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外文标题:Modi gets Bhutan’s full support in neighbourhood push


THIMPHU: Bhutan promised on Monday it will not allow its territory to be used against India, an early success for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s region-wide drive to shore up diplomatic relations with neighbours in return for stronger economic ties.

In a joint statement issued during Modi’s first foreign visit since he took office in May, Bhutan and India agreed to not allow each other’s territory to be used “for interests inimical to the other”, without giving further details.



India believes armed insurgent groups from its northeastern states use the isolated Himalayan kingdom as a hideout, and in recent years has grown anxious about China seeking a toehold in the one South Asian nation seen as completely loyal to New Delhi.

Neighbours Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have increasingly locked in financial and infrastructure assistance from China, leaving slower-footed India feeling isolated and encircled in its own neighbourhood.




Sudhir Kakkar (Unknown)
India should assist in education, space& satellite technology. & infrastructure. A pro India & strong Bhutan will act as buffer between China & India. Modi’s effort is better late than never move by India.
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Finally, with Bhutan’s FULL support, we can overcome world hunger and achieve world peace. What rubbish!
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Namaskar Online (Interwebs) replies to
You are right! We can not. Bhutan is insignificant, no matter how dear.


Kumar D (PH)
Do not expect much, Bhutan is more close to China since we did not care for Bhutan for years now. Our enemy has taken advantage of this.
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Name (Location) replies to Kumar D
There is no Chinese embassy even,improve your GK


pram_a (Location)
Modi has started good on foreign policy.China needs to kept away from our borders and Bhutan is our strategic and key ally.
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Rishi Padda (OneWorld)
Very thoughtful move. Many will think why small country like Bhutan, and many are saying why not to woo China and other strong nations, but Bhutan is strategically well placed on India’s northeaster corridor and we need to have trusted friend in that region no matter how small it is.


AshK indian (Bangalore)
If neighbors are peaceful then security expenses we can reduce and can be use for development….


Karan ()
India should also include Burma also in its radar. Burma can join SAARC as ASEAN is in doldrum after army rule in Thailand.


ameyapatel (US)
This is what happens when you make chai wala PM.America has banned him and he is building relationship with Bhutan.Next visit should be Antarctica i guess
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Rishi Padda (OneWorld) replies to ameyapatel
Good you are not in India. Are you making coffee for someone in US?
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Jawahar (Location) replies to Rishi Padda
No.Cleaning toilets in US!!!


smaiitm (Unknown)
Keeping China out of Bhutan is primary. Getting to tap the Hydro power resources is crucial. Keep them happy, be safe.
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CitizenOfWorld (Canada)
I wish to see similar relations based on sincerity with Pakistan as well.
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aum shanti (Unknown) replies to CitizenOfWorld
if that napak country give up terrorism
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Judhajit Sarkar (KOCHI)
Bhutan is our most natural & noe=ow closest ally in South Asia ….good to see Indian Govt paying Bhutan it’s due attention ….next up should be either Nepal or Sri Lanka ….we need to also start building the relationship tempo already generated by Mr. Manmohan Singh with Japan & also Vietnam ….. chinese puzzles friends
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bloggersuri (Location)
Indias foreign policy in south asia is a total failure with bad relations with all neighbors and no trade. All countries are losers.
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The Observer (Unknown)
Bhutan will benefit from a strong India
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The Observer (Unknown)
Hope India is able to keep China out of Bhutan. They are interfering with all our neighbours


    • 按这种情势下去,不丹早晚是第二个锡金,阿三还好意思说天朝扩张,他可是实实在在分裂了巴基斯坦,吞并了锡金,所以南亚各国都对印度保持着警惕,因为中国不可能真的去侵占南亚的土地,而印度始终觊觎着整个南亚,不能再让阿三那么轻易得手了

  1. Name (Location) replies to Kumar DThere is no Chinese embassy even,improve your GK不丹连中国大使馆都没有==============靠,这阿三还好意思说啊,明明是印度剥夺了不丹的独立外交权,除了阿三和孟加拉,就没有任何国家跟不丹有直接的外交关系。要想跟不丹打招呼还得跑到驻新德里的大屎馆去

