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外文标题:Clinton reveals how Obama forcibly prevented China's 'secret' meeting with India to isolate US


WASHINGTON: At the international conference on climate change in Copenhagen in December 2009, US President Barack Obama forced himself into a room where the then Chinese premier Wen Jiabao was holding a secret meeting with the then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other leaders.

Giving a blow by blow account of the incident, of which she was part as the then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton in her memoirs 'Hard Choices' writes that the purpose of China was to isolate the United States by bringing together countries like India, Brazil and South Africa on its side.



But Obama's determination and presence of mind thwarted such a move, she writes.

"President Obama and I were looking for Premier Wen Jiabao in the middle of a large international conference on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark," she recalls.

"We knew that the only way to achieve a meaningful agreement on climate change was for leaders of the nation's emitting the most greenhouse gases to sit down together and hammer out a compromise — especially the US and China," she said. "But the Chinese were avoiding us."




"Worse, we learned that Wen had called a 'secret' meeting with the Indians, Brazilians, and South Africans to stop, or at least dilute, the kind of agreement the United States was seeking. When we couldn't find any of the leaders of those countries, we knew something was amiss and sent out members of our team to canvass the conference centre," she writes.

"Eventually they discovered the meeting's location.

After exchanging looks of 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?' the president and I set off through the long hallways of the sprawling Nordic convention center, with a train of experts and advisers scrambling to keep up," she writes in her book.




"Later we'd joke about this impromptu 'footcade', a motorcade without the motors, but at the time I was focused on the diplomatic challenge waiting at the end of our march. So off we went, charging up a flight of stairs and encountering surprised Chinese officials, who tried to divert us by sending us in the opposite direction. We were undeterred," she says.

When they arrived outside the meeting room, there was a jumble of arguing aides and nervous security agents, she says.

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, got tangled up with a Chinese guard, she adds.




In the commotion the president slipped through the door and yelled, 'Mr Premier!' really loudly, which got everyone's attention.

"The Chinese guards put their arms up against the door again, but I ducked under and made it through," Clinton writes recounting the incident.



"In a makeshift conference room whose glass walls had been covered by drapes for privacy against prying eyes, we found Wen wedged around a long table with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and South African President Jacob Zuma.

Jaws dropped when they saw us. 'Are you ready?' said President Obama, flashing a big grin," Clinton claims.

"Now the real negotiations could begin. It was a moment that was at least a year in the making," she adds.




karanam satyanarayana (hyderabad)
Nothing can stop India and china if they are united.


sangtalkid (Location)
If India or China had done that it will be "bad manners and third world cultural inferiority". But as its USA, this is Hollywood heroism...
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Keshava ()
This is the matter of trust. Why Chinese PM.Indian PM,Brazil PM and South Africa PM are SECRETLY meet when the important AGENDA of climate change was being discussed ? President Obama rightly involved himself as these countries are trying to isolate USA. They can meet officially but to meet SECRETLY was a matter of concerned.
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Rogerio Fernandes (Unknown)
US is like a Huge Organization & all the countries are its subsidiaries
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Manish ()
interesting that india & china doing secret meeting .
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Ashutosh Thakur (Location)
And how did they found about this meeting? NSA!!
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whatsformeal (Location)
Putting your nose in everybody's business and proud of interference.
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Pravinchandra ()
Why worlds two largest and real democracies are rival? Why we can not be natural friends?We share the basic value of democracy..Then why our friends are dictators, monarchs and socialists?why we are not friends?


k sen (Unknown)
They are always there where they're not welcome--bad manners children !
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raman.raman3 ()
Futile efforts by US to contain China.
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Vikram (India)
Can't stop laughing if I imagine MMS in Obama's position, breaking into a Chinese or American hosted meeting.
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anmol (India)
Behind curtain lots of things happen unknown to the world. But truth comes out a day.


SCL P (India)
It demonstrates the strength of Obama's will to protect his nation's interests and the extent to which he cam go in this direction in brute diplomacy.
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dinesh bhanu (Unknown)
Both US and China are fighting to each other behind the curtain. Both of them have vested interest. India should be careful while dealing with both of them.


barbie (india)
The whole process looks childish. But can't help admiring US prez 's concern for his country 's interest.


vthommandra (Location)
Did it really happen as narrated.
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Satish ()
Bad manners.
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gururajaj (Location)
Manmohan singh made us monkies for 10 years.
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Sunita Singh (Unknown)
USA will always like to see that their supremacy in the world is not affected. To that they would do anything unethical.....
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Mission Impossible (ATP)
One thing for sure, Obama will have to face lot of challenges from both India & China
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