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Tiger snatches man off boat, leaps back into Sunderbans jungle


KOLKATA: The danger of venturing into the prohibited areas of Sunderbans was revealed again on Thursday morning when a tiger jumped from the bank of a creek and leapt back with a man in its jaws. This is the fourth time that a human was killed by a tiger in the Sunderbans this year.


The victim, 62-year-old Sushil Majhi, lived in Lahiripur near Datta river, less than kilometre from a creek that runs deep into the forest. Along with his son Jyotish, 40, and adopted daughter Molina, Majhi would often row up the creek to catch crabs.


On Thursday, at the crack of dawn, the three set out on a boat to the forests of Kholakhali, an area where fishing is banned.


Jyotish sat in front of the boat, Sushil in the middle and Molina at the tai. That is how they balanced the vessel while pulling in the net.


“Shortly after we reached the spot, around 7am, we got a whiff of a strange odour. We immediately decided to turn back to a safer zone,” Jyotish told TOI. They were paddling towards a less dense area when a tiger that had been stalking them struck like lightning.


“Suddenly, my sister cried out: ‘Dada, bagh (tiger)’. I was stunned, and my body froze. All I saw a flash of yellow. It took me a moment to register the gruesome sight before me. My father was completely buried under the beast. I could only see his legs thrashing about. I shook off my numbness and grabbed a stick. Molina, too, took out a long cutter we use to clear foliage in the jungle. Together, we poked and battered the tiger, but it refused to give up,” he said.


Despite being attacked, the tiger concentrated on its kill and once it got a good grip, it held Majhi by his neck and jerked the body in a way that it landed on its back, said Jyotish. “It jumped off and landed on the bank in one giant leap. We saw it disappear into the jungle with my father still in its jaws,” he added, shaking from the ordeal.


Jyotish and Molina raised the alarm and some fishermen paddled furiously in their direction.


“But they didn’t dare chase the tiger into the deep woods. Molina was so traumatized that she lost consciousness. I didn’t take any further risk and returned with her as quickly as possible,” said Jyotish.


Majhi’s body is unlikely to be recovered, as countless other human victims before him.


Sunderbans Tiger Reserve field director Soumitra Dasgupta said there were reports of a tiger attacking a fisherman on Thursday morning.


“Fishing is banned in the forests where the incident took place,” he said.



Sushil Kumar (Bangalore)

Strange, this boat did not loose its balance when the tiger jumped in, this tiger is an acrobat,it came from circus. What a story. Next time please take care when imagination is translated into letters.


Suresh ()

Why they went in the banned area for fishing. The men greed has no end. Gandhi truly said, “The earth gives enough to feed everyone but its still not enough to feed a singles greed”. I wish a good help for the victim family and RIP for the hunt.

为什么他们要去禁区捕魚。人的贪婪是无底洞。甘地说得对,“地球提供的食物足够所有人吃喝,但填不满一个贪欲”。我希望受害家属能得到很好的帮助, 从此没有打猎。

Kallol (Location)

Lack of food makes Tiger to attack human establishments and humans


Muralli (Location)

it may be a story woven to claim the compensation of 5 ;lakhs.


Ravi Menon (Canada)

Paid for not following the instructions. We Indians like to break rules and ask WHY or WHY NOT?This is what happens.Only the family to blame. Honestly no sympathy

拿了钱去违规。我们印度人喜欢破坏规章制度、问’为什么’ 或’为什么不’?现在发生的事情就是这样。唯有那户人家该受遣责,老实说,一点也不同情

Kallol (Location) replies to Ravi Menon

Some educated people like you just comment arrogantly without knowing the facts about your country. You absolutely have no idea about the life of the people in Sunderbans. There are several such incidents which happen regularly. Life in Sunderbans is like humans co-existing with the wild. People in these areas thrive on fishing and in many situations poor fishermen and women have been dragged by crocodiles while collecting prawns, attacked by tigers and other animals while connecting honey, its often tigers prowl on cattle in households.

一些象你这样受过教育的人就会傲慢的发表评论,对自己国家的实际情况一无所知。你对桑德班斯人民的生活情况绝对一点也不了解。类似事件已有数起, 常常发生。桑德班斯的生活就好比人类与野生环境共存。这些地区的人们靠打魚繁延生活,许多情况下,穷苦漁民渔妇在打捞虾子时会被鳄鱼拖走;采蜜时会被老虎和其它动物攻击,老虎还时时偷杀民居中的牛。

Parjanya (Location)

This is very sad indeed! Sunderbans, owing to its unique geography, makes intervention extremely difficult… in most cases, the tiger would be tranquilized and rehabilitated… but in the case of Sunderbans, such interventions often become impossible! It’s no use blaming the animal, or the people who are driven by utter poverty to venture into ‘danger zones’ to seek a livelihood… for most of these poor villagers, death simply becomes another inevitability, a stark reality as life moves on…

