印度网友热议:Oppo在印度推出Find 7,定价37990卢比

印度人眼中的中国手机。Oppo在印度推出Find 7,定价37990卢比。三泰虎6月12日译文,中国智能机生产商 Oppo在印度推出了Find 7和Find 7a智能机,仅比全球发布迟了三个月。Oppo产品组合里的旗舰机型Find 7定价37990卢比,而Find 7a定价31990卢比。从7月份开始,Oppo Find 7将在印度可以买到,而Find 7a明天就开售。

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外文标题:Oppo launches Find 7 smartphone at Rs 37,990

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NEW DELHI: Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has launched its Find 7 and Find 7a smartphones in India, just three months after the global unveiling. The top model in Oppo's portfolio, Find 7 has been priced at Rs 37,990, while Find 7a costs Rs 31,990. Oppo Find 7 will be available in India from July, while the Find 7a will be available starting tomorrow.

Oppo Find 7 is the first smartphone in the Indian market to offer a QHD (or 2K) display panel, with a resolution of 1440x2560p, much higher than the 1080x1920p screens of most flagship smartphones available at present. With screen size of 5.5-inch, the Find 7 has the highest pixel density in the smartphone market with 538 pixels per inch.

中国智能机生产商Oppo在印度推出了Find 7和Find 7a智能机,仅比全球发布迟了三个月。Oppo产品组合里的旗舰机型Find 7定价37990卢比,而Find 7a定价31990卢比。从7月份开始,Oppo Find 7将在印度可以买到,而Find 7a明天就开售。

Oppo Find 7是印度市场上第一部配备QHD显示屏的智能机,分辨率为1440x2560p,比目前市场上出售的大多数分辨率为1080x1920的旗舰智能机的像素更高。Find 7主屏5.5英寸,拥有智能机市场上最高的像素密度,每英寸538个像素。

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Another unique feature of Find 7 is that it can take take '50MP' photos. Though the rear camera of the phone has resolution of 13MP only, it has a Super Zoom mode that merges 10 photos to create a single 50MP image. Nokia's Lumia 1020 smartphone has a 41MP rear camera but can take photos with maximum resolution of 38MP only.

The smartphone can also capture 4K (movie hall quality) as well as slow-motion (720p at 120fps) videos. It packs an LED flash on the back and a 5MP camera in front.

Find 7另一个独有的功能是可以拍摄5000万像素的照片。虽然后置摄像头的像素仅有1300万,但它的超级变焦功能可以将10张照片合并为一张5000万像素的照片。诺基亚智能机Lumia 1020的后置摄像头像素为4100万,但是只能拍摄出像素最高为3800万的照片。

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Oppo Find 7 is powered by 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 chipset, which also powers the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2. The phone runs on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) operating system, with the company's own ColorOS 1.2 on top, and 3GB RAM. It comes with 32GB internal storage, microSD support and 3,000mAh battery.

The Chinese manufacturer says that users can operate the phone with wet hands without any risk of water damage. The phone features a notification strip at the bottom, where it displays incoming calls as well as unread SMSs and emails. The manufacturer has used the VOOC technology in the smartphone, which allows it charge from zero to 75% in 30 minutes.

Find 7a is the stripped down version of Find 7 and features a Full HD (1080p) screen, 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB RAM and 2,800mAh battery.

Oppo Find 7配备2.5GHz 8核 骁龙801芯片,该芯片也为三星Galaxy S5和索尼Xperia Z2所采用。该机采用了基于安卓4.3的Color OS 1.2操作系统,内存3G,自带32G存储,支持microSD卡扩充,电池容量3000mAh


Find 7a是Find 7的精简版,配备1080p的高清屏,2.3GHz的8核骁龙801芯片,2G内存,电池容量2800mAh。


Makhizhnan ()
China phone for 37 k ? OMG.. Tooo much.. How much ever the quality might be improved.. We only call it as China mobile which means not good in quality.
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Sanjay P (Bangalore) replies to Makhizhnan
Just keep in mind that the laptop or PC you are using is also a "China computer".


Umesh Rai (Noida) replies to Makhizhnan
There are many Chinese Smartphone manufacturing companies whose products are as good as other global leaders. Its just that we are not aware of other than Samsung, Apple, LG ,etc. In China, except Apple, local brands are more popular. Its not that every Chinese products are bad. You will get the product according to the price you pay.


Shubham Agarwal (SRINAGAR) replies to Makhizhnan
most of the top models by renowned manufacturers are also made in china


Abhijeet Sen ()
The segment this phone will attract due to its price is brand conscious don't know how much sale will this device garner
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SiriusSam (Kolkata)
Where in India is it available?
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Why so serious (New Delhi)
the specifications are amazing but the factor is how reliable the phone is. Also oppo doesnot hold any market in india, so its kind of risk they have taken with such a pricing in market
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Vikas (Location)
50MP Camera phone...wouldn't it make sense to buy a camera instead? At 37K, one can buy a descent professional camera!


Yogesh (Location)
wow..but still i cant afford it..


Jagdish (Mumbai)
Good phone but cost ...........too High.


Veerendra Kumar (Bangalore)
Good features but still costlier.


jadauns (Chennai)
Great . . . . ..


anurag.shah (tesr)
Good phone but cost ...........too High.


amit kale (Pune)
Lets wait for reviews. Chinese manufacturers are coming with good hardware specifications and unique features. But they fail when it comes to after sales service.


shekhar.nair37 ()
ridiculous .....


Chintan Gokani (Unknown)
Good phone, but budget is too high


DRONA (Unknown)
Tooo costly


Umesh B (Unknown)
Chinese are leading in technology front also


Vivek Guptan (Bangalore, India)
Yet another China phone in India... And we wonder why China is beating us in economy... I dream of the day when Micromaxx would be sold out in China


Balaji (Pune) replies to Vivek Guptan
Micromax is just a trader/importer. They just import all Canvas stuff from China. Problem like Indian companies like Micromax is they can invest huge amount of money on brand ambassador like Hugh Michael Jackman but can't invest on R&D as well as manufacturing. Do not even think of competing with Chinese at least in manufacturing.


Varun Padhye (Unknown) replies to Vivek Guptan
even though micromax is an indian company ,they do not make their own cellphones but rather import it from other companies in china and then rebrand it.
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