Parella ! ( Humbug ,useless, waste of time,non sense )


SK (US) replies to Syed Abdulhaq
most of the Kashmiri muslims pedigree is from Hindus. there was no Islam in Kashmir until early 13th century. Be Indians first than anything else.


  1. Mar Thoma Achayan (Snake nest Kerala)Many northies and Iraqs look similiar….wonder if………………….Arabs invaders came and………raped…..sperm….Indian egg…..northies born……许多北方人和伊拉克人看起长得像。不知道是否是阿拉伯侵略者进来强奸后生下的后代————————————————–这三哥实在太长智慧了! 被我们发现了,原来三哥是被XX和XX强奸后留下的后代。

  2. 按理说,这600头三哥只要挂牌“俺们是你们的后代”,即可避免伊拉克“黎凡特伊斯兰国”突突了,哪需要出动穆迪这大家伙呢

  3. Mar Thoma Achayan (Snake nest Kerala)Many northies and Iraqs look similiar….wonder if………………….Arabs invaders came and………raped…..sperm….Indian egg…..northies born……许多北方人和伊拉克人看起长得像。不知道是否是阿拉伯侵略者进来强奸后生下的后代印度是国家吗。。。

  4. 穆迪?呵呵,我感觉三哥是抓住了最后一根救命稻草。在解决种性制度和宗教问题以及家族政治以前,穆迪也就只是一根稻草而已,坐等穆迪第一个任期结束就会下台。

  5. 本来印度这个举措还让我赞了一下:懒散的印度人也终于能“紧急”起来了。但评论果断又让我不淡定了:撤离“600”人能高潮成这样子,还能扯对别国强硬什么的…那中国自豪感不是应该爆棚了?随便哪次外国动乱撤侨的数量不超过这个数?

  6. 派船撤离印度人——哦,天啊!这是真的吗?政府最终做出大胆决定了。这也是向其他国家发出强硬信息。让我自豪感油然而生----------------------------------如你所说,俺的那个骄傲别提多带劲了……相信莫迪!支持莫迪!莫迪万岁!

  7. 我们克什米尔人称印度人的这些“努力”是徒劳和无用的大多数克什米尔人的血统来自印度教徒,就在13世纪之前,克什米尔还不存在ysl教。你首先是印度人,然后才是其他身份-------------------------------嗨!别让中国佬知道克什米尔人与俺们印度人离心背德的真相,否则会被那些阴险的中国佬利用的……告诉所有人,凡是印度教教徒的后人都是印度人……该死的管理员,怎么能让克什米尔人的不当言论出现在公共评论中呢,你们应该负担起你们一点应有的责任……

  8. 让我阴险一次:三哥撤侨过程中,一个工作组越300个三哥被极端组织袭击,造成100多人伤亡。该袭击视频被放到了网上。莫迪对此表示震怒:伊拉克的事情,就是淫都的事情。并且出兵伊拉克。从此,淫都人民参与了伊拉克人民的国内斗争中无法自拔。

  9. 我怎么感觉是这样的剧情:老米觉着伊拉克政府按目前走势看,迟早要脱离米国控制,指不定跟中俄伊朗穿一条裤子了,索性弄点反政府武装给你全砸烂,我吃不着别人也别想吃,的样子。

  10. 阿三又买了法国的“震疯”飞机来对抗中国。维护不好就是一个“摔”人傻、钱多、爱高潮。阿三的光辉战斗机作战半径200米、有这么先进的飞机还买什么飞机呀。应该直接装备到空军去、政府是又拿了法国人的回扣吗?

  11. 阿三又买了法国的“震疯”飞机来对抗中国。维护不好就是一个“摔”人傻、钱多、爱高潮。阿三的光辉战斗机作战半径200米、有这么先进的飞机还买什么飞机呀。应该直接装备到空军去、政府部门是不是又拿了法国人的回扣吗?

  12. 阿三又买了法国的“震疯”飞机来对抗中国。维护不好就是一个“摔”人傻、钱多、爱高潮。阿三的光辉战斗机作战半径200米、有这么先进的飞机还买什么飞机呀。应该直接装备到空军去、政府部门是不是又拿了法国人的回扣?

  13. 许多北方人和伊拉克人看起长得像。不知道是否是阿拉伯侵略者进来强奸后生下的后代=================================================同意,有这个可能性啊!这符合强奸斯坦的特质。看来三哥回复越来越趋于理性啦!怎么!莫迪上台以后禁止饮用恒河水了吗??