确实让人伤心!桑德班斯, 因其独特的地理位置,使得干预极为困难…大多数情况下,这种虎要用镇静剂或关养调训, 但在桑德班斯,这种干预常常变得不可能!责怪野兽或是那些被极度贫困所迫去’危险地带’找生活的人都没用…对大多数当地穷村民来说,死亡根本就是另一种无可奈何、求生所面对的严酷现实…

jon track (USA)

Actaully law should be made if you enter tiger zone u will be shoot to kill to be feed to tiger if tiger not attacked u yet. one tiger’s life is equivalent to more than 1 lacs loser human lives breeding like rats.


Jaleel Mujtaba (tabuk, saudi arabia) replies to jontrack

jon track of usa and india, tiger parts good medicinal values. ask any Chinese he will give lakhs for tiger claws. these man eaters are fit to be shot.

美国和印度的jon track,老虎浑身都有药用价值。随便问哪个中国人, 他都愿出几十万来买虎爪。这些食人兽真该击毙。

adip (mumbai)

Kill all tigers they are man eaters and a growing nuciance


andiappan_eee (Location) replies to adip

Why should they be killed. It is only because we human beings that they are turning into man eaters (no food and space for Tigers due to our urbanisation). so if punishment is to be given it must be for us and not for the tigers.


Kallol (Location) replies to jon track

These humans are poor fishermen who venture for jungle resources like honey, prawn, wild fruits etc to make their living and not mere trespassers.


girishck2005 (bangalore)

It is a man eater, needs to be shot dead before it kills any more people.

它是食人兽 ,要在下次伤人前击毙。

Rahul Srinivas (Mumbai, Maharashtra) replies to girishck2005

Tigers own the planet as much as any human does. The man was in its territory. I won’t say he deserved to die – but he shouldn’t have been there. Can’t blame the tiger here. Of course, I feel sad for the victim and his family.

老虎就象所有人一样,占住地球一处。那男子在它领地。我不会说他该死 – 但他不该去。这事不能怪虎。当然,我为受害者及其家属难受。

girishck2005 k replies to Rahul Srinivas

But the tiger becomes a man eater, when it tastes human flesh and blood.


Kallol (Location) replies to girishck

Not necessarily. Its a myth. Lack of prey causes tigers to attack humans. They prey on whichever animals are available.


mohinder (Location)

Tigers are pre-programmed to kill. That is their nature. The victim should not approached prohibited area.


Sunil (bbsr) replies to mohinder

tiger are generally not programmed to kill human being… but once it turns a man eater it needs to be killed/ captured….. the man eating tiger will go any length to kill human


Suman P (India)

No fault of the animal


Suman P (India)

such type of tigers is needed in every forest,national parks,reserve forest to stop poaching


chanregister ()

Rules are there to follow and not to be broken. Such a waste of life. At least hereafter people will stop venturing into prohibited areas.


JyotsnaShah ()

Its the human greed which has brought the tigers to this…..when the villagers know its a banned area y venture in the area…..its sad that a human life is lost but the reason is himself …..


Jigyasu Gyan (Unknown)

Obeying rules makes life simple and safe ..


Kunal (Bangalore)

Waiting for Congis and AAPtards to blame Modi.


anonymous (India)

I suspect the tiger to be a Muslim. Why wd he attack a Hindu? Also, during Congress we did not have this nonsense. Biwi had made them Vegetarians. I also see the sinister hand of ISI at play…

我怀疑这虎是msl. 干吗它袭击印度教徒?还有,国大党执政时沒有这种怪事。Biwi把他们弄成吃素的。我还看到ISI的罪恶之手…

abhi_guess (Hyderabad) replies to anonymous

Appreciate your sarcasm but 90% of human violence deaths around the world are still caused by Muslims


anmol (India)

Frightening and like a movie. Sad.


masud05me (Location)

I don’t see any necessity to keep the tigers alive… Tigers are disturbing the people of India for centuries….All the tigers should be killed….they only bring sorrows to human life….The life of human is far more valuable than this carnivorous beast…!!


Suman P (India) replies to masud05me

u deserve to be fed to the animals


sniperngp (Location) replies to masud05me

u shuld be hanged by your b00ls on a tree and left for the tigers to eat u, u b@@ldy katbulla. u ppl think of only hunting and killing and rapin u have a sick pigshit mindset.


Name (Location) replies to masud05me

ru drunk


Name (Location) replies to masud05me

madarc****d humans like u deserve to be fed to the animals


Name ()

Simple you go to a tiger’s home, tiger will kill you. If the tiger comes close you will kill the tiger.


