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译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/2014062001.html
外文标题:Chinese choppers intruded into Indian airspace twice recently



NEW DELHI: Chinese military helicopters intruded into Indian airspace in the central sector of the 4,057-km Line of Actual Control at least two times in recent days. In both the incidents in Barahoti area of Uttarakhand, the helicopters hovered over posts of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police for several minutes before turning back.

While the first incident took place in Lapthal on April 30, the second air intrusion occurred at Rimkhim on June 13. “This stretch of the LAC witnesses regular transgressions by Chinese patrols but the air intrusions have taken place after some time,” said an official.


第一起事件于4月30日发生在Lapthal ,第二起侵犯事件于6月13日发生在Rimkhim 。一名官员表示,这段实控线经常有中国巡逻队来犯,空中入侵已经持续一段时间了。

Chinese air intrusions are more common in the eastern Ladakh region, with the Chumar area in the Nyoma sector being a special target of the People’s Liberation Army. “Chinese helicopters often drop food cans, cigarette packets and written notes to mark their presence. They also probe our air defence capabilities and reaction time,” said the official.

There are “standard operating procedures” in place for safeguarding Indian airspace, including the scrambling of fighters if the situation warrants it. “The matter is also taken up with the country concerned through diplomatic channels as per established procedure,” said another official.




skr1185 (gujarat)
can modi stop it? some people claimed before election that after election Pakistan will not disturb us. still same situation there. is any Modibhakt here to answer?


Da Venks (This World) replies to skr1185
Things are going to be much different… and if not, let your vote do the talking next time.


skr1185 replies to Da Venks
i hoped so in past in our gujarat. still waiting. no concrete outcome , they just talking. let us hope one more time.


Mani Iyer (bangalore)
our Prime Minister has 56 in chest., Nothing will happen??


Umesh Mehta (Unknown) replies to Mani Iyer
(Reply to Mani Iyer/banglore) Buddy you are grossly mistaken he is a bloody rabid dog,now has inserted his tail in his rear two legs and shying away to face the consequencies like an EUNUCH, Hindu Terrorist of RSS/BJP.


Gopinath ()
Are we prepared to stand against intruded Chinese ? This is the most pertinent question


seetha (Hyderabad)
High time this long standing India ,China border issue is solved once for all.Hope PM Modi will give this top priority for this burning issue.


Umesh Mehta (Unknown)
Where is he hiding,the new PM of India who was boasting too much of his might and fake patriotism,where are you now you EUNUCH, how come CHINES your friends are bothering Indian sovereignty and freedom that you had promised to deliver as a strong man of India????At one side Pakistan is fingering you and on the other side CHINA too, trying to prove your GUTS!!!! if at all you are real Indian patriot than respond to them adequately with MIGHT/MUSCLE POWER that you had been saying that CONGRESS was missing in responding, now it is YOU BLOODY who is shying away to raise your head, thereby CHEATING INDIAN VOTERS to whom you had promised to protect including Indian territories and it’s sovereignty,so what has happened to all those FAKE PROMISES that you gave while your ELECTION CAMPAIGN as HINDU TERRORIST of RSS/BJP. Now be a man and reply to CHINA and PAKISTAN, as all INDIANS are awaiting to act you as HE MAN, as it was you who was blaming MANMOHANSINGH AND CONGRESS of being soft in dealing with arch rivals like CHINA and it’s Alice.
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ajay084 (Location) replies to Umesh Mehta
Where were you when they were encroaching for the last 10 years? where were you when Nehru (the biggest idiot) made a mess out of the Sino-Indian conflict? where were you when COngress ‘gifted’ katchatheevu too Sri Lanka? It has been barely one month since the new PM took over and now Congi-propaganda minions have already started jumping
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过去十年,他们发起侵犯时,你又在哪里?尼赫鲁把中印冲突搞得一团糟时,你又在哪里?国大党把katchatheevu 送给斯里兰卡时,你在哪里?新总理上台几乎不到一个月,国大党的奴才就开始上串下跳了。

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