    • 印度的政策就是不希望不丹跟任何其他国家建交,但是貌似日本也在争取要在不丹开设使馆~~~不丹,以前不就是西藏的一部分么~~~现下竟跟印度一个邦似的

  2. 三哥的安全担忧是可以理解的,毕竟他们有自已独特的外交和做为南亚大国的责任担当,虽然能力有限,但心意已到,只是他们错把温柔的大邻居当了对手了,都是历史遗留问题惹的祸,争议的领土太大,谁都不可能做出较大的让步,否则各自的民族主义是不会谅解的,怎么办?怎么办啊!以东换西对不起全天候朋友巴基斯坦,不换,中国又吃大亏,九万多平方公里的土地永不可能和平的回归祖国,个人建议,西段不必让,东段哥俩共管,自由贸易区和自由行政区,互免签证,中印永远和平相处,共谋发展大计啊,老实讲三哥对中国真不是威胁,这些大家也都知道,可印度总把中国视做威胁,可能62年打的太痛了,没想到3万子弟兵打30万阿三前进政策兵如此的顺利,哎!这么些年过去了,不大的边界冲突,咱没放在心上,可人家三哥记你一辈子啊!解决疆界需要智慧,尤其是三哥需要放下包袱,眼光放远一点———。

    • “不敌视”这点中国可以做得到,但印度很难做到,要是没了中国这个假想敌,处处攀比,印度建设“有声有色世界大国”的动力都会衰竭一半,更何况大片争议领土和62年的创伤,就像日本对中国造成的历史创伤一样。

      • 概念错误,虽然九万平方公里的自然风光区域美哉优哉,但与台湾不能比,台湾陆地3万多平方公里,但它所含盖的离岛和富饶的海疆却大的不得了,而且地理位置特殊,民族感情特殊,我指的是那块地儿,不是指它的人。

    • 个人觉得藏南还不如不要了。第一藏南我们不好防守。第二藏南人太多。第三宗教太猛。如果给中国我怕汉人就被他们通化了。他们使劲生孩子我们汉人现在基本上只生一个。想想就觉得可怕。而且宗教我觉得不好。一旦被洗脑很容易变成恐怖分子。这是我的真心话。我非常爱国爱自己是华人汉人的身份可不是卖国贼。

      • 藏南人不多,阿鲁纳恰尔邦人多是因为在藏南的基础上把一些不属于藏南的,人口密度高的平原地带也画了进去。真正山区了的锅底黑阿三没多少

      • 那是个误解,其实藏南人不多,阿鲁纳恰尔邦人口表面看起来多是因为阿三在藏南的基础上把一些之前不属于藏南的,人口密度高的平原地带也画了进去。真正山区里的锅底黑阿三其实没多少

      • 如能要回来就无需防守,只当是一块飞地,能发展农牧业和旅游业就可以啦!交通不是问题,别的本事不多,开疆扩土修公路那是祖传的功夫,藏南人并不太多,要说多的话也正好稀释西藏人口,宗教闹事并不可怕,可怕的是外部势力挑拨闹事,如果这样,人民武装力量是不会放过他们的。

      • 藏南共管纯属个人见解,仁者见仁,智者见智,以东换西是原周恩来的主张,据信息了解,由于中印边界几十年谈判僵持不下,印度有意要退回到周恩来的设想,但西段最好别丢,而东段共管,对中方有利。全拿回来当然最好,但可能性有多大?和平接班的领导人有这能量吗??

          • 印度东北部并非只是藏南,还有几个其它邦,藏南有山区和平原,是农牧业天然产地,而其它邦人多底子薄,还经常闹事儿,是不好打理的。当然如果东北部能独立出来的话——–另当别论。

        • 那是周50年代的想法,62年一仗后还用以东换西?~又不是脑子秀逗了~现在东线所有山口制高点全部被中国控制,如果后续还要和三哥在此开战,三哥结果只能比62年更惨~

          • 有制高点不假,但要拿回来需要智慧,谁都不想战争,仅凭武力收复恐难以服众,尤其是国际压力,这是需要时机的,需要对方头脑发热才可达成,但三哥学聪明了,它不象菲律宾越南——。

    • 你觉得中国会同意以西换东?放弃新藏公路所在的阿克赛钦绝逼是不可能的,反倒是东部的藏南既成事实如此暂时没有收回的考虑。印度的算盘是让中国把阿克赛钦让出来,换取印度不再支持癞蛤蟆在印度搞藏独。中国的想法是东面吃点亏不要印度全吐出来了,只要把靠近不丹且是六世达赖出生地的达旺交出来即可~但显然,双方完全没有通过和平谈判解决边界问题的可能性。说到底,现在是21世纪,要是早个100年,以双方现在的实力对比,中国早就武力收回了~

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