Saravanan ()
Idiots, why you people go there? Tigers lives on preys only and u go and u will also be prey. You cannot blame tiger.


Deepak Kaushal (Mandeville, Louisiana) replies to Saravanan

poverty forces people to do things. Lets not be too harsh in our judgement. its a sad case.


Name ()

Suprising no one is blaming the politics.. Ok ‘l wait!!


paul (blr)

dont mess with the big brother!!


  1. Suresh ()Why they went in the banned area for fishing. The men greed has no end. Gandhi truly said, “The earth gives enough to feed everyone but its still not enough to feed a singles greed”. I wish a good help for the victim family and RIP for the hunt.为什么他们要去禁区捕魚。人的贪婪是无底洞。甘地说得对,“地球提供的食物足够所有人吃喝,但填不满一个贪欲”。我希望受害家属能得到很好的帮助, 从此没有打猎。 你确定所有印度人都能一日三餐吃饱,比起我们这里的狗粉你还是不够脑残

    • 在有的国家公园,印度政府给钱有的当地人也不愿搬走,所以人类和食肉动物就在一起了,这对两方来说都是潜在的威胁,常有动物吃人、人杀动物的惨剧发生

  2. “茉莉娜也拿起了那把我们在林中劈藤开路的长砍刀。我们一起对老虎又捅又打,但它就是不放开,”他说。敢情A3手中的长砍刀是木头削成的,伤不到老虎?

    • 三哥贱民的身体素质可不敢跟你比,你看看视频,图片里的三哥草民都嘛体型,大腿都没俺小臂粗。。。你这一屁股坐死老虎体型的能同情点人家一天吃不上一顿饱饭的三哥吗。。。

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    • 为什么印度,中东,非洲信宗教的多啊。。。就是现实生活中连最基本的物质需求都满足不了,只能靠精神寄托了。。。“穷”就是宗教昌盛的温床。。。

      • 哈哈,“穷”就是宗教昌盛的温床?我倒看到哪里就宗教落后那里就是穷乡僻壤。美国和西方那里不是宗教相对发达的地域,这是西方,东方日本和韩国,台湾和香港,那里不是自豪于自己的宗教信仰的地方?即使是中国,宗教相对发达的地方总发达于相对落后的地区。即使信仰宗教的人也是高知识信仰较多,相反,高中以下水平的人信仰太少。

        • 西方的基督教、杀人放火是没忌讳的、事后忏悔一下就行了、然后继续干他们想干的任何事。对创造生产等是没影响的。佛教、道教教人向善。也不影响私生活。有些教派就不行、总之可以信教但不要迷恋到狂热。见到寺庙俺也会非常虔诚地烧香磕头。但俺心里平时就没怎么信过。压根就想不起什么佛呀道呀的。但见到了还是会拜的。你说俺是信徒、还是不是信徒。我这样的人可以说非常非常的多。世界各国的都应该有不少。

          • 从我目前掌握的水平,可以判断你现在只能算是“迷信”。正信是如实了解宇宙、人生、自性真相。如实信才算正信,迷信就是迷迷糊糊可能宇宙是有那么一回事,没有如实了解,道义了解也不深,不信也可以,信也不会使自己增长多少智慧。拜拜也可以,不拜也没关系。但迷信的人比不信的人更好点,不信就意味着不信此世间有因果报应之说,那就可以无法无天,为所欲为了。而没有任何畏惧感。迷信起码还信有神灵会惩罚,有所为有所不为。正信已经消灭在念头间了。动念尚不敢,何况为之。

        • 你说的这些能迷恋到MSL的那种地步吗?他们也就是在干了坏事后去忏悔一下。平时有时间的话去唱唱赞歌。他们能和人谈生意的时候告诉对方、你等等我先做个礼拜后在谈。他们能为宗教放弃一切吗?所以信什么都不能狂热了。包括足球

          • msl最为一大教,起码有存在的正确的道理,至于为什么走到今天这个地步,本人感觉是msl的走向正由正信走向偏信,再由偏信走向邪信的路上的。很多人不明正教,不研读经典,不思考正义,偏听偏信走向了邪道。物欲之风将那些本来道根浅薄之辈吹得东倒西歪。不辨正邪。这也是目前世界发展的总体趋势,中国也好不到哪去,只不过阿拉伯世界发展得更猛烈而已。

          • 没看过~有道是学佛学得像,与佛没二样。道义都倡导行善为上的话,那不存在是邪教还是正教之分。关键要看做的怎么样。即使是现在的几大教派,如果出现无辜杀戮为“正教”的话,其实是已经走向了邪教道路了。这是判断的标准。

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