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外文标题:China eyes investments in infrastructure


NEW DELHI: In a year when Chinese president, Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit India, China made a concerted effort to push investment in India.

Wang Yi, Chinese foreign minister told journalists after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi that China wanted to upgrade railways in India as well as build expressways. "We are competitive and cost effective," he said, making a persuasive pitch for India to create "more open environment" and "preferential policies."



But on the boundary issue, Wang mouthed established position. Referring to it as an "issue left over from history", Wang said China was "ready to handle them leading to a final settlement." Until then, he said, both sides would work together to maintain peace and tranquility. "We all remember what happened last year," he said, his only reference to the Depsang incident in April 2013.

China, he said, would continue to issue stapled visas to people from Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese foreign minister was clear that if the Indian government had issues they could be discussed. But Wang Yi stressed that they were issuing stapled visas as a goodwill gesture to people from Arunachal Pradesh.



Referring to PLA incursions, Wang Yi said given the fact that the relevant border was not demarcated, some "incidents" were unavoidable. Wang said, "we have consultations and a positive attitude." That, he said, make it easier to resolve the issues as and when they come up.

Wang admitted the bilateral trade left a lot to be desired. "We are ready to import more from India," said Wang, though he glossed over the Indian complaints of non tariff barriers. His focus though was on Chinese investment in the infrastructure sector. "As special envoy to the president, I have brought the most important message that on your road to national rejuvenation China stands by your side."



Calling China and India "natural partners," Wang said the two countries had far more in common than differences. "I see strong winds of change with Mr Modi as Prime Minister," Wang said, adding that China was comfortable with all governments in India.

"This is the time for us to roll our sleeves and get going. This is no time to talk."




Ravi (chennai)
No problem , you must have friendship with neighbouring countries at the same time you must have a policy that if we import 50% china also must import indian goods 50% , then only the trade balance will be maintained properly , the Chinese customs not allowing indian product please mind it , it is my experience where as my material arch to china through Taiwan .
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shishir (Mumbai)
What a thug. He doesn't want to resolve any issue, be it stapled visa or border issue. He is also not ready to reduce tariff, but he wants to invest in Indian infrastructure. Beware from China. Let's not forget their slogan of Hindi Chini bhai bhai. They have expansionist mentality. India should join the hands with Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and ither north east countries and corner China. It is high time to take stand.
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swatant ()
No. We must learn to build ourselves.
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Ram Mohan (Mangalore) replies to swatant
Learning will take another 50 years
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Ayush Jha (Unknown) replies to swatant
india doesn't have that kind of money.
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Better to get japan aid than china , china instead would spy on critical locations
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SCL P (India)
Let the Chinese invest in building tracks for bullet trains to connect all metros and make power generation plants to wipe out India's power shortage.
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gone to the beach (call me)
They want to sell train technology they stole to India.
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gone to the beach (call me)
These are Japanese and German trains. Sold with Chinese label. What a shame.
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ranjan (Patna)
India should heartly accept the offer
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Akash DS (Mumbai)
Trusting china will always be a issue as these people can change like a Chameleon.


Cooldude (Bangalore)
No. We cannot allow China to be a part of India's growth especially when it concerns infrastructure. Let them export soft toys, shirts, shoes etc but not Infrastructure.
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Faisal Raza (Unknown)
Seems one sided proposal, India must stand to the conclusion of give and take policy. No more no less


Salil Nair (Beijing)
What an efficient and pragmatic Foreign Minister China has! The guy is all business!
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We have listened Chinese stand on trade & border. Soon we will hear our stand. I hope it is as tough and clear.


Siva (sg)
If we don't build our own infrastructure we will never do it another time. If we don't have money we shall bring all the black money back immediately. See where it bites not bringing back it:@ :@ :@


itismeca ()
What? They have run out of infrastructure projects in Tibet?


Samir Kumar Kanjilal (Unknown)
Everyone is interested for Indian Market. Anyway India may encourage investment in manufacturing sector. It will increase employment opportunity of our country and we may export the products at China to reduce Trade Deficit.


Tvenak B (US)
Issuing stapled visas as a goodwill gesture to people from Arunachal Pradesh? Before getting too excited about the investments, India should very clearly tell China " Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining". Don't sell the Soul of India to China for infrastructure sake.
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vyakul2002 (saudi Arabia)
that is good but mend your expansionist views
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Ram Mohan (Mangalore)
chinese are good at railways infra/road infra, electronics and manufaturing,then electronis will be cheap in india


akash76 (Hyd)
Only on a condition - They withdraw chinese troops from our geographical areas. No free lunch.


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